Our Guest Robby Dawkins

ROBBY: The lady, the lady at the very back. You got dark hair. And you’re right…Yeah, right there. Could you stand up if you would? What’s your name? Can you say out… Dottie? Toni ? Toni, I just heard the Lord just say there was a door that was shut and it was really frustrating to you. You felt like you just walked… you felt like it was supposed to open but it was like shut when you went to it. And it was really frustrating and disturbing but this is what I hear the Lord saying. Is that there’s double doors that He has open and where you hit the one closed door there’s actually double doors…




ROBBY: …and if you would have went through the one you would have gotten only that single opportunity but there’s double doors and it’s almost like a theater you know like double doors that’s coming and I just heard the Lord say it’s opening up. Do you have a son? You have two sons? I felt like with one of your sons that there’s been he’s really been in a real difficult place and he’s really been struggling in his faith. There’s been a lot of things challenging. There’s been some hurts in some relationships and there’s been some real heartbreak. Here’s what I hear the Lord saying is that this week there’s dreams coming to him. The Holy Spirit’s ministering and releasing dreams to him…




ROBBY: …and I heard the Lord say he’s turning around. There’s turning around and there’s a breakthrough coming for him. And I felt like too… I don’t know if you… I felt like I heard the name Connie. I don’t know if you know anybody named Connie but I felt like there was a friend named Connie that the Lord was going to give you a very specific word for and they are to release some things to. She’s going through a tough time just in some finances and things and I felt like there’s a real prophetic declaration for you to release to that. So Lord we bless Toni and we thank You for Your hand on her. And I saw, I heard the Lord say where walking has been a struggle, where there’s just been some things with physically like with walking there’s coming a greater ease and a lightness in your feet and so Lord we bless that for Toni right now in Jesus’ name. We just thank You for Your presence on her. Fill her up Holy Spirit. Fill her up Holy Spirit. More Lord. Right there. Right there. Go deep. Go deep. Go deep. More. More. And just better sleep. Where there’s been restlessness in sleep there’s breakthrough. You’re going to have the best night’s sleep and we thank You for that. In Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name. More. Thank You Father. In Jesus’ name. Yes Lord.



Our Guest Jim Richards



JIM:  But, man, you’ve got the most polished speakers in the world. You’ve got this one guy up there and you’re just looking at him like “What?” Man, he walks up. And he was funny. His glasses were sliding down his nose. And he was always making all these weird faces trying to get his glasses up. And all these other guys, you know they would preach for like 90 minutes, you know? He gets up and speaks about 15, 20 minutes. I’m going to tell you something. From that day to this day I have never struggled with faith. Never! And the verse that he taught on was from the Book of Philemon, Philemon 6, where it says “That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing that’s in you in Jesus.” Now if you just took that at the King James translation that’d be enough to change your world! And that’s what he did! He… and, and he just basically said, Look, if you want the communication, the living, the sharing, the functioning of your faith to become effective, start acknowledging all the good things that are in you in Jesus. Man, that was, that was monumental in 1975! And I remember the very next day I, you know, I was, I was doing my undergraduate work in theology. Man, I’m telling you the next day we got together, we’d, we’d have a big chapel service every morning, there’d be several hundred of us get there, get together and pray. I’m walking around saying Father, I thank you that I’m the righteousness of God in Christ. I thank you that I am an overcomer. I’m more than a conqueror. I mean I’m going through this stuff. And I notice it’s getting quieter and quieter in the room and finally nobody’s praying but me! And you know I don’t care so I’m going to just keep on. Finally when I get through praying I look and the whole class had stopped praying and they were all standing on this side of the room looking at me. And basically one of the guys that had… you know, was, was, was a senior went to one of the pastors and said you need to talk with Jim. He’s got an ego problem.




JIM:  And they called me and they said what, what is this you’re doing in prayer? And I said I’m doing what the Bible says. I’m acknowledging the good things that are in me in Jesus. And, and I mean…. honest… They gave me the nickname “Mr. Self-Sufficient” because from their perspective you, you needed to be talking about what all was wrong with you. You need to be, you know, you know whining and crying about whatever was wrong with you. And let me tell you something. That doesn’t change anything. Now yeah, you got to own that stuff. But I, I don’t want to live in the realm of what’s wrong with me. And that’s not what I, see that’s not what I share with Jesus. I shared that with Him when we died together. But when I got raised up with Him we left that in the grave.

Our Guest ISki Abla

SID: Okay. I can’t wait to hear this. She has no gas, she travels, what, four or five hours in a car on empty, gets to this total stranger’s house. He only knew about her because his church was praying for her and he felt prompted to call her. So he speaks in tongues. It turns out to be perfect Turkish and he states all of the sins in her life, and then what happened?


ISIK: Well I was so committed. I was weeping and he did this like, “Sister,” and he started speaking to me. I just passed out. But when I came back I was a completely different person. I was transformed completely and all these lies and deception of Islam left me. I felt like tons of demons left me at that very moment.


SID: And she had a supernatural hunger for more and more, and more of God, and God met it. One day you go to church and they talk about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and being able to speak in a language such as you just heard in your own tongue. He didn’t speak one word of Turkish.


ISIK: Then I was so hungry after that. I was like, wow, I am serving a God that nothing is impossible, so I cannot put him in a box anymore. So I started going to a spiritual church and believing everything the Bible said about God, and he did. And then pastor, one night, made an altar call: “If you want to be filled with the Holy Spirit, just come to the altar.” Before he even made the altar call, I threw myself to the altar. I want to be filled with the Lord’s spirit! Before I even finished, boom, a fire of God, just like a liquid poured down on me. My knees were shaking. It was like electrical power of God. And I opened my mouth in obedience and it just started flying. Butterflies were coming from my mouth and I started speaking in tongues. And it changed my life, ministry, everything.


SID: You know, with the background you came from tell me how you have such joy, such peace. Tell me how.


ISIK: That joy is supernatural because we should have the joy of the Lord as believers, and it’s one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. And I started seeking God’s joy in my life because I hadn’t known joy. I was a believer, I had some joy, but it was not real always. And then I pursued God to release his joy in my life and he did it. But it wasn’t only receiving it, I learned to keep it and exercise that joy every single day, and it happened with freedom in Christ, accepting and receiving my identity in Christ, because I was feeling ugly and stupid. I was called and I started every morning declaring I am fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s own image. And the Word of God started bubbling up within me. So that joy comes from making an agreement with the Word of God. I hold hands with God and I say yea and amen to his Word for me.


SID: You have some six million followers on Facebook, mostly Muslim. I imagine a lot of these women that are being abused in Muslim countries relate to you. You also do television.


ISIK: Yes.


SID: Tell me the type of women that correspond with you from when they hear you talk?


ISIK: Well they start seeing glimpse of hope and end of the darkness, and they say, I want to have the joy you have. I want to laugh. I never laughed in my life. And I want to tell you, until I came to America I never laughed in my life. Then after Jesus, I started laughing out loud, because in my culture, only prostitutes or bad woman laughs out loud. And now I don’t even care. I just laugh. God gives me that joy.


SID: Well I’ll tell you what, there are so many women watching right now in other countries, but also in the United States of America that are maybe not as abused as you, but they are abused and they think there is no way out. Talk to them.


ISIK: Well I just want to speak to you right now. If you are lacking joy in your life, you’ve been through trials, tragedies, maybe even rape, maybe even a raping family, and you are looking at your circumstance, and you are saying no good will come out of my life and I can never laugh. You have such anguish and sorrow in you. And I am here to tell you, not coming from a perfect background, but coming from a mess, coming from tragedies myself, that God can restore your joy right now in this very moment because the God that I serve is God of hope. And I am speaking to someone right now that whose one breast is removed because you have cancer and you lost your joy after cancer. You overcame that cancer, but you have no joy. You were not abused, but life really treated you very badly and the enemy was there. And I just want to speak, maybe you’ve been through divorce right now and you feel so much this label and weight on you. And God wants to remove that weight from your shoulders and say to you right now, you’re not labeled as cancer patient. You are not labeled as a divorcee. You are not labeled as a raped person. You are an overcomer. If you receive my Son and his joy right now at this very moment, I release this joy to you. In the name of the Son, Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, be filled with Holy Spirit’s joy.


SID: And for those that have said I’m sorry of my sins, Jesus, wash them away, make me clean, come inside of me. Anyone that has said that prayer or saying it as I’m speaking right now, you pray the fire of God on them right now.


ISIK: Amen. I speak fire right now from top of your head to the bottom of your feet that you will be filled with Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus Christ right now. Your latter will be greater. The best is yet to come. You are not defeated or put down. You are more than a conqueror right now. Be filled with that fire in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.


SID: I’ll tell you something, when you read her book, “I Dreamed of Freedom,” you won’t just dream of freedom. Whatever prison you’re in, you’re going to be set free.


ISIK: Amen.

Our Guest Ryan LeStrange

SID: Ryan, you don’t know how blessed you are. When you were just a young man, you had a vision of the Throne Room. That provokes me to jealousy.


RYAN: Yes. I had a life-changing encounter and my story was I was bound in darkness. I got radically set free. Now, I’m really pursuing God. I say I’m in hot pursuit. And all of a sudden, I’m taken into the Throne Room, and when I’m taken into the Throne Room I’m literally in the Glory of God. I see the Glory cloud. I see the feet of the Lord. It’s like I am just this little tiny creature looking up at this skyscraper kind of sized entity. But I was swallowed in the Glory. Right after that happened, Sid, I went somewhere to minister and the most remarkable thing, I think perhaps I never saw this since then in this manner, I was ministering. The Glory came in, as I told what happened, and every single person, all of a sudden through the course of the meeting, was knocked down in the floor in the power of God. And that’s one thing, but the other thing was—


SID: How does a teenager handle that kind of power?


RYAN: You know, I think you’re just so shocked because you’ve been in the Throne Room. It’s real to you. So when it’s happening, this is an extension of what you saw in private, but now it’s happening, and people were being miraculously healed. You know, it’s one thing to have an encounter like that, but I always want to ask, okay, what is the result? And the result was people were delivered and healed, and set free.


SID: You recently had a vision of the lightnings of God. What do you mean by lightnings of God?


RYAN: Well this was one of the most stunning visions I’ve had, and I’m seeing it come to play in America, but I believe it’s for the nations. I saw this huge Glory cloud. I knew it was a Glory cloud because I know enough about that to know. But inside of this cloud were storm systems, if you will. There was tornadic activity. There were lightnings. There were rain clouds. As far as the lightnings, the lightnings, they are different things. They’re revelation. Light in the Bible represents revelation, but also, they’re moments and types of ignition. After I saw this I realized what the Lord was saying, “I’m literally going to release my lightning strikes in dry territories,” and they are going to become ablaze with the power and the fire of God.


SID: And you know, the drier the area is, the greater the fire. So there’s hope.


RYAN: And maybe, Sid, they’re like, well I’m in such a dry place, what can happen? But you know what, God is setting you up for a lightning strike that’s going to shift your life, your city, the people around you. We need to get out of this demonic haze of saying it’s hopeless and it’s impossible. The Glory storms are coming, the supernatural is upon us and it is time for the church of Yeshua, the Lord Jesus Christ, to step into her prophetic destiny, not later, but right now.

Our Guest Rich Vera

Lord, fill this place. Let me feel Your embrace. O Lord touch this heart of mine. With Your love so divine. Let the embers burn in me. Let the fire rise to Thee. You have cracked this heart of stone. And You have called me as Your own. Lord fill this place. Let me feel Your embrace. O Lord touch this heart of mine. With Your love so divine. Let the embers burn in me. Let the fire rise to Thee. You have cracked this heart of stone. You have called me as Your own. Lord fill this place. Let me feel Your embrace. O Lord touch this heart of mine. With Your love so divine. Lord fill this place. Lord fill this place. Let me feel Your embrace. O Lord touch this heart of mine. With your love so divine. Fill this place. Let the embers burn in me. Let the fire rise to Thee. You have cracked this heart of stone. You have called me as Your own. Lord fill this place. Let me feel Your embrace. O Lord touch this heart of mine. With Your love so divine. Lord fill this place. And remove my iniquity O God. Oh, fill this place O Lord. Lord fill this place. Let me feel Your embrace. O Lord touch this heart of mine. With Your love so divine. So divine. O Lord, touch this heart of mine. O Lord, fill this place. O, Lord fill this place. I worship You, O Lord. You alone are worthy O Lord. Fill this place O Lord. And I worship You with all of my heart today. O Lord fill this place. Let me feel Your embrace. Touch this heart of mine. O Lord touch this heart of mine with Your love so divine. With Your love so divine. Let the embers burn, let the embers burn in me. Let the fire rise to Thee. You have cracked this heart of stone, O Lord, and I know today You’ve called me as Your own. Fill this place, Lord fill this place. Let me feel Your embrace. Oh, touch this heart. O Lord touch this heart of mine with Your love so divine. With Your love so divine. So divine. We wait for You. We wait for You. Oh, we wait for You. To walk into the room. Just sing with me we wait for You. We wait for You. We wait for You. We wait for You. Oh, we wait for You. To walk into the room. Mmmm. Here we are standing in Your presence. Here we are standing in Your presence. Shekinah Glory come down. Oh, here we are standing in Your presence. Here we are standing in your presence. Shekinah Glory come down. Release the fullness of Your spirit. Shekinah Glory come. Shekinah Glory come. Release the fullness of Your spirit   Shekinah Glory come. Shekinah Glory come. Release the fullness of your Spirit. Shekinah Glory come. Oh, oh, oh, oh, release the fullness of Your Spirit. Shekinah Glory come. Shekinah Glory come. Oh, because You saved me and You rescued my soul and You love me and call me Your own and You raised me I give You control of my life and I know You are my greatest friend. Because You saved me and You rescued my soul and You love me and You made me Your own and You raised, Lord You raised me I give You control of my life and I know You are my greatest friend. You’re all I want. You’re all I ever needed. You’re all I want. Help me know You are near. Help me know You are near. Draw me close. Draw me close to You. Never let me go. And never let me go. I lay it all down again. I lay it all down again. To hear You say that I’m Your friend. To hear You say that I’m Your friend. You are my desire. You are my desire. No one else will do. And no one else will do. Cause no one else can take Your place. Cause no one else can take Your place. I feel the warmth of Your embrace. Feel the warmth of Your embrace. Help me find the way. Help me find the way. Bring us back to You. You’re all I want. Every voice sing it out. You’re what I want. All I ever needed. You’re all I ever needed. You’re all I want. Help me know You are near. Help me know You are near. Oh, help me know You are near. Mmmm.

Our Guest Rodney Howard-Browne

RODNEY:  But I have told the stories. Now what did I feel? I felt nothing. I felt tired. I felt jet lag. But it’s not about what you feel. Because here’s what I’ve learned. The enemy will throw everything at you because he wants to shut your mouth up. He wants to silence your voice and he wants you to withdraw. He wants you to pull inward. There are many Christians with a mighty river on the inside of them but it’s blocked. Maybe it’s because the religious order that they’re in won’t allow it. It has to come through the hierarchy or whatever. The greatest power in the church is actually sitting in the pew. And where the church in America has gone wrong is that we’ve left it up to one or two or three anointed men and women of God. Thank God for them. We’re not taking away from them. But the greatest power is in the pew and it has to be released through the people. That doesn’t mean to say they have to leave their job. That doesn’t mean to say they have to go into the full-time ministry. That means they can be a doctor and be under the anointing. They can be a school teacher and be under the anointing. They can be a professor. They can be, they can be all of those things. Not that God wouldn’t call and couldn’t call someone. But that’s up to God to do that. And so you know the Lord’s taken us on a journey. When we came here December of ‘87, landed with 300 dollars, my wife, myself, my three children. Then in ‘89 the revival broke out and from ‘89 to ‘99 we just really spent all our time in the churches. Two meetings a day, 6 days a week, 46 weeks of the year. Really, it was a 14 year period of revival which means laying hands on everything that moved. There were many times I went to some of the great places of the world and I never saw anything other than the church, the airport and the hotel. That’s it. And so in ‘99 when God told us to go to Madison Square Garden, the Lord spoke to me in a dream. We rented the Garden for six weeks and we launched one of the biggest soul winning crusades at that time and on the 30th of July the Lord spoke to me said… I preached a message called “There’s a Storm Coming.” Talked about the rise of terrorism, nations plotting the downfall of America as we speak and what would happen if a missile struck New York City and actually talked about the fact that America’s not ready for what’s coming. That was two years before 9/11. And what we were doing today is actually birthed in the summer of ‘99 at Madison Square Garden we saw 48,459 people saved. But I knew that that’s still not the way. God will take you on a journey just like God’s taking Sid Roth’s ministry on a journey and a transition into the future of what God wants to do through this ministry. He’s on the cutting edge and moving into a realm that many in the church in television have never been in. Okay. So but we’ve got to be able to go with the transition. And I looked at the great evangelistic ministries of the past, one being Doctor Billy Graham. Thank God for what God’s done through his life and ministry. Abut just from the statistics from his own web site and I’ll give you some of the recent statistics from 1996 to 2008 the combined total of attendance in the meetings was 9.8 million people at a cost of 218 million dollars for a total of 660,000 decisions. Now that’s a lot of money for very little souls. I’m not taking away from that but last time I checked there’s 7 billion people on the planet. So how do we multiply that cause last time I checked you can’t grow a Billy Graham on a tree. You can’t do down to the store I’ll take two Billy Grahams, give me a Reinhard Bonnke and throw in a T.L. Osborn on the side. It don’t happen that way.

Our Guest Chris Dupre



CHRIS:  And finally Dick, he comes back to it and he reaches down to the phone and he grabs it and he picks it up and while he’s picking it up we hear this “click”…




CHRIS:  And it goes off. And then the screen disappears. I’m back in my living room back in Franklin Tennessee. Football game’s on. And then I hear this sentence: When the call of God comes will you be able to answer it or will your gifts be useless because you neglected them?


AUDIENCE:    Whoaaa!


CHRIS:  Well that’s got to sober you up! I just went… guess what I started to do? I started to write the book. Yeah, yeah, I started to write the book. And it’s not about a book. It’s about saying “yes” to God when you’re invited. Because when God invites you into something, into something glorious that’s there sometimes there’s a battle to get there. Sometimes the best things in life that I have to go for there’s a battle. And sometimes were good in certain battles. But I’ve found that a spirit of fear it attacks little kids. It attacks older people and here’s the funny thing. All you have to do if you were following 1st Timothy and turn over the page and now you’re in 2nd Timothy. Well Paul’s talking to Timothy again. This is his boy. It’s my son. He’s writing now what is Paul, I think he knew. 2nd Timothy is the last book Paul wrote. Paul didn’t write his last book to the “church of the universe.” He didn’t write it to the “church of this.” He didn’t write it to a congregation. He wrote it to a son, from a father to a son. He says before I pass I’ve need to write my boy one more time cause I’m hearing things that he’s still holding back. And in the first book Timothy he writes in chapter 4 he says “don’t neglect the gifts of God that are within you.” But in 2nd Timothy Paul doesn’t wait for chapter 4. He goes in chapter one. As a matter of fact after his introduction it’s the first thing he says. “Therefore,” verse 6, “I remind you to stir up the gift of God that is in you.” The exact wording from 1st Timothy. Timothy, I’m hearing reports, buddy, what’s holding you back? What’s going on? I remind you to stir up the gift that’s in you. And then he says “through the laying on of MY hands.” Through the laying on of MY hands. 1st Timothy I’m going to be, I’m going to be humble… through the laying on of the elders. Well now he’s going I’ve got skin in the game, Timothy, I’ve worked hard with you. I’ve seen God use you. I’ve, I laid hands on you, bud, I know what’s in you. Sometimes we see things in other people they don’t see in themselves. But you know what? Sometimes other people see things in us. There are things in you that have, maybe you’ve been dormant for a while. Well, I don’t want to… you know so and so they do that better. You know what? There’s not a thing that I do that somebody doesn’t do better. So therefore I shouldn’t do it, right? No, I don’t do it the exact same way therefore it has a different fragrance. It has a different nuance. It’s kind of like a crown with so many jewels. Each one sparkles in its own way. That’s why we don’t compare ourselves among ourselves. We’re not called to do that. Fear… I just believe fear is the enemy’s greatest tool to shut you down and when he shuts you down there’s one inside you that gets shut down. But what’s the next verse when you hear that? “Therefore I remind you stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands.” The next verse starts out with the word “for.” “For” which is a conjunction. Grammar students out there? Okay? Amen. There you go. In other words it’s joining two sentences together. Okay? “Stir up the gift of God which is in you” and then he says “because God didn’t give you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.” And we use that and I think it’s right. If people, you know they might have a fear of the dark, or little kids, and you pray over them and I’ve done that, oh babe, God didn’t give you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. I just want to pray for you. I want to pray for you. And it like that’s true. That is totally applicable. I’m fearful of the future. You know I’ve prayed with people they know that God wants them to get married and maybe they’re a little older and they’re used to just being on their own for so long. I’m fearful that I won’t know how to live with someone.  I said you love her. Just go on a journey to become one. Give your heart away. Be humble. Don’t be afraid to say “I’m sorry.” I remember the guy who told me, I saw him a few months after he was married. I said how’s it going? He said it’s phenomenal. I love it. Thanks for praying for me. And that word of advice that you gave me was awesome. I said what word of advice? He said to say I’m sorry. I’ve said I’m sorry more time in the last 3 months than I’ve ever said in my entire life. I said I totally understand. But he said fear, Paul was very specific, he said “for God hasn’t given you a spirit of fear but of power, of love and soundness mind.” Now if that’s the case he highlighted three areas. And when I think about them I think wow, those are, those are huge areas. The power. I was attacked one time from behind by five guys. It was, I was the wrong guy but it didn’t matter because the attack was the same. And I was beaten to a pulp and knocked unconscious. And a friend found me in a parking lot and it was a really big misunderstanding. Yeah, I would say it was big (laughing). But all I knew was at that point in time, hearing anything behind me I was just fearful. I would just… and so I understand what when you attack, and you attack someone… there’s a thing that happens because Paul says fear attacks power. All right? There’s a thing that when we’re attacked that way it goes after your power. It’s called fight or flight. And most people respond to some kind of an attack and the power that’s released is the power to run away. Now that’s… I’m not inviting you to go after your attackers. What I’m saying is this. Fear, sometimes literally physiologically, it makes our heart beat. It makes our legs go rubbery. Has anybody ever had that happen? Where you’re… fear attacks your body and it attacks the power in your body. And your arms get rubbery and it’s kind of like I couldn’t pick up, you know, anything that I could do. Why? Because it’s zapping you of strength. That’s what fear does. It wants to remove, it wants to remove the power from you. Even you’re supposed to get up and give a, give a word, the Lord gives you a word and you’re so attacked that the word might come out but it’s lost its power because you were fearful to have the authority in giving the word. Let me just give you this last scripture Psalm 139, verse 17 through 18. Where perfect love is there’s no fear. It says, it speaks about “I love you more than the grains of sand. The thoughts I have to you, O God, are beautiful and they are more than the grains of sand.” Here’s a little fact. You take a milk pail, fill it up with grain, fine grain, it’s anywhere between two to five billion grains of sand in a milk pail. If He loves us more than the grains of sand upon the earth, why do we fight it? Sit back. Enjoy it. Rest in the fact let perfect love come. Deal with the fear. Let it go in Jesus name and watch what happens to power, love, soundness of mind and then watch what happens to the gift of God in you cause you were created in love for good works. Amen? Amen?

Our Guest David Turner

SID: David, you have seen so many miracles. Actually, you’re moving into creative miracles. You were in India. Tell me, let’s pull one woman out of those tens of thousands of crowds out there, begging to know Jesus. Tell me about one woman.


DAVID: This was early on, so it was a very special miracle to me. The woman was brought up to me. She was deaf and dumb. Her tongue is hanging out like a rabid dog. She has Down’s syndrome, so as you know, like her head is swollen, is on her shoulders, bigger than normal. I lay my hand and I start praying. As I prayed, she starts shaking violently. Her tongue goes back in her mouth. Literally, her head shrinks before my eyes, and literally, I’m holding my head saying, “Oh my Lord,” me, the great evangelist in shock myself. Literally, her tongue goes back in her mouth, her head shrinks to normal size, and she just starts speaking completely normal.


SID: That has to be, if that was all you ever saw, it would have been, as we say at Passover, it would have been enough.


DAVID: But I see cancers. There was a baby, let me tell you, a woman comes up to me in line, I’m in a meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, she holds out a blue blanket. She says, “My daughter is two. She has leukemia. I wanted to bring her tonight, but she’s in the hospital. She’s about to die. They wouldn’t let her come.” And I have the fear of God, so I don’t just say this, but I prayed over the blanket and I said, “Your daughter is healed right now in the name of Jesus.” That was the end of that. I have lunch with the pastor four days later. He goes, “You don’t even know what happened, Sunday. When you prayed, she went to the hospital. They were so freaked out. The cancer was gone. The leukemia was gone. They didn’t know what to do, so they sent her home with the child, brought her back for testing. Not only was the leukemia gone, she had records this thick and they said there was no sign the child ever even had leukemia.”


SID: I want you to pray for miracles right now because there is such a presence of God in this studio that I believe what Jesus said is going to happen in your life. All things are possible.


DAVID: Right now, child of God, one of the works he does through me, he heals people right through the TV. You believe it right now. Close your eyes. Open your heart. Lord Jesus Christ, God Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Israel, O God, you are Jehovah, you are Jesus, you are Holy Spirit. God, right now we come before your throne of grace and mercy. You are the healer, Jehovah Rapha, Exodus 15:26. In the name of Jesus, I break every generational curse off their lives. I bind, rebuke and destroy the work of the enemy. In the name of Jesus, right now, Holy Spirit anointing, fall upon them right now, resurrection power in the fire of God. Right now, I break every demonic curse, all the spirits of infirmity, medium and familiar spirits, unclean spirits, right now be broken off of your life. I heal you right now, migraine spirits, come out, deaf and dumb, mute spirits, blindness spirits, right now, body pains, weaknesses. In the name of Jesus, I heal right now every part of your body. Heart, diabetes, cancers, I curse the tumors to the bitter root. I say rise up child of God. What you couldn’t do, by faith start to do it. Stretch forth your hand. Stretch forth your hand. It means do what you couldn’t do. Make one step towards him. He’s going to join you now. Right now, power of God, emergency, peculiar anointing, fire anointing of God, flow right now right through that television. Hallelujah. The Centurion said, “Jesus, send your word.” Psalm 107:20, it says, “He will send his Word and heal you.” We are speaking the Word. As we lift up Jesus and speak the Word, Holy Spirit comes. “The anointing breaks the yoke,” Isaiah 10:27. Right now, over your life, I call health and healing per Jeremiah 33, Verse 6, I set you free. “Who, the Son sets free,” John 8:32, is free indeed. Right now, right now, power of God, rivers of living water, flow unto you right now, in the name of Jesus, I heal you, I break the chains, I set you free in the name of Jesus. Amen. Amen.


SID: How would you like to take someone like David Turner home and just charge your battery. That’s why this brand new book of yours is so sensational because we’re going to get so many reports of miracles that have just happened. But the Holy Spirit just preempted our show. We didn’t cover even what I said I was going to cover. But when we come back I can’t promise what we’re going to cover because I’d rather yield to the Spirit. How about you? We’ll be right back.

Our Guests Dennis and Jennifer Clark

DENNIS:  The part of this that’s so fascinating is that, I believe there are so many ways that God heals but what about when there’s no healing evangelist around? What about when your pastor’s not. What about when your friend’s not even around, your Christian friend? We want to teach you how to tap into the divine healer within you when you’re alone. When you are by yourself. It’s you and your Messiah Jesus on the inside and He’s going to rise with healing in His wings. We’re going to teach you how to do that and we’re also going to teach you how to remove barriers because we want the maximum potential. I want a couple of people to volunteer. To just let me walk them through like they’ve never done this before.


JENNIFER:  Dealing with hidden, hidden, hidden…


DENNIS:  Okay. I’ll probably take someone up front, would be easier. Let me take this gentleman here.


JENNIFER:  …of toxic emotions hidden in people’s hearts to get free.


DENNIS:  We’re going to demonstrate for you how to get, how to make sure you maximize your potential to get your physical healing.


JENNIFER:  And then we’re going to pray you through as a group.


DENNIS:  Cause you want to maximize your potential. That means we’re going to show you how to remove an emotional block. I’ve prayed with more people that got their healing after they released, and I’m not against doctors, but sometimes the doctor’s report comes there comes fear comes into them with it and then they have a hard time after that and the doctors are just giving the report as they see it but what you do in your heart is what’s important. So why don’t you come on up. And I’m going to… your first name?


DAN:  Dan.




DAN:  Yeah.


DENNIS:  Dan, I’m going to teach you the same way I did Jennifer. All right? First thing you do is close your eyes because that helps you get out of your head. All right? I want you to put your hand on your belly. All right? Now let’s let God do the searching. This is not something you think about. This is something that you require of Jesus the Messiah in you is going to search your heart. All the innermost rooms of the belly. All those areas that who knows maybe you haven’t thought about it for years. Just say Jesus, you just search my heart. And you don’t even have to say it. I want you to say the answer. All right? I want you to just do this first. Now the first person or situation that comes to mind say it out loud.


DAN:  My father.


DENNIS:  All right. And the feeling that’s attached to it? I don’t have to ask him. He’s already got it. Right?


DAN:  Yeah.


DENNIS:  Let, this is something he does, not me. Let Jesus, the Messiah, the forgiver in you, let him, down where your hand is, relax and allow the forgiver to go to that feeling, to that hurt, and right through that hurt. Do you believe Jesus takes your pain and your sorrow?


DAN:  Yes.


DENNIS:  Let him do it. And tell me when it changes to peace. Don’t try. Just let. I let. I let. Are you relaxed down in the will, down where your hand is? Let Him go to it and through it and carry it away. Don’t try. The worst thing you could do is try. There, it just changed. And you… does it feel like peace or nothing? All right. Very good. Did you see how quick that was?


DAN:  Phew. (breathing out)


DENNIS:  Now here’s the beautiful thing. I don’t know exactly what the scenario was. But I trust the Holy Spirit more than I trust me or him. If ten years from now he pictures whatever that is he saw it will have peace on it. The historical record is up here but the heavenly record that fruit remains and is permanent. Jesus Himself takes up residence in there. The toxic emotion gets washed out. We call it sanctification.


JENNIFER:  It’s a testimony too.


DENNIS:  But it’s a testimony. So that now if you were to say…  I don’t know how much you want to say. But was it a specific situation or you just saw his face?


DAN:  He was just a very overbearing military man and he didn’t, he didn’t build me up, he pushed me down and I resented him for it.


DENNIS:  Okay, now while you’re talking about your father there’s none of that present?


DAN:  No. No. No.


AUDIENCE:  Whooo!!


DENNIS:  That fast?


DAN:  Yeah. Yeah.




DAN:  It was like I felt it just pluck out of me. That’s why I bent over.


DENNIS:  But it wasn’t my anointing that did it.




DENNIS:  It was Jesus the Messiah in him who took his pain and his sorrow. And this was not a long process. It’s a long process when you try. We have a little saying in our group. “Try.” “T” period. “R” period. “Y” period. “Temporarily Resist Yielding.”




DENNIS:  Striving does not produce. It is Jesus the Messiah in you willing and working to will and to perform, to will and to do and He did but it was his Jesus that did it. And it was his Jesus the Messiah, the forgiver that washed out the pain and the sorrow. He could do this at home without me. And then I want to see, Dan, I have plans for you Dan, I want to see you get to the place where you go to work and when we learn to do this with your eyes open and your boss comes and chews you out and calls you the worst employee… well I hope not but just giving you a hostile environment and usually the workplace has some hostility from time to time. You say you are this and you will basically drop down and you won’t have to forgive even. You know why? Because when you drop down you enter the peace of God and that supernatural peace of God will guard your heart and your mind from words and powers that are behind those words and it will crush the enemy beneath your feet. And you do it with your eyes open and you do it while they’re busy attacking you. No more victim mentality for the church!



Our Guest Art Thomas



ART:  That’s exciting! It means that you can truly fulfill Matthew 10:8 which says “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper, drive out demons. Freely you have received, now freely give.” Jesus said in John 5 just as the Father gives life to the dead and raises them up even so the Son gives life to whom He is pleased to give it. Sometimes we’re sitting here thinking people aren’t being healed because of all these different reasons. Maybe God doesn’t want it. I think sometimes people aren’t healed because we don’t want it. Because you can give it away to whomever you choose. Now that’s a tough thought. Now it’s a tough one. It’s a challenging one. But me? I carry this thought. I let it spur me on toward love and good works. I let it challenge me. I let it push me forward in the ministry. And I’m telling you God’s going to do great things through you if you’ll remember I know I can do this because His nature’s been put in me. He is the Lord our Healer. He’s put His Spirit in me. I’m a new creation. See that’s the beauty of salvation. You know like under the Old Covenant it was work, work, work. I have to prove myself. And the proof of the Old Covenant was nobody could obey everything. You know if you break just one of these things you’re guilty of all of it. Like I mean you could say I deserve hell because I’ve broken Ten Commandments but the truth is I deserve hell cause I shaved the hair on the sides of my heads. You know like that’s one of the commandments. You know you could go to the slightest little thing and we’ve broken it. You’re guilty of all of it. But Jesus comes and He sets us free from all of that. He says I will fulfill the Law on your behalf. Wow. He pays the price for our sin. He takes the wages of sin which was death so that we can live. And then it doesn’t stop there. He doesn’t just save you. He puts His Spirit in you. The same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead. The Holy Spirit of God. And you’d better believe if God is with you What does Acts 10:38 say? “Jesus went about doing good, healing all because God was with Him.” With Him. So, I wish I could just expound on this stuff but we’re going to run out of time. I just want to make sure you’re clear. I know that in scripture there are times when God made people sick. It happens. But the issue of whether God makes someone sick is separate from the issue of does God always want to heal. We have a New Testament example. There’s only one person in the entire Bible who Jesus specifically made sick. That was the man Saul who became the Apostle Paul. When he was on the road to Damascus he had a vision of Jesus and he wound up blinded by this experience. He was on his way to go persecute Christians. Right? Now three days he stays blind until Jesus appears in a vision to a normal ordinary disciple like you or me named Ananias. And He says to Ananias go to this man named Saul at this place and this location. Tells him what to do and what to say and to lay hands on him because Saul’s seen a vision of a man named Ananias coming and laying hands on him and restoring his sight. Now Ananias knows who this Saul is. He knows about the persecution against Christians and everything. He’s terrified. He says Lord send somebody else. Right? I probably would have too. I’ve heard about this guy, Saul. But instead the Lord encourages him. He goes. He lays hands on Saul and heals him. Now think about that. The one and only case where Jesus made someone sick the prescription was as soon as a Christian could get there they ministered healing. God’s will was healing. He just wanted to stop Saul from persecuting Christians. So you think God made you sick? Well are you on your way to murder Christians? If not, it probably wasn’t Him. Okay?




ART:  Just being real with you. Now the another case is when Saul became Paul he’s ministering and there’s this   guy out there who after Saul…after Paul preaches the gospel this guy stands up and starts preaching the opposite, opposing the gospel and Paul says you’re going to be blind for a time. In other words this wasn’t even a permanent blindness. It was just to shut the guy down and move him out of the picture so the gospel could take root. So in the New Testament whenever God did something that brought sickness or disease it was always temporary and the clearest picture we have the prescription was healing. The other one was it was to wear off. You see? So don’t be like no, this is my cross to bear. Jesus gave… No, that’s not your cross to bear. It was Jesus’ cross to bear and He bore it. Your job is not to carry what He carried. Your job’s not to pay for sin. His job’s to pay for sin. Your job’s not to carry sickness. His job is. So here’s what we’re going to do. I only have a few minutes left and I want to see some people healed. We started tonight. We saw a gentleman’s knee get healed. That was awesome. And so if there’s anybody here who needs physical healing. Anybody watching you need physical healing. Here’s what we’re going to do. I want you to… if you’re in the studio audience raise your hand just so we can see what we’re working with. All right. Look at this. There’s hands all over the place. Many behind us. The guy whose knee we prayed for he’s got his hands down. I love it! And were going to see Jesus do something here. Now look around you at the people whose hands are up. Okay? Because I’m about to teach you exactly what we do to minister healing. All we do is we lay hands on someone and we say be healed in Jesus name and we have them test it out if they can. Some things can be tested immediately. Like pain in your body or something like that. Vision problems. Hearing problems. Some things you’ve going to go to a doctor. You can put your hands down so you don’t need healing for your shoulder too.