SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter and he is provoking me to jealousy -I say unfair! Why do I say unfair? Surprise has been to heaven! And I’ve never been to heaven; so the best you can do is tell me, what is heaven like?

SURPRISE: Heaven is real if you see whatever on earth, it’s not real like heaven because God himself cannot make a real place for us and a real place for him. This that you touch on earth is not real he has the real stuff.

SID: So all the things we worry about; get upset about.

SURPRISE: It’s unreal, it’s unreal.

SID: It doesn’t mean nothing; it doesn’t mean nothing!

SURPRISE: It is rotten, it is rust.

SID: That’s why the Messiah said worry for nothing. Come to your senses! This is just your learning ground. It’s almost; not almost, it’s temporary for the one that never ends. What else? Were the streets really with gold?

SURPRISE: The streets are real when I went there I saw the achacian tree that we are…

SID: Achacian tree.

SURPRISE: Achacian tree, yes that is the tree that I’ve seen for the first time. I saw the achacian tree was lining up; and then there was like a glory rising to the place of God himself, where he was living. So there was a tremendous light like a sun was rising early in the morning with the clouds and so on. All kind of those stories; so what happened is that while I was going the street is paved with gold, blue gold, and it’s shiny that gold. So I’m still going to the place of God I found out that where I was going was completely silent. So when I was going I was wondering why heaven is so very silent. It’s supposed to have a lot of movement, a lot of people and so on. And there was a cloud that was accompanying me and this cloud was giving the answer of whatever my mind thinks, the cloud gives answer. He said no, don’t worry the people are there that you see and suddenly I saw millions and millions and millions of people prostrate before the throne.

SID: Worshipping God


SURPRISE: Worshipping God. While I was still going and so I saw there was some where it was like a garden and there is a gate and that gate… there were two people standing inside. Nobody introduced me to those people I knew, the sentiment rose within me and said that is Elijah, that is Enoch.

SID: Let me ask you a question.

SURPRISE: Go ahead.

SID: Have you been anointed for the miraculous by God? Do you work in the gift of miracles?

SURPRISE: Exactly, I’ve seen tremendous miracles.

SID: Tell me one.

SURPRISE: One of them is when I prayed for a girl that was dead for two days and rose from the dead.

SID: That’s a big one.

SURPRISE: That is the big one and including a man, his name is Nyong he was crippled, completely crippled he was walking with these…

SID: Crippled.

SURPRISE: Crippled, yes he was completely crippled we prayed for him and the man arose and walked.

SID: Now let me ask you something.

SURPRISE: Go ahead.

SID: Did God tell you to pray for him? Or did you just put your hands on him? In other words does God tell you to pray for someone? Or do you just pray for someone and they get healed?

SURPRISE: It’s continually the work of faith; the work of faith is that everyone that you meet you have to pray for.

SID: Well I’ll tell you what.

SURPRISE: Go ahead.

SID: There are about a million people watching you right now. Would you just look into that television and would you pray for them right now?

SURPRISE: I will do that.

SID: Do that.

SURPRISE: Let’s just pray right now in the name of Jesus. Especially I just want to pray to all the watchers and listeners that are listening, but I want to tell you this even better; that the Lord is real. He is God in loving kindness. If he can save the son of a witch doctor, he can save you too. He can take your life and raise your life up and you can walk in the same miracle that I am walking in. The Lord can anoint your life with the apostle gift, with all kinds of stuff. Now we will pray. Oh father I just pray for my brothers in the name of Jesus, and my sisters that there might be a miracle taking place in their life in Jesus’ name. Let them possess, let them oh God men to know a revelation of who you are. You are real God. Father, make yourself known to them and cause them to walk in your way in Jesus’ name; in Jesus’ mighty name. We bless your holy name. Keep on walking in God’s way, may the Lord bless you.

SID: I feel a very, very strong presence of God right now. Have you ever prayed for blind people that have gotten their sight back?

SURPRISE: Yes, exactly. I prayed for one man, he was very completely blind. He got his sight back and I prayed for the man even here in Nashville, I prayed for a couple of people that were sick and they got healed.

SID: Tell me about someone you prayed for in the United States that had cancer.

SURPRISE: He’s here in Nashville.

SID: Now what kind of cancer? And was he healed instantly or slowly?

SURPRISE: Well he wasn’t healed instantly because cancer is inside. So we prayed for that great center here at (unclear) church. So we prayed for this man that had cancer and now when he went to the doctor the doctor found that the cancer was gone but they wanted to make sure they opened him and found out the cancer was gone completely.

SID: Now you told me that you saw heaven.

SURPRISE: Exactly.

SID: You were in heaven?


SID: Did you ever see hell? Were you in hell?

SURPRISE: I’ve never seen hell. I cannot tell you, I’ve never seen hell.

SID: Although he’s never seen hell we know by revelation that hell is horrible, but you know what you told me? You told me that when God taught you about the book of Revelation and Daniel this earth was in a horrible mess in the last days.

SURPRISE: Exactly.

SID: How bad will it be?

SURPRISE: In Revelation 6, verse 4 comes the second seal the angel comes to collect a piece from the earth when the angel comes to collect the piece from the earth there will be a horrible, massive…

SID: Is that soon? Is that soon?

SURPRISE: That is very soon.

SID: Did you hear that? That’s very soon. Listen, I wouldn’t wait one second. I would tell God you’re sorry for your sins; list them, believe the blood of Jesus washes them away, and then say I want to be your son; I want to be your daughter. Jesus, I’m tired of playing games. I want intimacy with you. Live inside of me; become real to me I want to have this peace that they’re talking about. Do it now.

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