Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I am so concerned about what might happen to the United States of America in September, and that’s why I’m going to take you shortly to Jerusalem, Israel. I’m going to be interviewing a friend of mine, Shira Sorko Ram. Shira immigrated to Israel in 1967. What a historic date, Jerusalem in Jewish hands for the first time in thousands of years. And she was there to see what was happening. And Shira has been, had a Molotov cocktail tossed into her apartment because she’s an outspoken Messianic Jew. But she is the most insightful, prophetic reporter I know in the Middle East. Shira, Shalom.

Shira: Shalom, Sid. Glad to be with you.

Sid: Shira, what a time to be in Israel, 1967, Jerusalem in Jewish possession for the first time in thousands of years. Tell me what it was like living in Israel in ’67.

Shira: Well it truly was one of the highest, greatest moments of all of Israel’s history. Yitzhak Rabin, who later became the Prime Minister, here’s how he felt, and it’s how the whole nation felt. He said, “I felt truly shaken and stood there murmuring a prayer for peace.” This is when he first saw the Western Wall. And he said, “Multi guerillas of paratroopers were struggling to reach the wall and to touch it. We stood among a tangle of rugged battle-weary men who were unable to believe their eyes or restrain their emotions. Their eyes were moist with tears, their speech incoherent. The overwhelming desire was to cling to the Wall, to hold on to that great moment as long as possible.” When I got here, that’s what people were talking about. They were saying the days of Messiah are here. The Israelis just couldn’t stay out of the old city. They swarmed through every little store and place, and the Arabs were stunned at the victory that Israel had, and Israel had immediately cleared out that whole area around the Western Wall. And so there were just thousands and thousands of people, 24 hours a day, down at the Western Wall. The country was in euphoria. People were saying there will never be another war again. The Arabs have finally learned the lesson and it is the days of Messiah.

Sid: And you were telling me that moment when so many Israelis at the Western Wall sang a song that’s very popular in Israel, “Jerusalem of Gold”. What was that like?

Shira: Well we were heading towards the old city on Yom Ha’atzmaut, which was the Independence Day, which was the first independence day of a united Jerusalem. And actually, the crowd was so great that I only got as far as Jaffa Gate, which is the main western gate. And there in front of me were thousands, perhaps a couple a hundred thousand people, and they all began singing just out of the blue, “Jerusalem of Gold.” It was the most amazing moment of my life. I knew that something was connecting me with Israel that I had not dreamed of before. And again, the people were saying, this is the time of the Bible. These are Bible days again. And these were, many of these people didn’t even believe in God, and they certainly didn’t know about the true Messiah. But they saw that we were entering the last days.

Sid: Shira, many members of our audience do not know the history of Israel. The history of Israel is miracle after miracle, after miracle. Could you give us a very brief snapshot of the history of modern day Israel.

Shira: Well you know, the sad thing is that the British Empire had the opportunity to create Israel and they messed up. In 1917, they delivered a declaration that the Holy Land, that Palestine was going to be a homeland for the Jews. But over the next few years, they would back on that. They gave 76 percent to the Hashemite Jordanian government. And then what was left, they decided to divide that up again, and finally they just raised their hands, left a lot of their weapons to the Arabs and took off, and left it to the U.N. So Britain really missed the greatest opportunity that was ever given to them. And you know, when Britain went into World War II, it was said that the sun never sets on their empire. And when Britain came out of World War II, after turning its back on Israel, there was nothing left of it except a few islands, like the Falkland Islands.

Sid: What do you personally account for that happening? What is the cause that Britain went from being like the United States of America to almost third world?

Shira: The Bible says, “I will bless those who bless you,” meaning the seed of Abraham, “and I will curse those who curse you.” In 1939, when Hitler was gathering up his troops to exterminate the Jewish and it succeeded in six million, the British put out what’s called the “White Paper” and said only 75,000 Jews a year can come to the Holy Land, and after 1944, whatever the Arabs say can come. And so the millions of Jews who could have come back to the Land of Israel were instead destroyed in Hitler’s ovens. And I do believe that there is no greater sign of a curse than for an empire like England to lose almost everything she had.

Sid: Now I want to correct one thing that I said. They didn’t go third world, but they lost most of the nations that they had. They went from one of the more powerful nations in the world history to being, and also ran, so to speak. Now I’m setting the stage for you right now to find out what is about to happen if America makes the wrong decision in September. Don’t go away. Be right back after this word.

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