SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov, and Alyosha, I had something amazing happen the other night. I was watching television, and I heard a man speaking about predictions in the Bible, and it was fine. It was very good, very stimulating intellectually. But then, all of a sudden he said a Hebrew prayer, and I could feel the presence of God. It just accelerated. Why do you believe that’s going on? Why is there such a supernatural presence of God on the language of Hebrew?

ALYOSHA: Well again, we were talking about science just catching up with the word of God.

We know that God spoke the word of God first to Moses in the Hebrew language.

SID: Of course.

ALYOSHA: And there was a Swiss scientist, Hans Jenny, and I’m not a scientist, I’m just retelling it in simple words, but he had an experiment. He created this instrument called a tonoscope, and he would put sounds at one end and he would beam it to a different substance, like sand, to see what kind of shapes the sound would create. And then he tried different speech, different languages. None of the modern languages responded, did anything. But when somebody spoke Hebrew into the tonoscope, it started to put Hebrew vowels on the sand.

SID: You’re telling me the sound took shape from this tonoscope, and the actual vowels from Hebrew were outlined in the sand?

ALYOSHA: Yes, they were outlined in the sand, and there are pictures on the internet you can look up. Yeah.

JODY: This was done in 1967. 1967.

SID: Ahh. Very historic year for Israel. Tell me more about this Hebrew language. You just did a music CD in which a sabra, a native-born Israeli, spoke the words of God in Hebrew. Alyosha, you played that for your congregation, and what effect did it have on the people there?

ALYOSHA: Well actually I want to tell you this, that when I was mixing the CD, you know, I have to listen to the whole thing, and I was just sitting as one track was copying to another, and I started to see all kinds of images that I haven’t seen before. It was like, gosh, I’m seeing visions.

So I said let’s make an experiment and see how people in our congregation respond. And we have a practice where we like to put on quiet music and sit in the presence of God, and just receive rest from Him and love from Him, you know. And so, I brought this CD and said “We’re going to do this with a CD today.” And so as it was going, I think as it ended, it just went for about thirty minutes, people stood frozen. They just couldn’t move, and I think for another ten minutes, they could not move. And when they started to talk, gradually they said that they have not experienced the depth of the rest in their lives, like they had experienced listening to this.

SID: We’re going to have you, in a little bit in this program, play on the piano. But you don’t just play music anymore. What are you expecting God to do when you play on a piano?

ALYOSHA: Well I believe that music has languages. God can do healing, God can bring people into rest, God can give people visions. Often in our congregation, I’ll just go to the piano and I’ll say “Hey, let’s see what God is speaking to you.” I mean we can all hear God, because He created us. Sometimes people come to the piano, they touch the piano so they will get healed, because those frequencies that we just spoke about, come through the sound, and they go through the wood into our body, and if they’re healing, they just align whatever needs to be aligned in the cells, and the person gets healed.

SID: Literally, I can imagine that when I pray for someone now, now that I understand how sound operates, the highest frequencies, if you will, are the words of God, written in the truth book, the Bible. And when this word of God is spoken, literally the matter of the body rearranges. And when the word of God, and that’s what Alyosha’s saying, it’s prophetic playing of music, when this word of God comes through the vibrations of the music, it literally is going to rearrange your cells. I would imagine, this is such a new tool that we’ll be offering, but I believe we’re going to get reports of people with insomnia that can sleep, people with all sorts of tumors that are going to disappear, blood disease is going to be normal. But I can’t wait to hear you play that piano. Tell you what, you prepare your heart to have the very fibers of your being rearranged, as you hear the presence of God coming on this piano. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back, and you’re going to hear Alyosha play prophetically.

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