SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Patricia King and her world, what is normal in her world is seeing angels, miracles, visions being transported in the spirit. But you know what, Patricia, that is normal in the Bible and maybe, just maybe, the whole world has to be normal.


SID: Now, Patricia, your new book Accessing the Riches of Heaven. When I hear riches, I think about money. I think about, “Oh, it’s how to become a millionaire, your book.” But you said, “Huh.” That’s not what you mean by riches.

PATRICIA: It’s actually far from it. Even though God doesn’t mind giving people money. It’s just basically paper. Earthly currency is very fickle. It’s actually, it’ll go up in value one day, down the next, be worthless the next. We cannot put our trust in it, but heavenly riches is way beyond anything that is in this world. Any monetary value that we can put on things. It includes provision, of course, and God wants us to have an abundance of provision for our lives to perform his will, but it’s about like the riches of his wisdom, the riches of his health, his strength, his vitality, his revelation, his goodness, his presence. And it’s so much more.

But it’s all available to us. That when Jesus died on the cross, he actually gave us all that he is and all that he has was made available to us. And so when we explore the riches in heaven because God says, “I want you to live on Earth. I want you to experience on Earth as it is in heaven.” So when we explore what he has for us in the heavenly places, knowing that we can operate in these things in the Earth through a faith connection, it just changes your world. And I love the book because it goes into so many aspects, not only of what riches are, but how to access them.

SID: The true riches. Give me a good example, that little crippled girl in Africa.

PATRICIA: Yeah. I love this story because we were in Africa. I was staying at a mission home and a father brought his little girl in his arms, carrying her, and she was I would say about four or five years of age. So she was waiting. He carries her and she had never walked, he said she’s never walked. And I looked at her legs and they were all twisted and she had never been able to walk because she was born like that. And I’m going to be honest with you, I struggle to have the faith to see them straight, but he was just so desperate for his little girl.

But one thing I did know, I knew that God could do it. I just wasn’t sure he could do it through me. And I laid hands on her and I was just obedient to the word. It says, Lord, you say, “Lay hands on the sick. They shall recover. You’re a miracle working God. We need one now.” And she started to wiggle. Honestly, I didn’t think a miracle was even taking place yet, but the father started showing delight in his face. He put his little girl down and all of a sudden she’s walking perfectly. It just felt so natural and there she was. She was running around and walking and her father was weeping. Now to that family, no money value can be put on that miracle. That was true riches in heaven.

SID: But you had the privilege of going to the treasury room in heaven.

PATRICIA: Yeah. That wasn’t that long ago either. I was in a worship service and the Lord took me into an encounter with him and I was at a doorway that was open and I felt the invitation of the Lord to go in. The first thing, it came in three levels of revelation. The first thing I saw, like the walls, the floor, the ceiling was like see-through gold as far as you could see. Pure, pure gold. You couldn’t see an end to it, but I knew it was wall, ceiling and floor and I was amazed. I was standing there amazed in awe and then I saw it in the middle of the room, a wooden chest. It was a rough wood that was saturated with, I believe it was blood, because it was scarlet in color. And then these coins that emanated light just filling it. And I knew in the spirit that I had access to that and so I was in awe of that.

But, then Jesus was revealed in the vision. He was standing just behind the chest, a little bit to the side, and I looked at him and he was so radiant and so amazing that everything else I saw paled in comparison, even though I was awestruck by every phase of it, until Jesus came. And then I realized what God was showing me is that Jesus himself is a treasure and you cannot compare anything to him. But when you have him, you have it all.

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