Sid:  I have a man on the telephone and I have been waiting for this man for a long time.  I didn’t know him and for a matter of fact I only know him by telephone right now.  His name is Glenn Arekion and Glenn has been mentored by the Holy Spirit on the benefits in speaking in supernatural languages or the Bible refers to it as tongues.  And you say Sid, why have you been waiting so long?  It’s because tongues, supernatural languages have been demoted to the back room.  Now I want to find out a bit about Glen’s background.  At fourteen he became a believer and the thing that intrigues me the most about you Glen is you had your own sanctuary in your home.  Tell me about that.

Glenn:  Yes sir, when I first got saved two things that impacted my life was the integrity of God’s Word and then a prayer life, especially praying in the supernatural language.

Sid:  Now how did you even know to pray in that supernatural language?

Glenn: Well, because my church at that time placed an emphasis on, you know the walking in power and to walk in power you must be endued with power by the Holy Spirit and that comes by the evidence of praying tongues or supernatural language.

Sid:  But, did they tell you that and then you said well that makes sense so I’m going to do it, how did it actually play out with you?

Glenn:  Well, I heard about it because my pastor preached on the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of praying in the supernatural language or tongues.  And I said well, I know I’m born again but I need power for service I need power to be effective in my Christian life so when I went to the meeting and they called out for to receive the supernatural language and I went forward and I just by faith received it; and you know and just began to pray in that supernatural language which was when I was 14 ½ – 15 years old.

Sid:  Well, I became a believer at age 30 and I spoke a great deal in tongues because was it a Charismatic Movement and everyone was speaking in tongues.  I averaged about an hour a day but then gradually as the years went by I prayed less and less in tongues and I’m very sorry today.  If I only known what the value of it was, it literally will make you a superman in the Spirit. I never understood that.

Glenn:  It will change your life.

Sid:  How did you understand it?  That’s what I’m trying to figure out?

Glenn:  I understood it because I realized without speaking that supernatural language I had no power, I had no anointing.  When I partook of that language something changed inside of me.  Paul says that you’d be strengthened with might in your inner man because see real strength is not in the size of your muscles it’s in the size of your spirit.  Authority is in your spirit; power is in your spirit and the more that you begin to pray in tongues.  This is what you are building; you’re building your powerhouse.  I mean I understood that and I knew that I could create an atmosphere of power around me when I was 14-15 years old that if I could create an atmosphere of power inside of me and around me then you become like you said.  You become a superman and you are ready to be effective in the Kingdom of God.

Sid:  Okay, then explain something to me.  Why is this as you call it “literally the doorway into the supernatural” why has this been demoted to the back rooms of charismatic and even Pentecostal churches in general?

Glenn:  That is so true because see today, I mean there is a…we want to be politically correct, we want to be you know seeker friendly and we want to remove the Holy Ghost away from the church.  But if you remove the Holy Ghost from the church then you remove the power from the church.  And if you remove power from the church then there will not be any transformation.  And I don’t understand why in the Pentecostal Charismatic or circle of Spirit Filled Churches why we have walked away.

Sid:  Well, I understand why.  They’ve taken a look at the seeker sensitive churches, which are the most booming churches as far as growth and by the way I don’t want to put them down because they are reaching so many souls for the Lord.  But so these Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches are looking at the seeker sensitive, seeing them grow so much so they say well, maybe we should do the same thing.  That’s what I believe is going on.

Glenn:  Well, what I mean, worldwide revival came to pass because of tongues.  You know, the Azusa Street Revival or the Pentecostals’ Revival went around the world came because of tongues and came because of power and came because of great healings that took place.  And you can’t bring healing or can’t bring deliverance to a generation without the power of God; and you can’t have the power of God if you haven’t been endued with power from on High and if you’re not praying in the supernatural language that God gave us.

Sid:  Now, talk about supernatural, you’ve seen so many miracles take place. You’ve seen the blind be able to see the mute talk; you’ve seen people healed of cancer.

Glenn:  Yes,

Sid:  You told me that a dead person just came back to life a few days ago and speaking in supernatural languages triggered the power.  Tell me about that briefly.

Glenn:  This lady was.., the husband of the lady they are both pastors of a church up in Indiana and they got hold of a book on praying in supernatural language.  And they are tongue talkers and they believe in tongues and I just want to reunite that tongues into their life and she had a demonic attack the Saturday night before Sunday night church service.  She wasn’t feeling well in the day and in the night it got worse then all of a sudden she said to me something came and hit me and her husband who was there saw her drop down and the life drain out of her.  All of the color in her face was totally gone and she just gurgled and breathed her last breath.  But she’s been reading the book on tongues, that there is power and there is life when you begin to pray in tongues.  Just like there was a death assignment against the life of Peter from Herod who wanted to kill him.  But we can reverse any death assignment or we can reverse against every death attack of the enemy against our lives.  He began to blast in tongues just like the other church in the book of Acts the twelfth chapter when there was a death assignment against Peter.  They put in tongues that they prayed and they reversed the death assignment and he began to pray in tongues and his wife came back to life.  For which he was so glad that this stuff works, tongues.  There is power in supernatural language because when you are praying in tongues you’re speaking God’s language and when you’re speaking God’s language.  Jesus said, “The words that I speak they are Spirit and they are life.”  And as he prayed in tongues as he prayed a supernatural language over his wife, life went back and invaded death and his wife came back to life.

Sid:  Let me take you back to age fourteen.  You became a believer.  You took your bedroom as your own private sanctuary and you studied the Bible for hours and hours and you prayed in supernatural languages for hours and hours and what did your Mom say about your bedroom?

Glenn:  My Mom said that your room is very peaceful.  It has this supernatural atmosphere and I love to be in your room because there is no confusion in your room.  There is just peace in your room.

Sid:  Now however you had a cousin from Paris spend the night in your room and what happened?

Glenn:  Well, she came from Paris to visit us and my Mom said to me, I want you to go sleep in your brothers room and let your cousin sleep in that room.  And we didn’t know that she was demon possessed and about one o’clock in the morning she screamed and ran out and said I can’t sleep in that room; I can’t sleep in that room and she was just manifesting demonic powers, you know that that demon inside of her could not stand the atmosphere of God, that Holy Ghost atmosphere or that holy atmosphere in that room and she began to scream and yell.

Sid:  I mean how would you like to have the atmosphere of Heaven, supernatural peace in your bedroom every night?  Can you imagine what you’re dreams would be like?  Can you imagine how you would be hearing from God?  And we are so excited because we are releasing the brand new book “The Power of Praying in Tongues.”  Although it’s brand new, Glen you’re getting reports of well, how about that man whose wife came back from being dead, just from having read the book?  But you know what?   We called your CD and we have a bonus CD whe’re offering with your book, we call it you’re personal trainer for the supernatural.  And you list 101 reasons why to pray in tongues; and I’m going to tell you something, just as in the natural some people where physical exercise has personal trainers, can you imagine Glenn if every Christian listening to us right now had a personal trainer to get them to speak in supernatural languages and want to motivate them to want to do this.  I believe the United States of America’s destiny would be changed.  I don’t think I’m being presumptuous when I say that.  What do you think?

Glenn:  I totally agree with you, not only will it change the life of the believer and it will change the life and it will shake up the church to a higher level of power and anointing.  And when the church is on the move the nation will be on the move too.  See, if we don’t have power in the church and if we don’t have power in the believer, if we don’t have authority and the anointing of God to bring about results;  cause  the name of the game is to bring results; and that is what supernatural language will do.  It will bring about great results just like in the book of Acts.  That the scripture says these people turned the world upside down.  Why?  Because they had the power and power came by the supernatural languages that they spoke.  And yes, the country will change; the destiny of America will change.  It happened before as Azusa…

Sid:  How about the destiny of…we don’t have to get as big as America, how about the destiny of their entire family will change?

Glenn:  Yes sir, yes sir.  Look at how Azusa changed the whole spiritual atmosphere over America.  Right?  If you begin to have that, you begin to have your own personal Azusa in your own home or in your own church.

Sid:  Well Mishpochah I want you to have Glenn Arekion as your personal trainer for the supernatural.  I want you to get this book, I’m going to tell you by the time you finish this book and listen to this CD if you don’t speak in tongues you’ll be speaking in tongues.  And if you do but you haven’t been doing it much.  You will become a superman or superwoman in the spirit.

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