SID: Sid Roth here with Mary Jo, affectionately called MaJo by her family, Pennington, and her four-year-old granddaughter should have died, fell straight onto concrete, but she really didn’t fall, she was carried by angels, she saw the angels, her grandfather who is an engineer said it is humanly impossible for her not to have hurt herself, and to have fallen and to turn in mid-air the way she turned, unless there was some supernatural help, and then she went to heaven, and she talked about seeing little boys and little girls, tell me about that.

MARY JO: Yes, she saw eight boys and eight girls and these children ranged in age from around four-years-old to ten- years-old, some of these children had been aborted,
squeezed out before they could live, but one little boy, we found out in an unusual way, we were having, we were at, putting flowers by my mothers grave about two weeks
after she fell, and she had to find the grave of a little boy, she just had to, it was urgent for her to find this grave, and

SID: Didn’t you kind of wonder why a four-year-old is looking for a grave of someone?

MARY JO: Yes, her mother walked all over this huge cemetery looking for it, and the only way she found him, she finally mentioned that the, we wanted to leave and come back another day, and she said, “But the tent will be gone,” and apparently she had observed the tent from another place and knew from the tent how to get to where the grave was, and so they started looking at all…

SID: Observed the tent from another place, what do you mean?

MARY JO: She saw it from heaven.

SID: That’s what I thought you were saying; go ahead.

MARY JO: Michael showed it to her from heaven.

SID: Michael, who is Michael?

MARY JO: One of the eight boys and eight girls.

SID: Okay.

MARY JO: And this is the little boy she is looking for and she, when they finally looked around and they saw a tent over beyond my mothers grave about ninety feet, and so they drove back around and she walked up to that, turned her back to the tent, and looked out across the cemetery as thought getting her bearing, and walked straight to this little boys grave, and she said to her mother, “What does that say?” And she said, “Honey it says a little boy, his name is Michael.” She said this is it, and she saw him in heaven and she said why do we need to find his grave, and she said because there is another one. And she later revealed to us that he was killed in a crash, she told us how the crash happened and it was in the newspaper exactly as she told it to us, except she told us that the car was forced off the road by a big monster truck wit lump, lump tires, and then it hit a cement thing, and then it went through the air, it turned upside down and landed in a tree. Well the newspaper did not give the account of the monster truck because that person left the scene, but the car actually had been stopped by a cop and had been left, and after it left the cop, this was all in the newspaper, it…

SID: Could someone have read that article to her and she just made that up?

MARY JO: No, bubba, her brother, Patrick went back the next day to the cemetery and got the name off the marker, yes, and went to his school and looked it up on the internet and the newspaper clippings were there and he printed them and brought them to us and we were just astonished. Because the first thing her mother said, ask her what color
the car was and we did and she said it was red. She said ask her if it landed upside down or right side up, she said upside down, that’s when she told me all about how the wreck happened, and I was telling it back to Sandy and Sandy was saying man, I’ve got goose bumps, it is so unreal, it is just exactly like it is in the paper.

SID: Now what did she mean, there is another one?

MARY JO: Well there were some custody battles after that, the little boy had lived with his father but he was visiting his mother and her boyfriend wrecked the car and they were both killed, the man and the little boy, and the little boy wanted his sister to stay with his father, actually. He wanted her, him not to, her not to have to go with the mother anymore.

SID: Now how did you know all of these facts?

MARY JO: In the newspaper.

SID: So there is really no explanation for Victoria to have all this information?

MARY JO: No, not at all.

SID: Except to prove to you that there was something way beyond, if only you know what, if you even didn’t have those facts, I don’t see how a four-year-old could imagine what you have told me, even if you didn’t have that verification.

MARY JO: We have never been able to find the little boy whose parents…

SID: Did the little boy tell her anything else about the situation?

MARY JO: Yes, he said that he had been mean to kids at school, and that when the accident happened he had a stake through his throat and he couldn’t speak very well, but he was trying to say God forgive me for being mean to the kids at school. So as young as he was and he was only four and a half when he died, he knew his heart needed to turn to God even as he knew he was dying he asked God to forgive him for being mean to kids at school. Not that he would have gone, he would have gone to heaven anyway, but he knew his heart had to turn to God at that moment and then the angels took him on up to heaven.

SID: Now you told me something else that was interesting that by your swimming
pool people report seeing angels now.

MARY JO: Yes, there is a lifeguard angel that is at this diving board all the time now, he is very large, sometimes I can see him pretty clearly, I can see like breastplates, brown, like chest plate on him, I have seen him very well, but other people can too, when you step out our glass sliding door, and look toward our glass sliding door, the sliding board, you an see like a midst, in the shape of an angel, that you can see through it, but you can clearly see him, and what happens is the bars on the sliding board will reflect in his body, you can see them reflect several times up in his body, there is no reason for them to reflect, there is nothing to reflect there.

SID: Well, I also understand that your granddaughter Victoria goes to heaven often.

MARY JO: Yes, she does, in fact she said when she doesn’t go to heaven, heaven comes down to her.

SID: what does she mean by that?

MARY JO: She can often just look up and see God and Jesus just right there.

SID: You do realize that what you are telling me is very hard for a lot of our viewers to believe, I bet it was hard for you, what convinced you?

MARY JO: A lot of times I have doubt, but it, I’m always convinced because there is no way she would know what she knows, when I, she is a very normal child, when I ask her what she does when she goes out to play, if she can always look up and see God there, she says she just doesn’t look up, she has to keep her head where she can’t see him so she can just be normal and play because a lot of times all she has to do is glance up and see Jesus or God. And I tell her don’t go out to the road, I don’t want you outside by yourself, she said I’m never by myself, Jesus is always with me.

SID: You know what I loved in the book about when she sat in God’s lap, I don’t know about you but I would like to sit in God’s lap.

MARY JO: Well, she had seen God at the baby place and Jesus and her family but when Jesus and her, at the end, started into the Throne Room by themselves to go and tell God bye because she was going to come back, well Jesus wanted her to stay, but when she entered the Throne Room she was afraid of the living creatures, she saw things with lots of eyes and they made lots of noise and they scared her, but once they got past that, God motioned her to come to him and she ran to him and he allowed her to climb up his leg and across his lap into his lap and she…

SID: Now these living creatures are described in the Bible in the Throne Room, how was her description compared to the Bible description?

MARY JO: Well, she now calls them the four faces, but the first she said when she was very small, she was only five when she said they have lots of faces on their face, and she said they have lots of wings, they have lots of eyes on them, and their legs go down straight and they don’t have toes like us.

SID: How could she have known this? How could a four-year-old have known anything like this? You know Mary Jo, it’s, if you just open your Bible and you turn to Ezekiel the first chapter, and you read this four-year-olds account of what happened in her book, it is just like the Bible, she even talks about seeing the lion with the whiskers but she sees something in heaven that there is no way she could have known that happened to MaJo many years ago, which revolutionized Mary Jo’s life, come on back next week and we will continue with you on her adventures in heaven.

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