Sid:  Now there’s an area that is not spoken about a lot and yet when you read the New Testament you see at least a third of Jesus’ Ministry was involved in this area.  And I think that one of reasons people don’t talk about it a lot is there’s a fear.  And I think the reason they have they have the fear is because of the devil.  The subject I’m talking about is deliverance and I’ve read a book, actually I was on my way to Israel and I started reading a book and I couldn’t put it down because there were such nuggets and such information about how to be the head and not the tail when it comes to deliverance and so many areas that people are affecting in by these spirits.  You know, you think in terms of just physical healing but it’s got to do with almost every problem and my guest would say it has to do with every problem you’re facing in life.  And there is a wonderful solution and fear should not even be in the acquasion when you realize who you are in the Messiah.  My guest, Mel Bond and Mel I’m really fascinated by the fact that in October of 1973 when you had your first vision of Jesus.  You got an introduction to the demonic tell me about that.

Mel:  Okay, well it was in 1973 in October and basically what happened is I went to sleep at night and I went into a dream and is you study the Bible real close you find that visions of the night and dreams are synonymous terms and so many people miss some real rich things of God because of the fact that they don’t realize that there are some dreams that are God ordained visions, spiritual encounters.  And so that’s what took place that I had this dream, vision, spiritual encounter and I saw Jesus.  He took me by the right hand He said, I want to take you some place and we walked through this large cave and I’ll never forget this throughout eternity and I remember looking up at Jesus.  I’m about 5’10” and so I would say He is about 6’1” or 6’2”or something like that and we began to walk through this cave and it was huge; it was absolutely huge, I won’t go into all the details of it, but I couldn’t even see the end of it and it looked like it might have been as much as a quarter of a mile wide maybe half mile wide, full of the most hideous demons you could ever imagine.  And it made me think of when I had this experience of why that people that take drugs and get really wiped out physically, why they die and I’m convinced because they see in the spirit world, because I have talked to a lot of those people that have come out and they see things and their seeing in the spirit world; and the spirit world the demonic spirit world is horrifying and so they die of fright.  And I would have, I’m a very brave person always have been, but this was horrifying.  It would scare you to death to see just one of these demons, their so hideous and they have a promotion of fear.

Sid:  Now, were you fearful?

Mel:  Absolutely, I absolutely was and there were just thousands of them and the noises, just the noise alone would scare someone to death and then to look at them if you only seen them and didn’t hear them it would scare you to death.  And satan is a demon of fear, his world is the world is the world of the fearful, it’s a fearful place.  And so anyway…

Sid:  And isn’t that the opposite of the realm were suppose to be in, the realm of faith in God’s Word?  It’s as if fear kind of neutralizes that.

Mel:  Yeah, absolutely that is the reason why I think the devil works overtime on getting ministries and people who walk in walk in love because if we walk in love love torments the devil and perfect love casteth out fear.  You know we find in 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 it talks about the nine gifts of the Spirit.  You’ve got enough faith to move a mountain, but all of this is in vain if you don’t walk in love.  And so the devil knows if he would fight the nine gifts of the Spirit that he’d have, you know he’d have nine fights on his battle, but if he would just fight us in love then all of the gifts of the Spirit are of no avail.   And so that’s his major target is to get people not to walk in God’s unconditional love.

Sid:  Okay, so you’re in this scene, I mean it sounds horrific you’re surrounded; it’s almost being in a circus of demons.  You are surrounded with all of these demons and their screaming and there yelling and what happens next?

Mel:  Well, this one particular demon that was probably I’d say he’s probably at least seven foot tall and if I was an artist I could still draw him.  And he was extremely hideous, the most hideous, the meanest and one that you would fear the most and I could remember he had real long fingers; I don’t know I’m guessing maybe eight or ten inches long something like that with fingernails probably four inches long and they were curved.  And he come running at me and swinging his hands in front of my face and it was like fractions of inches from striking my face and clawing my eyes out and ripping my face apart.  And when he immediately did that I felt Jesus grip my right hand because He had hold of my right hand with His left hand and I immediately looked up and then He spoke to me and he says the rest of your life you’re going to go down corridors like this that you are going to experience demonic forces; that never be afraid I’ll always be with you; and when he said that then the vision was gone.

Sid:  And since that time it seems as though your spiritual senses have been refined to such a point that you can see the invisible world and feel it and smell it.

Mel:  That’s right, that’s right and Sid I’m not saying this to be boastful or try to promote the fact I’m some kind of spiritual celebrity or something.  That I’m absolutely convinced that all of the gifts of the Spirit are for the entire body of Christ; they just don’t know it.  And I believe that I can teach people, I’m thoroughly convinced because it’s in the Bible and teach them to function with the gift of Discerning of spirits and that’s what this is to be able to with the five physical senses to be duplicated in the spiritual world and into the spirit world.  And so maybe by me talking about it they might be able to pick up some of it and that’s why in addition to the book that I thought was fabulous called “Understanding Your Worst Enemy.”  We have a special CD that were making available in which they will be activated in the Gift of Discernment and that is being able to use the Spiritual Senses as well.  Tell me, all right after this experience what was the first experience you had confronting demons?

Mel:  I can’t remember exactly the first one, but I can remember various ones that begin to stand out in my mind.  I can remember a particular time that there was probably just a couple of years after that that it was during the night session, and by the way I’m convinces that’s the reason why there’s more sin more evil that takes place during the night session.  The Bible talks about the rulers of darkness in this world in the book of Ephesians and if you notice there is more crime, more evil, more sinfulness during the night session and that’s when I see and have demonic experiences of perceiving and dealing with demonic forces.  But any way it was during the night session and I was awakened because of the fact I heard some footsteps in the house and sounded like, you know like a couple of people that were extremely heavy, you know maybe 250 – 300 pounds and their walking through the house and I’m hearing this.  So I hear the footsteps and they walk down the hallway and they walk into my bedroom and I see them standing there and they are these hideous my eyes hadn’t begun to focus towards the night and the darkness real well yet so I see these two figures.  It was very obvious they looked physical to me so I jumped out of my bed to defend my family and my household and started swinging with my fists and they just went right through them and they had these hideous laughs and so then my eyes adjusted to the night and I seen they were demonic forces, demonic demons and so I heard the Lord speak to me and He spoke, it’s amazing when God speaks to you that He can just give you volumes of information in micro seconds if there’s such a thing as micro second.  And but the Lord spoke to me and told me, He said these two demons are here because there’s a person who you’ve praying for that is bound by adultery and bound by alcohol and one of these demons I believe it was the demon on the right because this was way back many years ago probably around in the seventies maybe mid-late seventies and anyway I believe that it was the one on the right was the spirit of adultery and the one on the left was the spirit of alcohol and I’ve been dealing with this person for a few years.

Sid:  Now, did you know that those were to problems in that person’s life?

Mel:  I kind of perceived that, but wasn’t positive.  Alcohol was…

Sid:  Woops were out of time. 

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