SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Peggy Joyce Ruth. And I am just overwhelmed over that Thanksgiving miracle. But I mean, you have lived in your own family so many miracles. No wonder that you got that 91st Psalm so deep inside of you and the teaching is so rich on the 91st Psalm. Tell me about your niece, Julie.

PEGGY: My niece was 10 years old and she was thrown from a horse and hit her head on a large rock. Well by the time we got to the larger city where they had taken her they wheeled her bus and I didn’t recognize her. I didn’t even, her head had swollen and the doctor immediately told us that she would not live through the night. Well my brother said, “We have a covenant, a Psalm 91 covenant.” And he said, the doctor said, “Well don’t even try to expect her to live because she will be brain damaged. She will have loss of eyesight. The bone behind her ear is completely crushed. She will not be able to hear.” And my brother turned to us and said, “I have a covenant with Psalm 91 and my daughter will be fine and she will not have brain damage.” In seven days Julie walked out of that hospital, no brain damage, no loss of eyesight, no loss of hearing, and it was a miracle.

SID: And no fair for you as you begin to understand the covenant that you have. Tell me about that woman where the rapist come into her apartment.

PEGGY: Yes. That was Julie Patty and she lived in Fort Worth, Texas. She was getting ready for church. Someone knocked on her door. She just assumed it was one of her friends. She opened the door and this man ran in and grabbed her and took her into the bedroom, and he was prepared to rape her. And she started confessing Psalm 91, and he would just kind of lose his focus, and she said he would just kind of shake his head like he couldn’t figure out what was happening. And this went on for 45 minutes, and she kept confessing Psalm 91. And he would attack her again and he would lose his focus. And one of those times she was able to get out the door. And he had raped many, many women this way. She was the only one that he had not been able to rape and because of Psalm 91.

SID: How does Psalm 91 work with terminal diseases? Like tell me about the woman that had lupus.

PEGGY: Yes, Rene. She’s a good friend of mine. And when she went to the hospital they told her that she had less than three months to live. They told her to go home and get your affairs in order. Well I tell you what, she started quoting Psalm 91, but yet she was getting worse by the day. And the doctor said, “This is gonna happen. You’re gonna get worse and worse until you just pass away.” And she said, “No. I’ve got a Psalm 91 covenant.” And it took months. She did confess this covenant for months. But gradually she started turning around. Her kidneys started functioning again. Her liver began to function again. She got completely well. The doctor finally said, “I can’t explain this, but you have no lupus working in your body.” That was 10 years ago. She went with me to the Philippines about two years ago and we went over and got to witness to the people over there, and it was just wonderful to see her so vibrantly going for God.

SID: Peggy Joyce, for over 35 years you have been studying the 91st Psalm. You have seen person after person rescued out of disaster by this 91st Psalm, starting with yourself. I mean, you must be one grateful person. Would you teach one or two lines from Psalm 91 right now?

PEGGY: Yes, I’ll be happy to. I love Psalm 91, every bit of it. But Verses 5 and 6 are so special because it covers every evil known to man. It talks about, first of all, the terror by night, which includes all of the evil that comes through what another person can do to harm you. It talks about the errors that fly by the day, all of the assignments of the enemy. Then it talks about the pestilence, all the sickness and disease. And then last, it talks about destruction, and that takes in all of the natural disasters, the hurricanes and the tornadoes, and the car wrecks. And it says, “That a thousand will fall at your side, 10,000 at your right hand. But if you dwell in the shelter and believe God’s word,” it says, “it will not approach you for any purpose.” That’s a tremendous promise.

SID: This is God’s promise to you. With long life you will be satisfied. Satisfied. Why? Because God loves you and you have become a disciple, a student of God’s word, and you have a relationship with God, and the relationship begins by telling God that you are sorry for all the mistakes you’ve made. I actually met people that said, “I didn’t make any mistakes.” Oh, you never stole anything? You never lied? You never looked at pornography? You never had sex outside of marriage? You never were addicted to anything? No, no, I wasn’t. Well that’s wonderful. How about if you compare yourself with pure love. Have you been pure love? Of course not. God is love. Compared to God you’re filthy. Repent your sins. Tell Him you’re sorry and believe that the blood of Jesus washes away your sins and then when you’re clean God promises to come live inside of you. Say that out loud and I promise you He promises you with long life you will be satisfied.

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