Sid:  This week we’ve been pointing out the Biblical Feast that God says to observe forever, in fact I have a question for you. “If we know as a fact and we know this from the New Testament that that the First Church observed all these biblical Feasts; we know in the Millennium we’ll be observing the Biblical Feasts, why did we stop?”  Pastor Mark Biltz, that’s a good question for you, “Why did we stop observing the Feasts?

Mark:  Well, I think we stopped observing the Feasts Sid, because we wanted to cut off our relationship with God’s people, with Israel.  And it’s amazing there’s a verse in Jeremiah that says that the Gentiles are going to come and say “Our Fathers, we have inherited lies.”  And I think part of what’s happened is tradition among us that we need to get away from man’s tradition and get back into the Biblical Tradition Sid.  I really think that the devil doesn’t want us to keep the appointed times because He doesn’t want us to be aware of what God is trying to do.

Sid:  Well, we’ve been talking all this week on showing to the exact day, the exact hour if you will the first coming of Jesus, the dress rehearsals were in the early Feasts, the spring Feasts, but then the fall Feasts predict the exact return of Messiah if we have eyes to see.  Give us some clues on His return.

Mark:  I believe people believe in Devine appointments and like you said, the spring Feasts are the dress rehearsals for his first coming; the fall Feasts are the dress rehearsals for His second coming.  Why wouldn’t we want to learn about the fall Feasts, because they all speak of His Second Coming?  Now, we don’t set dates by any means, but the Feast of Trumpets, do we hear the word trumpets in the Book of Revelation?  Of course we do, and so the Feasts of Trumpets is very key to understanding, when you understand the dress rehearsal, when you do these things all of a sudden the scriptures begins to come to light.  And I don’t set dates, but I believe some year on the Feast of Trumpets is when the Tribulation will begin, and then on Yom Kippur I believe scripturally some year on Yom Kippur that’s known as face to face I think that’s when Messiah will remove the blinders off the nation of Israel and they’ll come to realize that He is the Messiah; they will look upon Him whom they have pierced one.

And then the Feast of Tabernacles speaks of His coming back and tabernacling among men for a thousand years, the thousand year sabbatical rest.  So all three of these Feasts speak of His Coming and so that’s why I think that it’s so important that we begin to realize that and understand they’re dress rehearsals.

Sid:  Now you’ve recently uncovered some strange signs that tie in with the Feasts.

Mark:  I definitely did and these are definitely supernatural signs.  In Genesis 1 God said, “He put the sun and the moon and stars in the heavens for signs;” that’s the number one reason.  He has four reasons; He says for first and foremost they were for signs and the Hebrew word is Ote and it means a signal, for an appearing.  So that’s why even the Magi and they were looking at the stars and so He wanted to signal us.  Then He says not only for signs, they’re for seasons; well we think winter, spring, summer, fall, but the Hebrew word is Moahd the same word translated as Feasts.  So the sun and the moon were signals for on His Feasts days, when they should be kept.  Well, what’s amazing to me is I went to NASA’s web site, the National Aeronautics Space Administration, this is our government, NASA’s web site, because they list all the solar eclipses for the last several thousand years and the next several thousand years.  And I noticed in Joel and the Gospels, God talked about how there would be signs in the sun and the moon and so I looked and low and behold in 2014 and 2015 there are four total lunar eclipses back to back with no partial eclipses between.  And as I’m looking at that I’m looking at April, you know March, September, October and all of a sudden, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I need to look at when these fall on the Biblical calendar because that’s what God uses to communicate.  So I looked and low and behold, the total lunar eclipses in 2014 fall on the first Passover and the first day of Tabernacle.  And then on 2015 it was the same thing, they fell on the first day of Passover, the first day of Tabernacle.  And so I thought oh my, this must be a sign God’s trying to tell us something.  Well, the next thing was “How often does this happen?”  and so I looked and in the 1600’s  there are no four blood moons back to back, NASA calls them Tetrads, in the 1700’s there were none, in the 1800’s there were none.  And so then I looked to the 1900’s, this last century, low and behold it happened twice; so I was interested to see when they fell.   Well, they fell in 1967 and 1968 and in 1967 is when they recaptured Jerusalem and then I went back more and they fell in 1949 and 1950 which is right after Israel became a nation in 1948.  And so I thought, “Oh, my goodness these supernatural signs of the sky falling on these Feasts days that are tied to the nation of Israel.  And so when I went back and I saw that there were none in the 1800’s, 1700’s, 1600s; I went to the 1500’s and there were like six or seven tetrads but none of them fell on the Feasts days.  I went to the 1400’s and low and behold in 1492 is when all the Jews were kicked out of Spain on the 9thof Av, well what do you find?  There is another four blood moons on Passover and Succot in 1493 and 1494.  So then I thought, oh my goodness and so then I went fast forward to see if it happens again in this century no more again for the next hundred years do you have four blood moons happen on Passover, Succot in this century.  So I felt 2014 and 2015 is very significant; well then I thought He also talked about the sun.  So then I went and I went to NASA’s web site, low and behold in 2015 there is a total solar eclipse that begins the biblical year on Adar 30 Nissan One.  And so I thought the total solar eclipse beginning the biblical calendar and then on the Feast of Trumpets there’s another solar eclipse and it’s a partial solar eclipse.  So I saw 2014, 2015 as very interesting coming up because in 2015 you have a total solar eclipse beginning the calendar year, the Biblical calendar, two weeks later on Passover a total lunar eclipse followed by another solar eclipse on the Feast of Trumpets, followed by another total lunar eclipse on the Feast of Tabernacles.  Now I don’t set dates I’m not…

Sid:  Now I know you don’t because the Bible says we can’t do that, but I can get your sanctified speculation, what do you think these signs could be?

Mark:  Well, the fact that these signs are all falling on the festivals and God said, “He’s given the sun, and the moon for signs on His feast days, I think we very well could see the Return of the Lord somewhere right around there.

Sid:  But speaking about the return of the Lord, tell me a bit about Rashanah, the Feast of Trumpets.

Mark:  The Feast of Trumpets is all about warning, the days that lead up to it are known as the days of Tishuvav or the Days of Repentance.  And so I believe that God wants all of us to begin to repent, to begin to return to Him.  In Judaism it’s also known as the day of the Awakening Blast, which I thought was quite interesting.  And again I don’t set dates for the Resurrection of the Dead but according to Judaism they believe it would fall some year on the Feast of Trumpets.  It’s also known as the ha-Kiddishim which is the wedding of the Messiah.  And so within Judaism they believe that some year on the Feast of Trumpets, that is when the wedding of the Messiah will take place, also Ha-Melech, or the Coronation of the Messiah.  It’s known as yom hadin the judgment and the opening of the books.  And so there’s so much within when we study our Hebrew roots that the Jews have seen for thousands of years that I think would be very good for us to pay attention to.

Sid Roth: …You know, I think that’s its God’s time right now, as a matter of fact would you care to speculate as to why Christians for the first time in almost 2000 years are getting interested in their Jewish roots?

Mark:  I love that question, I think it’s the Spirit of God, I think that it’s a supernatural sign from God, He’s putting us back within our hearts those that love Yeshua realize that He was Jewish.  And we’re beginning to return back to our roots and I believe this is the sign that we are living in these last days that people are living in these last days that people are all of a sudden getting a heart for Israel, a heart for the Jews and a heart for getting back to our original roots.

Sid Roth:  Why would you speculate that the anti-Christ system doesn’t want us to understand the appointed times of the Feasts.

Mark:  Well, I think that it’s because he doesn’t want us to be ready and I think God wants us to be ready so He’s trying to warn us.  And the Anti-Christ wants to change the times and the seasons so that we’re not aware.  And I think that he’s trying to thwart the return of Messiah.   He failed when he tried to destroy Israel in the Holocaust because he knew God was going to have them become a nation again.  And I believe the whole thing now with the whole problem in Israel, the devil doesn’t want the Jews to return to the land because he knows that it’s a land issue and God’s to reign from there and he’s trying to stop it.  And so if we want to be on the right side of history and the right side of the Bible we really need to begin to understand this from the Hebraic perspective.

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