CLEDDIE: You know I believe that every one of us, are candidates for something fresh and new from God! Just about the time you’ve got Him figured out He has a way of changing! How many of you have noticed that?


CLEDDIE: And so you there’s an interesting thing that happens when we begin to cry out to God! I have a friend that’s from India. He’s Ratnam Paul. He was kicked out on the streets when he was a child. God called him to preach. Do you know how he built his church? He didn’t say God give me buildings. He’s had four buildings and different people have burned them down. The Buddhists have burned him down. Other religions have burned them down. And he has about 200,000 people that come together every Christmas for a prayer meeting but he never prayed God give me a building. You know what he prayed? He said God give me people! God give me people! God give me people! What would happen in America if all of a sudden the pastors would begin to pray God give me people! Give me people! That’s what Jesus wants! He needs people! Those that are watching us around the world you can pray that way. I have a friend that is over the lottery in South Africa. It’s a 9 billion dollar lottery. I just came back from South Africa just a few months ago and he’s building a 36,000 seat facility.


CLEDDIE: He was in prison with Mandela for eight years. He was beaten every day. He went to a revival, a Reinhard Bonnke revival and he got saved! I’m telling you the Gospel can reach anybody! The Gospel can reach those that are watching around the world! The Gospel is the Good News and it can reach your sons and your daughters and your families, glory to God! I thank God for the power of the Gospel! I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to all who believe!


CLEDDIE: You see there are people that have fought against things that you and I don’t even know anything about and so I think some people won’t have a real move of God in their life because they have a track record of preferring the past! Do you prefer the past? Are you setting here preferring, you got to really be honest with yourself as in what our face answers face so the heart of man to men I’m preaching to your heart? Do you prefer the past? You prefer the past if you say well we’ve never done it that way before. That’s the people that prefer the past. And so we come to an hour like this and we know that God has to do something. He has to do something! He has to do something but it starts in the heart of His people that begin to cry out and begin to long for the glory of God to break through! You see if you prefer the past your past is your future! I don’t look to the past for preference. Have I seen things in the past? Oh, I could tell you things that I’ve seen in the past as I’ve walked with Him. As my family walked with Him. The miracle that my daughter was born with infantile glaucoma. She became you know Mrs. America at one time in her life. There are so many people that need to understand that we can have great things that happen in our past but we can’t camp there! We can’t stay there! We’ve got to go on. He said Call upon Me and I’ll answer you and show you great and mighty things that you know nothing about! Hallelujah! I’m getting blessed right now!


CLEDDIE: I was in Vacaville California preaching and I was out there with Dave and I was preaching out there and I came in the church one night and Sid, it was a crazy thing. Ever have God give you crazy things? I come into the church one night to preach and we’d been having a move of God. There’d be three or four hundred people there before we even came in the door. They’d all be on their faces crying out to God for revival. Have you ever done that? Have you ever gone to church early? Have you ever become a person that’s a vanguard? Somebody that’s going to lead the way? Like a lead duck? You say hey! I’m going to start a move of God! I’m going to start a rebellion against the spirit of lustfulness and slothfulness! I’m going to start the rebellion of one! And I’m going to believe God to help others to join me in the mutiny against the doldrums that we live in this time! How many of you would like to do that? I challenge you to do it! Amen! I challenge you to be the army of one that begins to cry out to God like you’ve never cried out to God before! I was sitting in the hotel room and I begin to think well these people are going up you know and they’re gambling at Lake Tahoe. It’s down in the valley. They’re gambling at Lake Tahoe. That’s what’s ran through my mind. And then all of a sudden I got this little thing came into my mind. Not me! I’m pushing my chips to the middle of the table. And I walked into the church and I was sitting on the first row waiting for all the worship to stop and I started thinking [singing] I’m pushing my chips to the middle of the table.


CLEDDIE: [still singing] Pushing my chips to the middle of the table. All my chips to the middle of the table cause I’m betting on God!


CLEDDIE: Look, you’re not going to win the hand till you push it all in! You go all in! Come on: all in!


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