SID: Hello, Sid Roth here, welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. What would you do, you have your granddaughter over, you are enjoying yourself in your swimming pool in the back yard, and all of a sudden Mary Joe Pennington decides to go up on the diving board and she yells out, “My God, I have broken my baby,” what happened?

MARY JO: Well I climbed to the top of the sliding board I have a slid that goes down into the pool, with great caution and care because I hadn’t done that in over four years, and as I got to the top, Victoria said, “MaJo, can I come up and slid down with you? And I said sure, and she, I didn’t realize she just scooted right up behind me, she was just right behind me, and my old knees just gave way and I fell flat, really hard, and my body hit her and she went flying backwards at a very high rate of speed and it was nine feet to the concrete, and I just screamed, “Oh God, I have broken my baby,” and I kept screaming that and screaming it and…

SID: Don, you were watching, first of all what is your profession?

DON: I’m an engineer.

SID: All right, this is your granddaughter too, what did you see with your eyes.

DON: Well, I was in the pool and alongside the pool about opposite where the sliding board was, and I heard MaJo scream, I wasn’t looking at her at the time but I heard her scream, “Oh God, I’ve broken my baby,” and I looked up in time to watch Victoria fly backwards away from the sliding board, and she stretched out horizontally, her little
body stretched out horizontally, I saw it rotate 180 degrees so her feet were pointing in the opposite direction.

SID: While she was still horizontal in the air.

DON: Horizontal.

SID: You’re an engineer, how can you account for that?

DON: Well, what I was seeing was not making sense to my brain, and then I saw her almost float and not only go straight down to the concrete but she moved over about six
feet away from the sliding board and settled down on her little backside and her elbows and hands. And I just couldn’t believe what, I expected to see her body flying in all kinds of parts.

SID: So you obviously went to examine what was going on, where were you, were you still on top of the sliding board?

MARY JO: Yes, I couldn’t get down at all, and I couldn’t see her when she was behind me and then suddenly, and she didn’t scream, I was screaming, but she didn’t scream, but suddenly I saw her settle in my view where I could see her, and I felt as though I had to keep my eyes on her if I glanced away she would fall into a million pieces, I just had to keep eye contact wit her and I was still screaming I’ve broken my baby but I just knew
that if I stopped, I don’t know why I felt like I could hold her together just by looking at her, and then Grandpa came around to check her out.

SID: What did you see?

DON: Well, she was trying to get up, she said, “Grandpa, I’m okay, I’m all right,” and she
was physically trying to get up. And I made her lay still, and I said please let me check you all over, because I did not know what I was going to find.

SID: You’re telling me she fell over thrust like with a force and fell nine feet onto cement?

DON: Right.

SID: Yeah, so, who was with her?

DON: I checked her over, I checked, you know her head, and her neck and her spine, her arms and her legs, and they all worked and there was no blood and she appeared perfectly normal, so at that point I did let her get up and then I noticed two little places on her body, she had a little scrape on her right elbow, and a little red mark on her palm, and that is the only evidence of any injury that I could find.

SID: Okay, you are an engineer, a logical man, how do you account for this, it’s not making sense to my brain.

DON: Well, it didn’t make sense to mine and I can’t account for it now, it’s – in light of what we learned later, from talking to Victoria, but at that time it just made no sense to me at all.

SID: Now, MaJo, when you heard your granddaughter talking to her mother on the
telephone you got your first inkling of what really was going on, what did you over hear?

MARY JO: She said, “Mommy, I’m not broken, Majo knocked me off the slide, and I heard God yell, “Save the children, catch Victoria, and six big, big, big, big angels came and caught me and zoom, took me right up to heaven.”

SID: Now Don, is there any other explanation for how she fell and the fact that she didn’t break her body?

DON: No, not to me there’s not.

SID: I can’t think of anything.

DON: well we just thought it was a great miracle of God’s protection that kept her from serious injury, but when we heard her talk to her mother on the phone that she had gone to heaven, we were just, we didn’t know what to think at that point.

MARY JO: Speechless.

SID: Okay, they had like a home video of Victoria when this happened and her reporting on what she saw; let’s go to that right now.

Video: all right, now show me what happened.

Victoria: From that.

MARY JO: Show me.

Victoria: When the angel caught me, I said boom.

SID: Okay, now that’s kind of, she’s seven now, I can see where you went from vague, to a miracle, you must have been a grateful grandmother.

MARY JO: I was, I couldn’t stop thanking God, for this wonderful blessing that he gave us that he saved her, I just couldn’t stop.

SID: And she keeps going back to heaven, we’ll be back in just a few minutes, don’t go away, I know you’ll be back.

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