LARRY: Yeah. Let me ask you a question because some people might read that and obviously read passages in the Old Testament, even in the New Testament, where it says are all prophets? And obviously not all are prophets in terms of office.

JAMIE: Right.

LARRY: Not all are prophets in terms of an – not all are “see-ers” in terms of being a formal office of a “see-er,” but let me ask you this question. Do you believe all believers, all believers who have the Holy Spirit living inside of them can see into the spirit realm?

JAMIE: Absolutely. I know the Holy Spirit reveals to us the deep things of God because He’s searching the heart and mind of God to know what it is that He wants to reveal to us. So we are called to see not based on a gift or based on a function but out of relationship! See what it is that the Father is showing us.

LARRY: Yeah, yeah.

JAMIE: You know Jesus Himself He says the Son can do nothing of Himself but what He sees the Father doing. And He’s not really talking about the Apostle can do nothing of himself.

LARRY: That’s true.

JAMIE: The prophet can do nothing of himself. He’s talking about the Son can do nothing of Himself and He’s speaking in third person in John 5:19 and 20. But He’s trying to relay a message. This relationship, this dynamic and the results of this relationship happen because the Son sees what the Father is doing.

LARRY: Yeah. Are there practical things because I want to get into this in our next segment. Are there practical things you think a believer can do, a Christian can do that actually help activate this in their lives?

JAMIE: Absolutely! 100%. And I feel if we can de-mystify this for people, you know really make it simple, make it super user-friendly I think we’re going to get around the kind of scary, eerie type stuff and then really get into the nuts and bolts and understand what it is the Father is trying to give us.

LARRY: Yeah, cause I think that you’re totally right. I think perhaps that’s where there is confusion and concern about it only because there’s a lack of information. There’s a lack of knowledge and you’re talking about making it user-friendly and really super-relatable to people.

JAMIE: Absolutely!

LARRY: Yeah.

JAMIE: It’s all out of relationship you know and so we’re called to worship God with our heart, soul, mind and strength and when that word “strength” in relationship to our new believer understanding is that we can use our body to worship God. I can glory God in my body!

LARRY: Yeah. Yeah.

JAMIE: So I can glorify God with my eyes. I can glorify God with my ears. You know with my mouth, with my nose. And I find, and I’ll talk about this a little bit if you’d like.

LARRY: Yeah!

JAMIE: But really understanding that our bodies are an antenna for the Holy Spirit!

LARRY: Wow! Wow!

JAMIE: We’re wired to see what it is that He’s doing.

LARRY: Yeah.

JAMIE: We are naturally supernaturally wired to hear what it is that He’s speaking, to smell Him what it is that He’s up to, and some of these different ways that we see are not always with our eyes which is super interesting. And so if I could just replace the word “see-er” with “perceiver” maybe that would help people because often we see but are we always seeing with our eyes?

LARRY: Yes. Yeah. You know what? In the next segment what I want to talk about as you’re talking about this is I feel like the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit wants people to understand the languages of God and God’s first language is not Hebrew. God’s first language is not Greek, it’s not English. I believe the language of God is really the language of the Holy Spirit. And there are so many different languages that God wants His people to tap into. Let me let you know Acts chapter 2, the fruit of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit includes dreams and visions. We’ve gotten prophecy, we’ve gotten tongues, there’s certain aspects of the outpouring that we’re walking in but I believe that the Lord wants to release a fresh hunger that we’d operate in the realm of dreams and visions in that revelatory world that God is calling us into. So in the next segment I’m going to have Jamie talk about that a little bit. Creating your body as an antenna for the Holy Spirit and how God actually wants to speak to you very uniquely and how you can learn His different languages! Stay there! Don’t go away!


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