Sid Roth here Welcomes Bill and Annette Weise

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Bill and Annette Weise, Bill is basically minding his own business and he finds himself dropping and he ends up in a cell in hell, real hell. and Jesus took his memory away from him that he was a believer and so he experienced what it was like to be in hell and not know Jesus and have no chance of reversal, none, eternity there, but then you said that Jesus came, he told you what you had gone through because he wants you to tell people about this, and then he said he was coming back soon. Now Annette, this was about three in the morning and he spent according to the book, 23 minutes in hell, so at about 3:23 or so, what did you hear, what did you observe?

ANNETTE: I was in a sound sleep Sid, and I knew it was 3:23 because I automatically turned to my left and looked at the clock, we had a big digital clock that said 3:23, and I heard screams, Bill’s not beside me so I proceeded down the hallway and I found Bill in a state I had never seen him in, if you know Bill.

SID: Is he an emotional person at all?

ANNETTE: No, if anything

SID: He’s very level?

ANNETTE: He’s steady, consistent, calm and more reserved by nature.

SID: Is he a real weeper?

ANNETTE: No, he’s not a complainer, he’s very, his emotions don’t go up and down.

SID: Stable.

ANNETTE: He’s stable; he’s a very stable man.

Sid Roth: So what was he, what was he doing when you saw him, what did you hear?

ANNETTE: Well, I saw him in a fetal position on our living room floor and he was holding the sides of his head and screaming the Lord took me to hell, pray for me, pray for me, you know pray that this fear goes out of my mind, and I was just like, I mean of course I was in shock at first, I was relieved in one instance that he wasn’t having a heart attack, because when I found him like that I thought oh my God, what is happening. And so I just went up to him and I just started to pray for him.

SID: There was no warning before you went to bed, there was nothing unstable about what he was saying, doing or thinking?

ANNETTE: No, we had just had gone to a prayer meeting, come home, went to bed just like any other night, so nothing unusual.

SID: Okay, only you can answer this, he loved God before, he loves God now, did he witness to everyone that could breath and tell them about the reality of Jesus before this event?

ANNETTE: He was, he was a more evangelistic person as far as his nature goes, he would try to witness to clients and things like that, but after this experience it was like an urgency of I’ve got to get on the phone, I’ve got to call my family, we’ve got to fly out there.

SID: Bill, why?

BILL: Well the reality of hell just really makes you aware that this place is final, I mean that people, and we have to open up our mouths, if we don’t they are going to go there. So I just felt like you know I’ve got to do everything I can in this short time God has given us and make it count, and witness to everybody that I can.

Sid Roth: Listen, when you were a young man you went through something that should have been it, a shark, you were swimming and a shark grabbed hold of you and literally was going to bite off, was it your arm or leg?

BILL: My leg, I was with a friend surfing, and

SID: What happened?

BILL: The shark grabbed me and pulled me off my board, bit my board right in half and grabbed my leg, pulled me down, and miraculously let me go, and the guy next to me got his leg torn off, so we watched him be drug up on the beach, but …

SID: So that was fear, but how did that fear compare to the fear that you experienced in hell?

BILL: That fear was terrible, but it was paled in comparison to what you go through in hell, there is no comparison.

SID: So I assume that the minute you came to your senses you started telling everyone about this experience?

BILL: Yes, I did, people don’t have to believe me, it’s not about believing me it’s about believing what the Bible has to say about hell, that there is scriptures, over a hundred and fifty scriptures about it.

SID: Wait a second, you believed in hell before this happened, what is the difference now?

BILL: I did, I knew it was fire, and I thanked God I was saved from it, but I really didn’t realize the severity of it, how terrible it is, that you do suffer actual, literal burning fire, it is not anaphorical, it is real fire, you suffer thirst, hunger, you never get to sleep, you are exhausted, you need sleep, you don’t get to sleep there, ever. You never get to be with a person, your memory is intact, all these things you have to endure for eternity. Just one of them alone would, could kill you, but yet you have to keep going.

SID: What about the, did you experience fear even after that event?

BILL: Well, when she prayed, I asked the Lord to remove the fear because I could feel my body was dying, the body can’t withhold that kind of fear and stay alive, and God did it, he graciously took out all the fear of hell, but he left the memories of it, so now I can recall it, but I don’t have to relive, and relive that awful fear that I experienced. But it still took me about a year to settle down from this whole thing. the next year was just, I wanted to grab everybody and witness to them and shake them up and make them aware that there is a real hell and that God doesn’t want anybody to go there. he loves everybody and he doesn’t want anyone to go, but it is a sad thing that people won’t listen to the simple message of the gospel and take his free gift and receive it and escape this horrible place. One second after they die it is too late. There is no turning back; they are never going to get out.

SID: But what about the person that says, well I’m a minch, I’m a pretty good person, I’ve never murdered anyone, I’m a nice guy and assuming there is a place called heaven, after all my rabbi told me, my priest told me, my mom told me, that I’m going to be in heaven, so they told me, what would you say to them?

BILL: That’s what most people think, that they are pretty good, and they probably are pretty good compared to people, but if you compare yourself to God, God’s ways are perfect, everything to do with him is perfect and if we sin, if we lie, if we commit adultery, if we do any of these things, that’s is punishable by death according to the word of God, Romans 6:23, the wages of sin is death, so people, it doesn’t mater how good you are, your goodness pales in comparison to god’s goodness, so you need, we all need a Savior, we all are sinners, we all fall short of his glory, so we are all in the same boat, we have to have a Savior, or we are going to go, we are going to end up in this place, torment.

SID: Annette, you didn’t go through this experience.

ANNETTE: No, thank God.

SID: How has it affected you, his experience, how has it affected, do you think that he hallucinated this whole thing, come on, between the two of us.

ANNETTE: No, actually Sid, not at all, I know Bill, I know his character, I know his integrity, and for many people around him that knew him before we even met, so I absolutely believed him from the moment he spoke it out of his mouth that’s where he went. I think how it has affected me probably the most is my own personal examination of my own life, of just wanting to pursue God, and know him, and walk in holiness before him as a Christian, because we throw that word out, “Christian,” but what does that really mean? And I wanted to really get to know the Lord and walk that way, and then it also gave me much more of a compassion for people, and to think how selfish of me, and at the times where I thought about, how many times I didn’t open my mouth, because I didn’t feel “led” to say anything about God to them.

SID: Bill, do you sweat the small stuff anymore? I mean after seeing what you saw, these other things are so pale compared to this reality.

BILL: They are, the things we all get upset over in life, it is so short and temporal, and it is over in just a moment, the things that are important are really just eternal things, and pleasing the Lord.

SID: As you both know, I’m Jewish, and 35 years ago, Jesus came into my bedroom and I experienced, the very first things that I experienced was his shalom, his peace. It was literally tangible, and you know what, I could not worry about anything, I went to bed not caring whether I lived or died, and when he came into my bedroom, all I could think was, love, purpose, destiny, I don’t care what you have heard about Jesus, even if you have been in a church or synagogue or mosque your whole life, I tell you to ask the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to make Jesus real to you, repent of your sins, tell God you are sorry, and you want to know Jesus. It’s simple, but it is everything and everything without Jesus is nothing, choose.

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