Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Shira Sorko Ram reporting to us from Jerusalem. And Shira, I have to find out from you, what is your spin on what’s going on in Egypt? What’s going with the young people in their protests throughout the entire Middle East? I don’t think there’s ever been a time in the history of the world that there’s been so many protests going on in the Middle East like this.

Shira: Absolutely. You know, I would love to think that the Arab people were going to go into a democratic style government. But because Islam is so strong in these nations, I just read polls today about Egypt. Way over a majority of Egyptians want their government to break the agreement, the peace treaty with Israel. The people don’t want Israel here. And so in a democracy what’s going to happen is the Islamics, which are in the majority in Egypt, are going to take over. And it is a tragedy because Islam is a spirit that hates the Arab people as much as anybody else, you know. It’s a spirit of death. And wherever Islam is there’s death of their own people, first of all and then of course their desire to destroy Israel and the western nations.

Sid: Shira, politically, a group called the Muslim Brotherhood is getting a lot of good press in the United States. But who is the Muslim Brotherhood and why is it bad for the world that they’re literally, it looks like they’re going to be taking over a lot of these countries?

Shira: Well let me explain it this way. The difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda is that Al Qaeda kind of comes out with its guns smoking and they want to take over by violence. The Brotherhood says, look, we can have the same goals, but we’ll do it through elections. And but their goal is just Al Qaeda, to have a worldwide Caliphate.

Sid: There is an increasing anti-Semitism worldwide, even some compare it to what it was during Hitler. We’ve never seen such ferocious anti-Semitism worldwide. Why is this going on at this time?

Shira: Well I think that, again, Islam, wherever it goes is carrying on the theology of Hitler. And so because you have so many Islamics now in Europe and they’re pushing this agenda of anti-Semitism, that it is spreading. It is definitely spreading. And Ahmadinejad in Iran is saying exactly the same things a Hitler did. Back in Hitler’s day, people didn’t believe him. Today, they do not believe the Iranian president.

Sid: At the same time, Shira, and it’s so amazing to me, Israel is prospering like almost no country I know. The shekel, compared to the U.S. dollar is so much better. What’s going on in your real estate, your pricing me out of being able to buy a home, in the high tech industry. How could this all be going on with the whole world doing so many horrible things to Israel?

Shira: It’s crazy. It is absolutely crazy. But you’re right. You know, this little start-up nation is creating and creating, and creating. It’s obviously the blessing of God.

Sid: Question. Who owns the Land of Israel?

Shira: The Bible says it is His land, with a capital “H”. And so God is going to keep His promises. He’s always kept His promises, and there is no nation that is going to destroy this nation. However, the nations that come against Israel will ultimately be destroyed. I know that sounds terrible. I know it’s hard to believe and I don’t even like saying it. But that’s what the Bible says. When I see what’s happening, the wars and rumors of wars and the killings all over the earth, yeah, it’s gonna happen. And more and more nations that come against Israel are going to, themselves, have disaster happen to them.

Sid: Shira, what about the pawns, if you will, of this situation, the Palestinians? What can be done with them?

Shira: You know, Sid, there is no political solution, absolutely no political solution. The only solution is Yeshua, the Messiah. When the Arab people find God and receive the Messiah, believe the Bible, they love the Jewish people. We have friends among the Arabs who are so strong in favor of Israel. They say, one preacher says, “I’m a Ruth congregation. I have become a part of the inheritance of Israel.” That’s the only solution. So even the Israeli government realizes that. And they encourage missionary work among the Arabs. I can tell you right now that in the Palestinian areas there are groups of Muslims who have come to believe in the Messiah. Of course, if it were known they would be killed themselves.

Sid: Shira, we’re going to have to take a break right now. But when we come back, we’re going to discuss what is going to happen in the United States of America this September. You must hear this. Please do not go away. Be right back.

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