On It’s Supernatural: Scientists discover the Hebrew language that Jesus spoke has the power to actually move mountains.

SID: Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. I mean, this is the norm. I am so excited about this show, because for the first time, we’re finding out that science, true science, that’s dealing with true facts, are beginning to figure out that the words that the famous Jewish rabbi – the King of the Jews, Yeshua – said, are true. He said you could speak to a mountain,

and if you would believe, that mountain would be obliterated. We’re now finding out that there is a realm of science called quantum mechanics, quantum physics, that examines the unseen world.

And literally, the energy behind the voice causes matter to rearrange and change. And here’s what it’s done for me. When I understand the science behind it, my faith in the miraculous just skyrockets. My guests, Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov. Jody, what about you? When you  understood for the first time this scientific law of quantum mechanics, what did it do for your faith?

JODY: It just skyrocketed my faith, because I could believe then that the word of God is real and true. And when God spoke this world into existence, Sid, we read in Genesis chapter 1 that He spoke the word and the world came into existence. And so everything begins with a spoken word, with sound, with frequencies, and science is backing that up now with quantum mechanics and quantum physics.

SID: But before we get to that, Alyosha, what is a nice Jewish Russian concert pianist doing in a church? Why did you go to a church?

ALYOSHA: You’re talking way back then when I grew up in the city of Kiev. And actually I grew up as an atheist. I didn’t know anything about my background as being Jewish. The only reason I knew I was Jewish is somebody else would remind me about it. I guess I look like one.

But we didn’t practice any of the traditions, didn’t know anything. But in the late ‘70’s, the door was opened from communist Russia for the Jews to go out to Israel and to other countries. And so our family also wanted to leave, because there was no future for me and my sister to pursue our careers and our lives. Still, it was very, very difficult. Many people were denied visas, many people were refused for no reason, and their lives just got stuck with that. And so, I felt like I needed a supernatural intervention into my life, because I did not know whether they would let me go or not. And I thought “Well, I’d like to pray to God.” I didn’t know if God existed, nobody really taught me about God. But there was a church there that I knew, it was a Greek Orthodox church, and I knew absolutely nothing about that religion. I just wanted to go and pray.

SID: Sure.

ALYOSHA: So I walk into that church, and there were different pictures, and I got confused in the beginning. “Which one is God here? I thought God is one.” But there was a picture of Jesus there, and I just felt comfortable calling Him God. Don’t know why. So I said “Jesus, if you are the true and living God, make it possible for us to leave.” And guess what? About a week or two passed, and we received permission to immigrate.

SID: So this great miracle happened, but he got to the United States, and he’s pursuing his career as a concert pianist. You come from how many generations of musicians?

ALYOSHA: Well at least 3, maybe more.

SID: And you would play the piano. Up to how many hours a day would you practice?

ALYOSHA: When I got to my teen years, I had to practice 4 or 5 hours a day.

SID: So I would have to think your god was really your music.

ALYOSHA: It was, yes.

SID: Ok, so he gets to the States, he quickly forgets that this Jesus answered his prayer, but he had an encounter one night in his bedroom with the supernatural. What happened?

ALYOSHA: My sister became a believer first, and she reminded me about Jesus.  I remember that I prayed to Him, but I wasn’t sure. This was one encounter. And see, by the way, people ask me “Where did you hear about God in the first place?” And I grew up with atheism, but I tell them the first people that taught me about God were atheists.

SID: How could they teach you about God?

ALYOSHA: They have to explain to you who doesn’t exist, and so…

SID: So that’s how you knew. He doesn’t exist.

ALYOSHA: Yeah. Why put so much effort to prove that God doesn’t exist, if He doesn’t even exist? It doesn’t make sense to me.

SID: Good point.

ALYOSHA: But that night, when my sister started to share about Jesus, and I said “Is it right for Jewish people to believe in Jesus?” So I was in my room, and I asked the Lord, if He was real, if Jesus was real, to give me some sign. I know now that the Bible says that a Jew will ask for a sign. That’s what I did. And suddenly, a bright light filled the room, just for a few moments, but I knew it had no place it could’ve come from…

SID: Was it a street lamp, or…?

ALYOSHA: No, and it was early morning, it was totally cloudy. There was not even a place for the sun to go through. But the room just illuminated, and I knew, I got my sign.

SID: And shortly thereafter, he’s still resisting, but someone says “Do you want to believe Jesus is your Messiah and Lord?” And even though he wasn’t ready yet, out of his mouth came…

ALYOSHA: I was asked “Do you want to accept Jesus as your Messiah?” And I was going to say no, instead came out yes, to my surprise

SID: Wait till you hear about the supernatural music now that he’s playing, with a supernatural language. Don’t go away.

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