KEITH: Well, it started with the Lord asked me a question, because I was hungry, and it was a different kind of hunger. It wasn’t desperation. It was supernatural hunger that the Lord initiated. And He actually said to me, “Do you want to know the Holy Spirit like I know Him?” Of course, that caused me to say, “Well, how do you know Him?” I dived into scripture and started going into the scripture and studying everything there was. And so, I’m in a revival meeting, and during worship, I’m caught up in this encounter and I see this busting, big, huge angel in the vision. Now, I’m not used to these types of visions. I’m going, “What is going on?” And all of a sudden, He says, “Open your mouth,” and He threw this book-like scroll thing, to me, and I ate that scroll book. And I sat down, and even my staff and my wife said, “What just happened to you?” I said, “I ate a book or something,” and so that was the first encounter.

Of course, immediately, I went into the scripture to see what is this? What is taking place? And then, the next encounter was I get up early in the morning and felt to go to the office. I walk into the front door, into the foyer of our office, and we have a long hallway, and the office is filled with the tangible, fiery, electrical presence of the Lord. I kicked off my shoes—

SID: And by the way, as you’re speaking, I can feel it’s almost like you relive it when you say it, but you relive it experientially. But go ahead.

KEITH: That’s right. And as I’m walking, I look down the hallway, and there the big angel was. Not in a vision. I wasn’t having a vision. He was there. Now, you think I’d say, “Cool.” No. I was undone. I mean, I was shaking. I dove into my office and—

SID: I’m sorry. I have to ask you something. What did he look like? Did he look like a real person? Could you see through the angel?

KEITH: No, I couldn’t see through him. He looked like a person, but he was extremely huge. He was probably at least seven to eight foot tall, really strong in his physique, but—

SID: That’s a little intimidating.

KEITH: Well, not only that. He exerted authority. It wasn’t just his size. He didn’t have a look like, “Hi, how you doing?” He had his arms crossed just like that, looked at me like that. It was undoing. I mean, it wasn’t like, “Oh wow, an angel.” No, I dove into my office and immediately went into a series of visions from the Holy Spirit about the counsel of God. And then, after the Holy Spirit…

SID: Excuse me, what’s the counsel of God?

KEITH: Well, I had been praying, “Lord, when I go into cities and regions, I don’t want to just preach a message. I want to preach that builds the kingdom in that area, in that group of people, so I need your counsel.” And so, I had been really asking for that. And when I was in my office, it was amazing, it was like the Lord pulled down these screens in heaven and I could see it. And He said, “From this point on, you’ll have my counsel.” That’s what He told me. And I asked the Holy Spirit, I felt the Holy Spirit lifted from me, and I said, “What about the guy in the hallway?” And He said, “Well, you need to see because he has names written on each shoulder and his legs.” And so, I’m sure all of heaven’s laughing at me. It wasn’t like, “Let me just check it out.” I peeked around the door to see if he’s there. Sure enough, he’s still there.

And so, I jumped out there and I looked at that angel, and sure enough, he had strength, stature, kingdom dominion. And as soon as I saw the names, he was gone. But I knew that was an invitation to the Lord for me to begin to study what is the strength and stature. And what the Lord showed me what was coming, we could not, and I could not, facilitate this out of my own strength, out of my stature, to see kingdom dominion. So, that, begin to study the scripture and ask to be… tremendous impact on the strength of God in my life and how to live out of that strength, and then, of course, to grow into stature of Christ in me.

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