Sid:  Now my guest Brenda Kunneman cannot speak enough about what most Christians are missing because they’ve either never spoken in unknown tongues or they’ve spoken it and they’ve stopped because “Christian society has stopped.”  But Brenda prays forously in tongues and other times quietly in tongues; people get healed when she does that as we found out on yesterday’s broadcast.  She even gets names of people; tell me about someone whose name you got Brenda.

Brenda:  Well, I was preaching in a meeting in another country and it was actually in a women’s conference and I had just been asking God for supernatural manifestations so I called out this name and it was the name Angel.  I said, “Your name is Angel.”  Now you know I always try to encourage people, I said your name is Angel or your, it sounds to me in the Spirit like you have a Father that called you by that name.  So if either your real name is Angel or maybe that was a nickname, come up here.  Well the funniest thing happened, now this is a woman’s conference 3 or 4,000 people there and a man comes up!  I’m like, a man, I said, “How did you even get in here, this is a meeting?”  He said, “Well I was doing some work in the back with the equipment and he said, I heard you say Angel.”  He said, “My name is Angel and so I began to prophecy some things about his destiny and then I stopped and I said, “The Lord tells me and I ministered to him; and then I said now, how many times you call out in a woman’s conference and a man comes, I mean that was supernatural by itself.  But I said, “Somebody else in here and I hear the Lord said you almost didn’t come to this meeting, you traveled a distance and you came here desperate for the manifestation of healing for your child.  You almost did not come, in fact God says, “You were feeling guilty about leaving your child;  your child in another city somewhere else, you felt guilty about leaving, God says and your name is “Angel” God says, don’t feel guilty, your child is about to receive a miracle.”   This woman is standing there next to this man named Angel; are you with me?  Standing there next to this man and she’s crying and crying and crying and she says, “My Father always nicknamed me Angel and I came here I just gave birth to a little baby and the baby is premature and the baby is back home.” in fact we weren’t in the United States, we were in Latin America.  And she said, “The baby’s back in the US; I almost didn’t come to this meeting, but something in me and I was suppose to come here;” and she said, “I came here anyway in fact my family and people criticized me; they said, “How can you leave your child on the incubator in this hospital and she said, I don’t know, just something drew me and I came.”  And I spoke to her and I pointed at her by the Spirit of God and I said, “Woman go home, you’re child’s healed from this hour.”  I got testimony later and I found this out, I was visiting in another church here in the US and a lady came up to me and she said, “You know I’m this woman’s pastor.”  I just want you to know she was at that meeting and she mentioned this lady; this was probably six months later.  She said, “You called her out, which you didn’t know that this child was home sick, the doctor’s had given a bad report, she is premature and when she got home, just as you spoke her child was off the tubes, her child was breathing, and the doctors said, you’re baby is going to make it.”  Now, this all happened in a matter of a few hours from the time that God called her out.  See, these are the levels of supernatural power God wants to manifest through His people.  This is the kind of supernatural occurrences that we’re living in this hour and that’s why I mean there’s a desperate world that needs this level of manifestation.  And so from the time I spoke that, which we did the timing, from the time I spoke God said, “Your child’s healed from this hour,” that baby within hours was completely made well.  And that’s the kind of manifestation of the power of God that I see God wanting to bring the church into.  It will look like the shores of Galilee; it’ll look like the early church like the Gate Beautiful when Peter and John walked up to the man at the Gate Beautiful and said “Such as, arise and walk!”  That’s where God wants to bring the church and listen we’re seeing it Sid all over the world; fingers growing out, people getting healed.

Sid:  Finger’s growing out?

Brenda:  Fingers, I’m getting reports, I haven’t seen this personally, but I’m getting reports of people that are having fingers growing out.  I had a woman here in my own experience; I had a woman who we prayed for, in fact she didn’t believe in the supernatural.  Get this, she did not even believe in the supernatural; we laid hands on her, I prayed for her, she came up and you know I felt like man, man she looked like man she looked like she was going to bite me, I could tell she only went up because her friend told her, she said, “She had kidney stones.” Her friend said, “Get up there and get prayer and forced her to go to the front;” she didn’t even believe in healing, she didn’t believe in this Holy Spirit, she didn’t even believe there be any Holy Ghost and she went up to the front and I went and prayed for her and I remember this, this is so funny I remember this, she looked mad, you know, I thought oh, I prayed for her and she looked at me with that face and I thought my gosh. I went on and prayed for other people; and all of a sudden somebody came up from the back, this was in this meeting, came up from the back and said, “That lady you prayed for, she was my friend I brought her, she went in the back, she had terrible kidney stones, she went in the back in the bathroom and said she passed them and she’s totally not in any pain.  She didn’t even believe in the power of God, now she believes, the woman was saved, it is a total transformation of a life because of the supernatural anointing; this is why we need power in the church.

Sid:  Brenda, the whole week the presence of God has been sky high on our interview.  I would be remise before God if I didn’t ask you to pray prophetically for healing for people right now.

Brenda:  Yes, yes, if you are listening I want you to get ready to receive because I feel the presence of God right now!  You prepare yourself, some of you I hear by the Spirit of the Lord, you’re about to receive a complete turnaround in your body, in fact some of you I hear a heart problem, there’s somebody out there you have a heart problem that the doctors are saying bypass, bypass, bypass.  The Lord says, “I am going to bypass, I’m going to bypass what their speaking” in fact the Lord says “You won’t need the bypass, I’m going to bypass and they’re going to look at your heart and say “It looks like you had a heart transplant,” that’s what I hear God say, “It looks like you had a transplant we can’t even recognize the heart that we took pictures of weeks ago, it’s not the heart that you have now.”  I hear God say that, so I want to pray for people if need a creative miracles, if you need healing in your body, you just get ready to receive the presence of the Lord is here, it’s ready to heal right now.  So I stretch my hands Father to every person that’s listening over the airwaves right now, in the Name of Jesus and I decree the healing the healing power of God, I say tumors melt in the name of Jesus, tumors melt, I say body parts be whole, ligaments line up, I say fungus’s dry up right now in the Name of the Lord Jesus, I say eyes be open, cataracts be dissolved, I say to glaucoma you have no power I curse you at the root in the Name of Jesus; I say hair loss you cease and you stop in the Name of Jesus, in the Name of Jesus, I speak to the ligaments of osteoporosis, I speak to degenerative bone diseases and I say right now, right now I interrupt you by the power of the Living Lord Jesus the Messiah your power disease your disease is broken over person listening to the sound of my voice and right wow, I say miracle power go in fact,  in fact, in fact I hear this the Lord says, “That is you’ll believe it you’ll feel the physical manifestation moving through your body like fire in the Name of Jesus.  Healing, healing, and miracles be upon you now in Jesus Name, Amen, Amen.  Sid I believe that we are going to get reports.

Sid:  I know that and I had a vision of someone’s fingers not necessarily growing, but pain of any kind in the fingers or any problem in the fingers or even growing.  God is doing something with fingers right now in Jesus name.  And Brenda, if you were to put it in a couple of sentences, why should people read your new book?  “The Supernatural You.”

Brenda:  Because I want them to learn they are anointed.  What we just prayed they can do, they can do, they don’t need necessarily someone else.  That is a dimension of God, but they are anointed, they have the same power that when Jesus walked the earth, the early apostles.  And I teach you step by step in the book how to release your own anointing, that’s the key, your own anointing.  How to pray the kind of prayers that produce miracles, that’s what we want, that’s what we’re hungry for the kind of prayer that produce miracles.  How to literally experience the supernatural for yourself, everywhere you go, every place you walk, every place you drive in your car when you go to work.

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