SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Mary Jo Pennington, she is affectionately called by her granddaughter, MaJo, and Majo you got the shock of your life, your granddaughter, you fall, knock her off of the top of the sliding board, she falls down some nine feet onto the cement but she falls in almost a suspended state, where she changes her position, your husband said there is no human explanation then you overhear her talking on the telephone to her mother and she said, six.

MARY JO: Six big, big, big, angels caught her and zoom, took her up to heaven.

SID: Now, I’m sure if it had been me I would have questioned my granddaughter at that point, what did you do?

MARY JO: Well, we were so surprised that we couldn’t think of anything intelligent to ask her, so we asked her what color were their robes and their wings and their robes were white and their wings were white, shiny, sparkling, and the angles themselves glowed, and when, they had, I said how big were they, and she said really big, their hands were this wide, like from here to here, she said and they were warm and glistering and glowing, and when they hold my hand, she said, when them hold my hand my hand
glowed too, they made her light up like a light bulb, she shown like a light bulb.

SID: Now where did they take her?

MARY JO: They took her up, she said they passed all the things that she likes, the trees and the birds, they passed an airplane that was taking off and they were going straight up and the plane was going sideways, she looked back and the earth was getting smaller and smaller, when she first saw it, it was like rounded and then it got where it was like a little ball, and then she, they got to a place, it was way beyond the stars, that there was a stairway that had angels going back and forth up to heaven and her six angels and her continued up the stairway, and when they got to within, they told her to look ahead and it was like there was this big glowing, she said she thought they were going to land on the sun it was so glowing. And they got closer and closer but it wasn’t hot, it just was glowing like the sun but much brighter, and when they landed she was in front of a gate and a small angel, that had been coming up along with her, up the stairs, came over to the gate and tickled the gate with her feather and the gate laughed, and swing open.

SID: Now when she went into heaven she saw some babies, tell me about that.

MARY JO: Yes, she said an angel came out to tell her where was Jesus, and then took her to the baby place, and the baby place that she first was taken to was a really big, really large beautiful building, and in it were long, lots of tables that were very soft, and Jesus and the angels were working on little babies that Victoria could hold in her hand, and they were making them whole, and the babies, even though they stayed little, they instantly, after Jesus made them whole, had mental capacity to be able to speak and understand and they were made strong to where they could use their arms and their legs but they stayed little, they grow the normal size that they would on the earth, but when they are made whole they have full mental capacity.

SID: Now in your book you talk about some terminology she uses about, she said the baby would squeeze out, explain that.

MARY JO: Yes, she went to this other room they had a beautiful baby room and this little baby, the first baby she saw she said her was squeezed out of her mama before her were old enough to live. And we met several babies there that were, and then she started to tell me about a little baby that had gone full term, but she started to look kind of sick when she told me about her, she said she was the garbage baby.

SID: You know what, a four-year-old, is there any way a four-year-old could know about abortion?

MARY JO: No, there is no way, but she, each of the babies that had been aborted were this little and they were squeezed out before they were old enough to live, and then the garbage baby was left at a dumpster and it died. And when the garbage baby told her that story, she became a little sad, and they went and got, a kangaroo came and put her in her pouch, it was a warm place for this little baby to be, and the kangaroo actually took them for a ride out in this beautiful park and Victoria couldn’t fit all the way in and she hung her legs out and they went bouncing, they would bounce as high as the sky, and…

SID: You know what, if she was making this whole thing up, here is the deal as I see it, number one, the way she fell with not anything even broken, you can tell there is something supernatural, me, I don’t have a better explanation than angels caught her, and for a four-year-old to have such a graphic description of abortion, but it gets even more exciting than that, she sees things in heaven that we read about in the scriptures, again, there would be no way she could know these facts but let’s go to a clip of a report on the children she saw in heaven. Victoria: there was eight boys, eight girls; there was eight boys, eight girls.

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