JOAN: My hair never moves!

Audience: [laughing]

JOAN: It’s like concrete!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: The lady that’s been doing my hair has done it for 40 years! [laughs]

Audience: Oh wow. Oooh.

JOAN: She said, “I can do this hair in my sleep!” [laughs]

Audience: [laughs]

JOAN: But God is still doing the same thing in my life as He did when I was a little girl! Do you know how many people we had at our Christmas dinner this past Christmas? Guess! Just take a guess!

Audience: [responds]

JOAN: How many?

Audience: [responds]

JOAN: A thousand?

Audience: Oooh!

JOAN: How many? Five thousand? All right. Go on.

Audience: [responds] 10,000!

JOAN: How many? 10,000? How about 32,000!

Audience: Wow! Whooo! [clapping]

JOAN: And I don’t have a bank account! Oh, I’ve got a bank account but there’s nothing in there!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: And I pray in every year the food for 32,000 people! When you get 32,000 pounds of anything that you’re going to feed 32,000 people.  who’s going to cook it? Where are they going to cook it? God always makes a way! And I’m telling you the truth! I’m not exaggerating that! I’m not telling you something that isn’t possible with all of you! I’m telling you there is nothing impossible with God and when you keep your hand in His hand and don’t let go because you want to do your own thing for a minute. Don’t let go because you think you’ve got it taken care of. Never take your hand out of His hand! Never stop following His voice! Never! Never! Never! Linda just called. She was in love with my husband or maybe she wasn’t in love cause she didn’t keep him long. 

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: I was the mediator and I wound up with him! I’m going to take her number and keep it on my phone in case I want to give him back!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: [laughs] Frank, I love you! Even though there were times I wish I had somebody to give him to give him to! [laughs]

Audience: [laughs]

JOAN: Oh, he is so cute! Do you know who Frank is? Now he’s my husband, of course, but none of you have ever seen him? Oh, he’s got the most beautiful blue eyes! They’re like pools. Just fresh, beautiful. And he’s got the cutest smile. And you know what? He loves everything I cook for him!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: Everything I cook! Did you girls and guys ever eat a tomato sandwich?

Audience: Yes.

JOAN: Isn’t that the best on toast with butter that thick and a tomato that kinda jumps in that butter? I just fixed him a tomato sandwich. It was the best thing we had all day!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: God is with you! [singing] “He’s here right now! He’s here right now!” So if you’ve come with a bad leg or a bum arm or a blind eye or deaf ear. If your back is in excruciating pain right now. Or if your husband’s just taken a hike with the girl down the street. It makes no difference! God almighty, the creation of all heaven and earth. His Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is here! He’s there! He’s here! He’s here! They’re here! They’re here! Oh my gosh! Sid, They’re here in your studio! My! My! Right now there’s one with a hip and you’ve had a lot of pain in that hip. You can feel that hip changing right now! And I’ll get back to Linda and I’ll call you the next time Sid invites me and I’ll tell you how it ended. Okay?

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: We’ve got to renew that 60-year friendship! We’ve got to renew that! I said to her, “I’m just now walking into a studio and the man’s name is Sid Roth. Do you know who that is? Thinking she’d say, “Oh yeah, I watch him!” She said, “Oh no. I never heard of that.” Well honey, where have you been? Where have you been? You’ve never heard of Sid Roth?  He’s a man of God. He’s a man that shouldn’t have but did and look where he is!

Audience: Amen!

JOAN: He’s a Jewish man! Look at it! Look at this! Look at this studio! Look at the cameramen. Look at the world that he’s touched beyond any place we could ever get to!  

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