Our Guest Katie Souza

SID: Yeah. You know, Katie has researched these scriptures, but this is something I’ve always wondered. Moses, Caleb, they were elderly men, and their strength wasn’t abated. Even their eyesight didn’t even fade. They somehow knew this secret.

KATIE: Yes, they did. The devil even fought over Moses’s body. Think about that. Why did he want to do that? Probably wanted to look into how he stayed so young.

Caleb gives us the answer. Remember it says that when they went into the Promised Land, that Caleb went to Joshua and said, “Okay, I’m 85 years old. I want my inheritance. Because 45 years ago, Moses told me that my inheritance was the hill country of Hebron,” which is where the Anakim, the giants lived. Okay? He told Joshua, he said, “I’m 85 now, but I’m just as strong as I was back then 45 years ago. In fact, I’m just as strong going into battle as I am coming out of battle.”

Now, what was his secret? He’s an 85-year-old in a 45-year-old’s body. What’s his secret? He was from the tribe of Judah. It’s praise. See, when we praise, when we worship, it brings in the glory.

SID: Okay. Now, tell me, very briefly, and this is outrageous, the woman with the dead bones.

KATIE: Okay. There was a woman named Terry Woods. I’m in Oregon with Steve Schultz. I’m doing a conference. The power shows up. I’m walking in this revelation already over the spirit of death. I say, “Whoever got a miracle now,” because I started operating in miracles, I said, “Come up to the front.” You can watch this on YouTube. Every video, every miracle we’ve ever had is on YouTube. Okay.

She comes up. Her name is Terry. She had what’s called a dead bone. An MRI and an X-ray proved that the ball at the top of her arm was completely dead. But even though it was dead, it caused her excruciating pain, like 10 level plus pain. She was scheduled to have a surgery to try to do something to fix it. Even though she had that pain, she could bend her elbow here, but she couldn’t raise her arm.

I come up and I said, “Whoever’s 100% healed, come up.” She walks up to the stage, looks at me and goes, “100%.” She’s bawling. I call her up. She tells the story. I said, “How’s the pain now, girl?” She goes, “No pain.” I go, “Can you move your arm?” She proceeds to throw her arms up and down…. a victory stance, and a thousand people going crazy.

SID: But she can’t do that with this—

KATIE: No, no. In fact, she canceled the surgery that she was scheduled to have.

SID: Sounds good to me. When we return, Katie will break off the spirit of death on your health, mind, family and finances. Be right back

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here talking with Katie Souza. This is ridiculous, Katie.

KATIE: Yeah.

SID: A lady shook off the spirit of death?

KATIE: Oh yeah.

SID: Tell me….

KATIE: I actually shook it off her through the power of God. Her name was Marilyn. I’m in a meeting. I’m taking questions from people afterwards. She stands in back of me, waiting in line. She tugs on my shirt, finally, to get my attention. I turned around and I said, “What can I do for you?” She said, “I am dying.”

I looked at her, and she was right. Sid, she looked just like the man in Job 33. Her bones were sticking out. Her flesh was clinging to her body. She was gray. Her hair was sparse. She did look like she was literally at death’s door.

Then she began to explain how she had radon poisoning and also mold poisoning, and how the doctors had treated her, but she could never recover. She said, “I’m weak. I can’t drive. I can’t get myself ready. I barely want to eat. Nothing satisfies me.” She goes, “I know I’m dying.”

As she’s telling me the story, Sid, I see a vision in my mind. I see a vision of me grabbing hold of her and violently shaking her, while commanding the spirit of death to come out. Now, I don’t recommend this for the audience. Okay. They have to have a word of knowledge before they do it.

Our Guest Natasha Schedrivaya

DONNA: Natasha. Natasha. I want you to stay with us. We’re going to take a quick break, but we’ll be back in just a moment.


DONNA: Welcome back to “Something More.” I’m here with Natasha. And she has a wonderful story that she wants to tell.

NATASHA: Yes. Just not long ago I was up in the, above the [inaudible] circle area where we have mission work and churches. And during the Sunday service I was talking about God’s goodness, and telling the stories from the Bible, and giving testimonies, stories from the people who have experienced God’s miraculous power. After that, And I prayed for their healing. A general prayer. I didn’t lay hands on everybody. So, after the service, a lady runs to me, and she says, She’s doing this; she’s shaking her hand, her arm. And she says, “Can you imagine when you said that God is so good, and you were talking about how He is loving, and how He is kind, and how He wants to heal me, Here I am for 15 years having this arthritis and swollen – uh?

DONNA: Knuckles? [laughs]

NATASHA: Knuckles. Knuckles. She says she lived with the pain and took a lot of medicine. And she said, “Suddenly I saw that why in the world I’m carrying this sickness if God loved me so much that He already took, Jesus took upon Himself all the symptoms and all the pain?” And she said, “And here I am standing during general prayer while you are praying for everybody. And I’m shaking off this sickness.” And she says, “It doesn’t belong to me. It doesn’t belong to me.” And she comes to me and she shows me, and I don’t see any swollenness. And I asked the pastor to come. And I said, “Pastor. Look at this lady.” And the pastor starts praising God. And he says, “Well, the church has been praying for this lady,” because she had, you know, pain and arthritis. And so he saw, he confirmed that the healing took place, the miracle took place. And this is how unique each person’s response is to God’s goodness. If I would just preach the whole sermon about what you need to do, what steps everybody needs to take, it’s almost like giving the same pill to everybody.

DONNA: Yeah. Yeah.

NATASHA: But once you give them the revelation of God’s goodness people know what to do. You know, they immediately, when they trust God, they know in their heart how to respond, and how to shake out that sickness and make this healing a reality for them.

DONNA: Yes. Yes. And as you said, you take it upon yourself. Your task is to make Him irresistible.


DONNA: And then they trust Him, and miracles follow. What did you say? A chaos of miracles? [laughs]

NATASHA: A chaos of miracles takes place.

DONNA: I love it. I love it.

NATASHA: We are so focused on order, you know, especially in Russia. You know it’s a country of law and order. So we just want order during the service. But once you really bring the revelation of God you cannot control that, when people get their revelation, and when they start responding in faith. The miracles start happening during, before the prayer.

DONNA: Yes. And something so important, You know how when you want something it’s different than when you long for something.

NATASHA: That’s true. Mm-hmm.

Our Guest Ron Phillips

RON: I’m going to stop right here for just a minute. The Lord’s revealed to me that there’s some of you who have been left by a man or a woman. You have been hurt deeply and you’ve not forgiven them. And some of you are saying they made me depressed. It’s their fault. If somebody hurt you and that’s created this in your life or even if you’re angry at God because you’ve lost a loved one say right now Lord, I forgive. Say it out.

AUDIENCE: Lord, I forgive.

RON: Those who hurt me.

AUDIENCE: Those who hurt me.

RON: I just saw chains fall off some of you. Some of you will feel a lightness coming off your chest. There a heaviness leaving your chest right now in the name of Jesus. Now say Lord, forgive me.

AUDIENCE: Lord, forgive me.

RON: Put me under the blood.

AUDIENCE: Put me under the blood.

RON: Now!


RON: I want you to release authority. Say I release authority.

AUDIENCE: I release authority.

RON: To Pastor Ron.

AUDIENCE: To Pastor Ron.

RON: To deal with this spirit.

AUDIENCE: To deal with this spirit.

RON: I say to the spirit of heaviness on all these who are standing you’re a liar, a murderer and a thief! You have no standing in their life and you can’t stay. I expose you to the light and the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ! I cancel your right! You have no standing! They have confessed that stronghold that allowed you there and at my word and by their breath you will leave now! I want you to say this after me three times. Be gone!

AUDIENCE: Be gone!

RON: Be gone!

AUDIENCE: Be gone!

RON: Be gone!

AUDIENCE: Be gone!

RON: In the name of Jesus!

AUDIENCE: In the name of Jesus!

RON: Now take a deep breath. Take another one. [laughs] Take another breath. Take another breath. Now He said He’d, look at me now, He said He’d give you a garment of praise.


RON: How many of you – you know I got dressed I’m not a morning person, I didn’t feel like getting dressed when I got dressed.


RON: That’s why I didn’t say get happy – He said put on, you have to get dressed whether you want to or not.

AUDIENCE: Amen. That’s right.

RON: So right now you got to decide. I think I’m just going to praise God right now.


RON: So go ahead and give Him a hand clap, give Him a shout!


RON: Come up. I want you to come up here. You. Come right up here. Everybody else sit down but her. Come up here, darling. Where’s my oil? This is Ken Wilkerson. As long as you don’t approach me suddenly you’ll be all right.


RON: This is Noble, the angel. This is my armor-bearer from Chattanooga. You know we weren’t finished, didn’t you? There’s so much hurt in you. Is there anything physically wrong with you?

WOMAN #1: No.

RON: I didn’t think so. The Lord’s going to restore your beauty. The beauty of the Lord will be upon you. This old stress is about to kill you.

WOMAN #1: Uh-huh.

RON: Somebody hurt you.

WOMAN #1: Uh-huh.

RON: And the enemy told you you weren’t anything and you may have even done a few things wrong but you know God doesn’t even remember those.

WOMAN #1: Uh-huh.

RON: So who’s reminding you? The one who wants to kill you.

WOMAN #1 :Uh-huh.

Our Guest Ron Phillips


RON PHILLIPS: I want to talk to you for a few minutes. And I’m going to get to James 5 and we’re going to talk about anointing with oil. But I want to talk to you about the Latter Rain. It was one of the segments on the program we taped today but you didn’t hear that so it’s going to be some repetition for some of the staff. But I want to talk you about the Latter Rain and what it is and what its promise is for the Last Days. Now the first mention of the Latter Rain in the Bible is in the Book of Deuteronomy, chapter 11, verse 11 and following. But the land which you cross over to possess is a land of hills and valleys which drinks water from the rain of heaven, a land for which the Lord your God cares, now that’s Israel, a land for which the Lord your God cares. The eyes of the Lord your God are always on it from the beginning of the year to the very end of the year. And it shall be that if you earnestly obey My commandments which I command you today to love the Lord your God and serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul I will give you the rain for your land in its season, the early rain and the latter rain, that you may gather in your grain, your new wine and your oil. This is the first mention of the Latter Rain and one of the principles of understanding God’s Word is The Law of First Mention. When something is first mentioned in the Bible that will be its primary meaning all the way through the Word of God to the very end. And here God is talking about their possessing their land, going in, possessing that land, becoming fruitful in that land. So understand that the Latter Rain itself has to do with Israel, the people of God, and their possession of the land. So when you hear someone talking about well the latter rain’s about to fall always know that if they’re rightly interpreting what’s happening it has something to do with what’s going on in Israel. Now let me give you a little bit of history. The land of Israel, the Jews have just been back there since 1948 but the movement’s been going on longer than that and I’m going to show you a little comparison real quick with history and Israel. There have already been two Latter Rain movements in our history and because there are two of them people say well neither none of them are real cause Jesus didn’t come back. But I’m about to show you something if you’ll stay with me for about a half an hour. The first Latter Rain movement started about the 1880’s. Went to Azusa in the early 1900’s and it was powerful. The evangelists that came along and that were raised up in those days, I think of Richard Spurling, A.J. Tomlinson who founded the Church of God in Cleveland, the Baptists, the disaffected Baptists, the Methodists that were even before Azusa were speaking in tongues, the early Pentecostals in Kentucky and Arkansas and even some Baptists in the areas of Arkansas it was going on. At the very moment in 1898 that Latter Rain, they were calling it Latter Rain, a man named Theodore Herzl wrote a book, Der Judenstat or The Jewish State to come and so that was the beginning of Zionism. Latter Rain Number One. I could spend an hour talking about that history. It happened. And remember those of you who may be people of color that, that Azusa was an African-American movement but it’s connected with Zion. Unfortunately many people in some of the communities of faith whether they’re White Anglo, predominantly white, predominantly African-American or whatever, I believe we’re just one church now by itself by the way.


Our Guest James Durham

As I share a testimony with you it’s a spirit of prophecy for God to release those things in you. Begin to sense the sweet fragrance of the Holy Spirit. And then suddenly there were fragrances in the room that smelled like, I don’t know if you like these things or not, but like you know when you open the oven and there’s a chocolate cake in there cooking (laughing) and that “shooo” (breathing in) oooh, chocolate! (laughing) You know what I’m talking about? There’s angels that came in the room that smell like that chocolate. I said oh, angel, come over here, come over here. You can sit next to me. And some of them smell like cookies and all kinds of sweet things. You know when we used to sing “There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit in This Place” and I think the writer of the song knew what he was talking about, or she, I’m not sure who wrote it.

But there is a sweetness of the spirit that God wants you to experience. A sweet, sweet spirit in this place and the Spirit is bringing to you all of the things that God releases from the kingdom of heaven. Amen? You know the Bible says that the Lord tastes good. Right? Taste and see that the Lord is good. And the word of God tastes sweet on our lips like honey. And I think God wants to activate that sense of taste that we begin to taste more and more of His presence and know God is here! I can taste it! You know in the Seder Meal at Passover at one point you’re told to break off a big piece of matzah. Well when I first started eating matzah I thought this tastes like cardboard. (laughing) Yeah, I had to develop a little bit of a taste for it.

But it says in that service that you’re supposed to take this big piece and you’re supposed to savor the flavor of the matzah. And so I started chewing that and I was doing my best to savor the flavor of cardboard. Hahahahaha! (starts imitating chewing) You know I’m working on this big piece of matzah and I’m working on it and all of a sudden it tasted sweet. It was like it changed in my mouth and it became such a sweet, sweet flavor. And I love to do that now. I love to have matzah for communion    and I always take a big chunk of that you know and I start chewing on it and I’m going to chew on it until it gets sweet because it represents the bread of heaven, it represents the word of God. And those are sweet, sweet things that we need to take into us and savor the flavor. Well I believe God is trying to wake up our spiritual senses that we’ll begin to feel that way about the word of God. You know I love the word of God.

I can’t wait when I go to bed at night I’m thinking oh man, first thing in the morning I’m going to get up and I’m going to get the Bible open I’m going to start reading the word of God. And sometimes it’s hard to sleep I’m getting too excited. Too excited because in just a little while I’m going to be back in the word of God and I’m going to savor the flavor and let the sweetness of God just fill my whole body. Amen? Well God wants you to also feel the things of the kingdom. And God has so many different kinds of anointing for “feelers.” For you to feel the presence of angels. For you to feel the kind of gifts that He’s releasing. In fact before I came in here I started feeling something. God has given me this place on my body. It’s right here. That when I begin to feel something moving there, some kind of energy there, it means that healing angels have been sent. And they have been sent into this room. And I began to see in the Spirit many, many healing angels. And when I see angels I speak to the angel.

Title Our Guest Guillermo Maldonado

GUILLERMO: Well, that’s the question. Can we bring it? Well, you can’t bring God into now without revelation. And if we got information nothing’s going to happen. So the reason we need the supernatural is the supernatural demonstrates God in the now. Number 2, the reason we need the supernatural is because of the impossible circumstances that we face. In other words, there’s some things in life that you will face that will take a miracle. Do you have anything that you need now, need a miracle? Your finances? Your marriage? You need a miracle, so we need a miracle. Number 3, if we know why do we need the supernatural? I can tell you. It proves that Jesus is alive now! Every time we demonstrate the supernatural… I was ministering in Argentina, and this little girl, 9 years old came to me—and her mother said to me “can you pray for my daughter?” And I said what’s wrong with her? And she said, “Well, she was born without one eye.” And I said, Well, I tell one of my leaders, I said you can pray for her, because I’m not the only one, I said you can do it. And he pray[ed] for the little girl and [in front of] my eyes the Lord created a new eye ball. So that is bringing God here and now. Now the person that prayed is not a bishop, is not a reverend, honorable—you know, he was a normal person. So this is for you too. Can I hear an “amen”?


GUILLERMO: This is for you too. You need to step out. So now, why we need the supernatural? Because— all the promises of God are based on 2 things. The previous knowledge, advanced knowledge of God and the ability to do what He promised. In other words, every promise that God has made you and me it takes a miracle to do what he promised. There are things in your life— I built a temple for 27 million dollars. I didn’t have anything, nothing. It took a miracle to raise 27 million dollars. And God did it. So what happened? Well, God promised me. He said I want you to build me a temple debt free. Whatever He has promised you it will take a miracle. Otherwise, if God didn’t say it you can do it on your own. But that is not supernatural. Supernatural is something that you will say is above and beyond. God has called you in the power of the resurrection to live a life above and beyond. You need to raise up above your circumstances. You need to raise up above your problems, your sickness, your diseases, c’mon put your hands together and give him a big praise!


GUILLERMO: God is raising you up above your circumstances, your sickness, above cancer, beyond cancer. He’s a supernatural God. You cannot conform with religion. Religion cannot do anything. See that’s the difference between kingdom and religion. Any religion cannot bring God into now. They will speak to you about historical God. But they cannot bring God into the now. Can you prove that Jesus is alive? Now, so you know why in Argentina God said to me pray for that little girl, because He said because I want you to demonstrate that I am alive now. I step out in faith. So this is the thing. So why the supernatural. Because I told you, there’s promises of God that will take a miracle. It will be impossible to accomplish, to do what He promised you without a miracle. Can I hear an “amen”? Now—let me finish and then I minister. We understand God cannot be seen outside of being supernatural. It’s an insult to God. He is above—in other words, if you put God as natural you are limiting God. Religion, Christian religion, because among those Christians there’s some religious people, have told you and have taught you to limit God. God is above the laws of nature, God is above any circumstance. God is above. But in our mind we’ve been taught to limit God. So I’m going to announce something today: Take the limits out of God. I’m going to say it again: Take the limits out of God! Whatever He has promised you He will do. He has promised you to heal your body He will do. He will promise you He will bring your kids home back, He will do. It doesn’t matter what [it] takes, [if] he had to move mountains He will do it—

Our Guest Art Thomas

ART: The Bible says that when one sinner comes to repentance heaven rejoices more than a thousand righteous people. Right, I mean we’re talking a handful of you. More than, more than one. There’s got to be some crazy party going on in heaven. Our little applause didn’t do it justice but this is awesome. And you have now become part of the family of God. That is far greater than any decision you’ve ever made in your life and so I’m really glad to call you my brothers and sisters. Now here’s what we’re going to do for healing. We’re going to see some people healed. And now you’ll have even less of a worry for you know unbelievers laying hands on you. Right? We just cleared ‘em out. All right. Here we go. So if you can put your hands up again if you need healing.

Those of you who are around these with their hands up I want you if you’re behind them just stretch forward. Even if your hands up you can be part of ministering to someone in front of you cause you got two hands unless you don’t in that case that’ll be an amazing miracle. All right. That was a joke. You can laugh at that. All right. So right now all we’re going to do— Our temptation is to pray and ask God to do it. But He commanded us to heal the sick. And throughout scripture, throughout the Gospels, throughout the Book of Acts you never find someone asking the Father to heal the person in front of them. They always just laid hands, spoke of a word of authority. So that’s what we’re going to do. You’re laying hands. The power of God flows through physical contact. And now, right now, I want you to speak a word of authority. Because according to Ephesians 2: 6 you are seated on the throne with Jesus. Just simply say “Be healed in Jesus” name.”  

AUDIENCE: Be healed in Jesus’ name.

ART: That’s it. That’s all you got to do. It’s that simple. Now I want everyone here who can test it to test it. Try to do something you couldn’t do. If you need to stand up that’s okay. Move around. Test your knees Test your shoulders. If you’ve got to move your arms around that’s cool. I see people checking. Moving their necks. If you’re healed already I want you to raise your hand. If you can now do something you couldn’t do, pains gone. Yup. One. Two. Anyone else back there? Anyone over here? Yeah. Awesome. What just happened to you? Your elbow? Both elbows? How long has that been going on? A long time. You talking years? Praise God. That’s awesome. He loves you! Yeah.

ART: In fact I specifically want to tell you James 5 says “the prayer of faith will heal the sick. The Lord will raise him up. If they’ve sinned they’ll be forgiven.” That is proof of your forgiveness. Jesus is guaranteeing it to you right there. That’s awesome. Thank you Lord. What happened back here? Yeah. What happened? Vertigo. Wow. And you’re feeling— for three years of vertigo? Wow. Thank you Lord. You’re good? Wow

ART: And you. Yeah. You told me it was knee surgery. How long ago was that? Almost a year. Yeah. Oh wow. Because of diabetes. So we’ll check the diabetes out. Right? That’s great. Anyone else with something testable. Yeah.

ART:  Wow. Praise you Lord. Yeah!  

ART: Now we could go on and on with this. I think we’re going to have to— Oh, I’m sorry. We should interview like that, shouldn’t we? They gave me this mic so that I could do this properly. And I forgot all about it. But is there anyone else that was healed that I didn’t get a testimony yet? Yeah. Yeah. What happened? Sorry. Forget the mic. Just tell me. I’ll repeat it here. Yeah. Headache gone. Thank You, Lord.

ART: All right. Now I saw a lot of hands go up. For the sake of time I just want to pray one more time for everybody and we’re going to see how many more healings we can get outa this. All right? I like to squeeze that orange until we get every bit. All right. So heavenly Father I thank You for those who are here, for those who are watching this right now. I thank you Lord that you have instilled faith in them. That seed of the Word of God has been implanted in their hearts. I pray, Holy Spirit, that you would guard that seed. That the enemy would not be able to snatch it away. That these folks would be able to walk in the power of Your might. That they would continue to minister healing wherever they go.

They would remember the miracles they witnessed in this place, the miracles they experienced and the miracles that they’ve experienced in their living rooms. Lord ignite us to be the Church just like in Acts chapter 5 where every single person was healed. That’s what we want to see. The body of Jesus ministering in this world doing the same things that the physical body of Jesus did when You walked this earth. Lord, we thank you for what you’ve done here. We thank you for what you’re going to continue to do. And I speak a blessing over every person listening to this message in Jesus name! Go in His name.    Heal the sick. Raise dead. Cleanse the leper. Drive out demons. Freely you have received, now freely give. Be healed in Jesus name. God bless you everybody.

Our Guest Tim Sheets

TIM: That’s why I say this is the greatest move of God ever because you’re going to see all the anointings of the King in our generation, in our flow, in our time! You’re going to see all the streams in our time! And you’re seeing Holy Spirit now becoming very, very aggressive through a kingdom church that is ruling and reigning! When the devil says “boo” we’re not running!


TIM: We’re standing up!


TIM: We’re going to be like Ephesians 6 says. And our armor’s going to be in place and when we see principalities, powers we’re to stand and having done all to stand, stand therefore. And we stand against principalities, powers, mights and dominions. Notice all 4 times it listed when it said “against.” 

JAMIE: Phew! You know this is so interesting to me because you know what you’re saying right now some people this is going to be so over their head because they’re in darkness! I mean they’re believers but this is awakening them to another awareness of what God is doing today! I think that’s huge! That is keep!

TIM: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: When we return with Tim Sheets I’m going to ask him to really pray for us and ask the Holy Spirit to help us partner with Him in what it is that He’s doing today and that the God of the angel armies would invade your life [music begins] and angels themselves would be activated to help bring you in to the Greatest Awakening We’ll see you!

[clock ticking and music]



JAMIE: [music ends] Hi, I’m Jamie Galloway! Welcome back! We have Tim Sheets here and last time we were speaking we were trying to get to the orders or the groupings of angels. You’ve identified 7.

TIM: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: This is fascinating to me. Why don’t you go into that cause I know it takes you a little bit of time but – 

TIM: I can list the orders for you. These companies of angels have been brought by the Holy Spirit. He supervises it all. Obviously He’s the boss and it’s all under Him. But He’s bringing more of the angel armies to assist the Great Awakening. The first one is there are Angels of Alignment and they are aligning kingdom “ecclesias,” New Testament churches, for a new move of God. When you’re in proper alignment you move better. And He is aligning them with heaven’s purpose on the earth. Secondly are Angels of Government. These are angels that are assisting the decrees of the “ecclesia,” the decrees of the saints to help in – to help release the kingdom of government on the earth. The third is Angels of Pentecostal Outpouring. This company of angels is ministering a fresh outpouring and I’m talking about all over the world! All kingdom New Testament churches. They’re ministering there for a fresh new outpouring. And then number four are Angels of Healing and Miracles. In 2013 I began to have a vision of the old oil wells where the boom goes down and the boom goes up only this time I was seeing angels that were going like that. And Holy Spirit said to me they are pumping the old healing wells and they’re opening new ones. So miracles and signs and wonders they’re out stirring those connecting the “ecclesias” to that. And then you have Angels of Evangelism.


TIM: Three phases of that. First of all prodigals.


TIM: They’re out ministering and drawing the prodigals in! We are about to see millions of prodigals coming back to Christ! Millions of them! They’re necessary because they are going to help the Third Great Awakening!

JAMIE: Phew!

TIM: And then of course then there’s new converts. And then there are also connecting evangelists to those hubs for strategy that way. And then you have lastly you have Glory Angels. They’re assisting in opening up the realms for a fresh new release of the glory of God. His tangible real presence. Been to 3 places in the past year where the Glory Cloud came and didn’t leave for 3 days!


Our Guest Bruce Van Natta


BRUCE: What if you get it tuned –

KYLE: Or static!

BRUCE: Right. You’re going to get static!

KYLE: Right.

BRUCE: Remember old school? If you get it just right the little red light will come on? You get stereo and it’s perfect, right?

KYLE: That might have been before my time, okay? [Laughing]

BRUCE: Okay. Well, trust me!

KYLE: But I get you! [Laughing]

BRUCE: Trust me! You get it just right the red light comes on. You have stereo. God wants to speak to us! He’s always transmitting! But our tuner, us. See God is not going to tune our tuner for us. It’s our job! It’s our job to adjust the tuner. It’s our job to get tuned in so we hear His voice! He’s speaking! He’s speaking to everyone! It’s us! We’re the ones that have to open our spiritual eyes and ears so that we recognize His voice because He is always speaking to us!  

KYLE: Well I know you’re always hearing from God. You have as I said developed an intimacy with God which is so profound. And I know that God is speaking to you right now about ministering to some people. Will you minister to those who are listening?

BRUCE: You know I’d love to do that and I just want to share one last testimony.

KYLE: Sure.

BRUCE: You know what? This is how important it is. To hear God’s voice and operate in that. We’re driving on. We just finished ministering in a state. We’re driving across a highway. This thought comes, in my mind. Call so and so. And this person was a best friend of mine in grade school. My family is sleeping. I don’t want to wake up the family. I’m thinking oh I really don’t want to. I’ve got his phone number. I talk to him maybe once or twice a year. I’ve got his phone number in my cell phone. And that prompting call him! I do. You know I hit his number and he answers the phone and I can’t repeat what he said but it’s slurred. He says no blanking way. And I said hey to this guy. I said what’s going on?

He said I’m driving around right now looking for a place to kill myself! He said I have my pistol on my front seat. I’m looking for a place to shoot myself! And I just said God, if You’re real, you have Bruce Van Natta call me right now! We’re talking right to the last second! And it is so important for us to get tuned in! So we hear God’s voice because it’s not only going to bless us, it’s going to bless everybody in our circle of influence! You know like you were talking about ministering to the people. You know the Lord actually gave me a Word this morning when I woke up for this show. And He said that somebody is going to be watching the show today. You’re going to be watching the show today and in 1986 you had an accident that has caused you significant problems ever since that time. He wants to heal you right at home right now, right where you’re listening, right where you’re watching. Nobody has to lay a hand on you.

You can lay a hand on yourself right now and just receive this prayer! Lord, I just thank You for this person that’s watching today! And Lord You know when You said You know the number of hairs on our head. And this person plus all the other people that are watching and listening, Lord. You know every single issue! Every single problem! Every single giant they’ve ever faced, Lord! And we just lift these situations up to You right now and we pray that You’d minister to this person that has these physical issues since this accident in 1986. We just come against those mountains, those giants right now and we speak healing over every person listening! Whether it’s emotional healing, physical healing, whatever healing you need! Lord, we just ask You to release that healing even now in Jesus’ name! Thank You, Lord!         

KYLE: Powerful! Powerful, Bruce! Thank you once again so much!

BRUCE: Thank you!KYLE: I told you that was going to be powerful! God wants to have constant communication with you! [Music] Thank you so much for tuning in to Something More! I’m Kyle Winkler! And be sure to check out more resources and interviews like this one at SidRoth.org.

Our Guest John Bevere

JOHN: Okay, some of you aren’t getting this, some of you are. Okay, all right. All of you know me as John Bevere, speaker, some of you know me as John Bevere, author, but there is a lady, and she is a lady, her name is Lisa, Lisa Bevere. She knows me as John Bevere, husband, she knows me as John Bevere, best friend, she knows me as John Bevere, Dad, she knows me as John Bevere, Gee Daddy, that’s grandpa because I’m way too young to be called grandpa, she knows me as John Bevere, athlete, she knows me as John Bevere, lover. Now can I say this — none of you will ever know me as John Bevere, lover!


JOHN: That is a facet of my personality you will never know. Only Lisa knows it because she’s the closest person to me on this earth. God just revealed a facet of His personality to Abraham that nobody had ever known before because he’s my friend. Now if you look at the relationship between God and Abraham it’s amazing. One day God makes this statement: Should we do what we’re planning on doing with Sodom and Gomorrah without first talking to our friend Abraham about this? So the Lord comes down by the terebinth tree, has a meal with Abraham and He and Abraham leave the two angels and everybody else, all the servants and they go over to the cliff and they look over the plains of Sodom and the Lord looks at Abe and says, “Abe, we’re thinking about blowing up these two cities. What do you think?”


JOHN: And Abe goes SODOM! And the Lord goes yeah, yeah, yeah, Sodom, and Gomorrah, too. What do you think? And Abe goes “think, think, think— Okay, okay, wait! You wouldn’t like blow up these two cities if there was 50 righteous people, would ya? And the Lord goes, “Excellent idea, excellent idea! Okay, we will not blow up the cities if there’s 50 righteous people.” Glad we talked to our friend, Abraham. Abraham goes what if there isn’t 50. He goes wait a minute, wait a minute, what about if there was 45 righteous people? Would you blow up the cities if there’s 45? The Lord goes “another good idea. Okay, we will not blow up the cities if there’s 45.” So Abraham talks Him all the way down to ten. He figures there’s got to be ten, I mean I got Lot’s, one, all I need is 9 others. Right?


JOHN: But you know there’s not. Now this is what is amazing. The Bible says Sodom and Gomorrah’s buying, selling, trading, marrying, giving in marriage, planting and harvesting. What is all that in today’s vernacular? Life is great, the economy is booming, and if there is a God, He doesn’t mind our lifestyle. They’re 24 hours from being obliterated and they’re clueless. That is not what’s scary. This is what is scary! Everybody say “Lot”!


JOHN: Who the Bible calls righteous. Okay, let me put it to you in today’s terminology. Saved, born again, Christian.

AUDIENCE: Right, uh, huh, c’mon now.

JOHN: Lot’s 24 hours away from being obliterated. He’s as clueless as Sodom and Gomorrah. It takes two messengers of mercy, two angels, because Abraham prayed, thank God Abraham prayed, to get him out. And his wife was a little too attached, that’s why she became a pillar of salt and Jesus says in the New Testament “remember Lot’s wife” in speaking about the fear of the Lord. Now here’s two righteous men, two saved men, two born again men, let’s put in today’s terminology. One righteous man knows what God’s going to do before He’s does it and helps God decide how He’s going to do it. The other righteous man, righteous man, saved man is as clueless as the world. Why? This righteous saved man fears God, therefore he’s the friend of God, therefore God shares His secrets with him. This righteous saved born again man is not the friend of God. He’s saved, he’s righteous but he’s not the friend of God therefore God doesn’t share His secrets with him. Moses is the other man. The Bible says Israel knew God by His works, Moses knew His ways.

He revealed His ways to Moses but Israel knew God by His works. Correct? What does it mean that Israel knew God by His works? Israel knew God by how their prayers were answered. Do you know how many people in America, Christians I’m talking about, their relationship with God is limited to how God’s answered my prayers. My daughter was sick, we prayed and God healed her. We had a financial need, we sowed a seed, and God met the need. Moses knew many times what God was going to do before he did it and two times God literally changed His mind because of what Moses said to Him in reminding God of what He had previously said. Now here’s two righteous people, okay, groups of people, because they all came out of Egypt, they all drink the same spiritual food, ate the same spiritual food, they all followed that Rock which was Christ. We have two groups of saved people.

Israel who only knows God by how He’s answers his [their] prayers and you have Moses who knows what God’s going to do before he does it. Why? Because Israel doesn’t fear God therefore they don’t know the secrets of God they only know God by how He answers their prayers. And here’s Moses who knows what God’s going to do before He does it because he’s the friend of God because he fears God because the secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him and he will show them His covenant. Now do you want to see this in the New Testament? One person? (audience laughs) Do you want to see it in the New Testament?