SID: Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with SuzyHarbinson. Angry!And for good cause! She was a child prodigy, she was able to… You’d just sing a song to her and she could play it on her violin and a freak accident, totally numb; couldn’t even hold a glass.And then her husband leaves her.Just angry, hurt, bitter; so a friend of hers says to this nice Jewish girl what you need is Jesus.What did you say to your friend?

SUZY: I don’t need Jesus.But through my anger, actually her sister came over to my house one day.I was taking care of her two sons.Her sister came over and she said you need Jesus in your life; and you’re a sinner and you need to say the sinner’s prayer.Well of course being a non-believer at the time; and wanting to hold onto my own faith I said I’m not a sinner.I’m a good person, but I said the words grudgingly, didn’t really mean it.

SID: You actually said a prayer?

SUZY: I did; basically to get her off my back to get her to leave my house.Take her kids and leave.

SID: But guess what? God heard that.

SUZY: He did.

SID: Even though you didn’t know what you were doing; even though you didn’t believe what you did;God heard that.So you said the prayer and then some very strange prophecies, people speaking on behalf of God, started coming your way; what happened?

SUZY: Very strange that when we do say these words,God takes us at our word; regardless if we believe that what we’re saying at the time is true; or that we had it with our full heart.I believe that if we’re willing to even say the words he’s willing on our behalf and we open up that doorway.And I’ve had many people come to me after that; especially one friend, very close friend of mine.She came to my house one day. I was crying – crying over my husband and she sat down and she prayed with me.And I thought “Oh good; she’s going to pray.Something nice is going to be said.” And I was hoping more for the restoration of my marriage at the time, but what she did say to me was “Suzy,I saw you in God’s throne room and you were playing a violin.”

SID: Wait a second!You hadn’t played the violin in…

SUZY: 15 years.

SID:  15 years.So did she know that you were…?

SUZY: She didn’t know.She did not know.

SID: So how did she know about the violin?

SUZY: She had a vision.She was very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and that built my faith because I didn’t believe.

SID: You had given up.

SUZY: I did and so when Karen, her name is Karen, she prayed for me and she said I saw you in God’s throne room and you were standing there playing a violin.And he said to you “If you take it out,I will restore.” My mouth dropped to the floor.And I said who would say such a thing? Who would know about that other than God? So I started to question and I didn’t want to be obedient and take that violin out.I was still angry and actually when I finally did bring it out of the closet…

SID: Had you taken it out at all for 15 years?

SUZY: No, no; not at all.

SID: Why’d you even keep it?

SUZY: Because, maybe somewhere deep down I thought if I can’t play it, maybe someday my little girl will play it.And I held on to it.Maybe some hope deep down that something would happen.

SID: So you took the violin; describe that to me.

SUZY: I took it out of my bedroom closet and I opened it up.Of course the strings were not in tune; had been sitting there for 15 years; and still had rosin all over the strings.I took it out and I started to plunk on it with my fingers.And I said “No, no I can’t play.”But other friends that I knew; especially this one man and his wife who became surrogate parents to me;Christian parents to me, they prodded me into taking that violin and practicing.And I held this man in high regard so I listened to him.And he gave me those words he said “God will restore everything that the enemy took from you.The devil took,God will restore.”So little by little, I tuned up the violin.I started to play it a little and I thought “Oh this is awful.”I couldn’t even wrap my fingers around the fingerboard.And just to hold the thing, the violin in my hands it was tiresome; hadn’t touched it in 15 years.

SID: What did it sound like?

SUZY: Terrible.

SID: I imagine if you couldn’t touch the…

SUZY: Couldn’t, right.I couldn’t wrap my fingers around;I couldn’t make a motion like this… my fingers.I couldn’t make a fist.I can make a fist now.I have a ball of scar tissue that had just grown under the skin.It wasn’t flat.It was a big ball that kept me from making a fist.I couldn’t feel anything and I know I couldn’t feel.I have a scar that goes from here down.

SID: Well the doctor said that if you don’t feel anything after 2 years forget it!It’s been 15…

SUZY: You’ll never feel.

SID: What happened next?

SUZY: Oh,I was asked to come over to Jerry and Sue St. James house; these are my surrogate parents.And they said why don’t you bring your violin?And I reluctantly said ok.

SID: I’m amazed you brought it.

SUZY: I almost didn’t but I really respected these people.And I was also searching at that time and thinking well you know what?If Jesus, who they say is the creator and he heals.If he’s real then I want to find out.So I brought my violin to their house.Now they live in a little home that has water, a little river down the hill.And I brought my violin down there because Sue said take it down there.It’s nice and quiet you can set up your violin and play.And I had a little boom box and I would do this.I would take CDs; anything I had, put them in and try to play to it.Now this in time frame would be; from the time my girlfriend had the vision;I would say this was about 3 months afterwards.And I took the violin out and I started to play.And it was not nice.I stopped playing and I could hear Sue say from up top of the hill say “Keep playing.You’re not finished yet.I don’t hear you.”So I continued to play.And as I held that violin,Ijust said “Dear God, if you are the true God in my life, if you want to heal me,I’m open.I want to be healed.I would love nothing more than to play my violin.

SID: Hold that thought.We’ll pick up right there when we come back.

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