Sid: My guest is Dr. Caroline Leaf and she is a Neuroscientist that has researched the brain for over twenty years.  Finally, science has catching up with the brain.  Finally, science is catching up with the Bible.  Finally, science is beginning to not only understand the words of Jesus but just so solidify it.  I mean, I’ve found when I studied Dr. Carolyn’s leaf’s books and listened to her DVDs on the subject of discovering the gift in you it’s allowing me to grasp the biblical concepts in a stronger way than I have ever done that before.  We were talking on yesterdays broadcast about gift blockers and it is so important for you to understand this because not only as you read her literature and see her DVDs will you discover the gift within you but how to enhance the way your thinking.  It actually, Caroline you told me that it makes people more intelligent.

Dr. Caroline: Yes, this is a wonderful side effect.  Ha ha, when you think correctly and thinking correctly means that you are thinking according to your gift.  Your increasing your intelligence.  You see were taught, as soon as you mention the word gift, people immediately have the visions of Einstein or someone as a wonderful concert pianist  or a great orator.   But that’s simply the manifestation of your gift.  Your true gift is how you uniquely think and as you are uniquely thinking in your special way, you are building thought into your brain.  If you think according to your gift and your own special way, and we’ve been talking in the previous programs about structure of your gift that you can actually identify and get familiar with the structure of your gift to ensure that you think according to how you are suppose to be thinking.  Because, if you don’t you build gift blockers.   Because the result of thinking is a thought, is a real physical thing inside your head.  So if I’m just thinking randomly or if I’m thinking how someone else wants me to think;  which I’m not thinking according to my gift, or the structure of my gift.  I build a thought that becomes toxic.  It becomes distorted, it becomes hijacked.  It becomes a gift blocker.  Now we are wired for love Sid.  We are wired, the circuits in our brain, the way that the brain actually thinks through the gift; thinks through the different kinds of thought.

Sid: Isn’t it interesting the Bible said this, God is love and we are created in His image.  So of course science has just figured out we are wired for love.

Dr. Caroline: Isn’t it awesome and if your wired for love it means that God has designed, has literally designed for affection.  But, because we live in a fallen world we don’t achieve that.  So, we react to things in life and things come at us and we think and as things happen to you, what happens is as human we receive that through our senses.  We think about it and build it into some thought so all day long you are thinking.  And all night long you are thinking.  But you think in a different way to when you are awake.  But, all day long you are thinking as you are thinking, you are building thoughts, or your sorting out your thought.  The way that you need to this is your gift.  So your gift is behind the manifestation, the gift is behind what the world sees and the world sees.  And if the gift goes wrong, then our potential becomes distorted.  Our self confidence gets shot and this is what the enemy wants.  He wants us to be broken and he wants us to be anxious.  The result of not thinking correctly is very serious because we get things like, depression, anxiety, worry, fear and physical illness in our body.  Because we are going against what is the natural.  We are working against the natural.  We have worked out of brain compatibility we have worked out of spiritual compatibility God has created as the true you.  One of the ways that I describe the true you in the gift blockers is through the concept of the true you.  Your true you is who Jesus made you to.  What God made you to be.  Okay, so I knew you before your were formed in your mother’s womb I knew you.  I knew you, Sid Roth before thing you are doing today.  He knew you, so that newness can be scientifically described now in terms of the structure and the questionnaire I developed and all that kind of thing.  Which, when we understand we get a basic glimpse of the real how we are supposed to be and when we operate, when we understand that, practice thinking in that.  Physically you feel amazing, but Sid when you go against that, when you start thinking toxic thought s or your thinking in the wrong way you block that gift.  And you feel that in your body.  God has been so gracious that in that he has built what I call, I have labeled in a fun way discomfort zones.  We have actual discomfort zones in our body.  So when I’m not thinking the way that I should.  I’m thinking and upset and I’m feeling anxious about something, my gift will automatically be blocked because my gift is how I think.  So if I think and I’m not wired to think negatively, I’m wired to t think positively.  So if I’m thinking in anxious way, I’m building an anxious thought.  Immediately, my body will be strained and stressed.  So as I am thinking this negative way, I get a discomfort zone.  And the first one is what I call just a way, just a way level.  I just become aware something is not right here.  You just get this awareness that you did something is wrong.  That’s a discomfort zone.   That is our body telling us, hey you stepped out of your gift.  You are not thinking well, you got to hijack your thinking.  You are  going to build toxic thought.  It is not good for you.  We very often ignore that.  Then the gift God has built in the second discomfort zone and that is, the second discomfort zone happens deep inside the brain and it causes a very strong stress reaction.  That is what I call the heart pounding, adrenaline pumping level.  Some people refer to that often as the flat to flat syndrome.  So when we are thinking out of sync with our gift.  Then our bodies are thrown into a full blown stretch of responsibility if we ignored the first level if we ignored the first level which is the just aware level.  At that is when the heart pounds the adrenalin pumps our shoulders tense up.  It is like God’s saying to us theologically through our body wake up.  You are doing something wrong.  This is not a good thought pattern this is not a good thing that your processing into your mind.  This is not a good thing you are building.  It’s going to make you feel sick and you can squash that.  You can ignore that, but you won’t feel enough.  We do that, we  can push it into your unconscious mind and we can pretend that it is gone away, but Sid it is always there.  Always causing on an unconscious level a block in your ability to process and think through things.  And we see this in the word of God when God talks about how our hearts have become hardened.  When your gift is ignored and you build gift blockers, you are hardening your heart then you can’t listen to the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is a gentleman, He won’t push.

Sid: When your heart is hardened like this can it be reversed. Can it be softened?   Can it become a heart of flesh rather than a heart of stone?

Dr. Caroline: Yes, absolutely and this is where God’s supernatural braces come in.  I mean, I know that your show are supernatural and you look at the human body and how God has designed it.  It is so unbelievably supernatural.  Yes, those gift blockers can be rewired.  The minute that I make, the second that I make the decision, this is not good, I going to listen I don’t feel comfortable and I listen to that adrenalin pounding, heart pumping and I say God something is going wrong here, please help me.   The moment, the minute I do that chemicals will start flowing and it will helping to breakdown that toxic block and rebuild a healthy one.  But it takes another four days to push through to start getting some stability and then change in your brain and then it takes a full twenty-one days to rewire that gift blocker.  But, yes we can.  The graciousness and the supernatural grace of God has enabled and empowered us to release the chemicals through our own vigilant, our own I factor our own will.  And we can rebuild and rewire.

Sid: Alright the Bible talks about terms such as repentance.   How does this affect the brain?

Dr. Caroline: Oh, I’m so glad you asked that, because really the first thing we have, if we are wired for love and were wired to follow in God’s image.  Every time you build toxic thought, this means we step out of line, we step into the sin zone and we need to repent.  And as you repent I acknowledge that you are great.  I acknowledge that Your the Savior.  I acknowledge that you died on the cross,  and whatever that you are saying in your mind and I acknowledge that this is wrong.  I am sorry, as soon as you do that chemicals will flow in your brain that will help you breakdown the gift blocker.  Electrical chemical balances become restored. Marvelous things are happening in your brain to help you restore function back to what it was.  So when we repent, we actually rewire big big big way just like this burst of electrical chemical energy to facilitate this process.  So God graciously see you take hold of the work that was done at the cross.  You repent for that sin and He is gracious and just to forgive us of our sins and claim us from the unrighteousness.  He claims us with the washing of the word.  The washing of the word brings in the washing of the chemical.  Those chemicals wash through that are secreted when you repent.  It washes away that toxic block.  I mean it is incredible.

Sid: Tell me a story illustrating the fact that our strengths will change our weaknesses.

Dr. Caroline: Okay, so if we, that example I even gave earlier we could use of the person that was the keyboard player.  That child’s strength was in her ability, her musical ability which was a special type of thinking that was manifesting as a wonderful gifted thing on the keyboard.  Now, what happens when the whole result in playing the keyboard was not just one of those types of thought.  We have seven, seven different types of thought.  All seven types of thought were being involving in her playing a wonderful gift on the keyboard.  Now if I take away that expression, if I take away that manifestation of her gift I have taken away who she is.  So therefore, everything will be effecting because her thinking through her seven was really manifesting in an exceptional way.  This child was an exceptional keyboard player.  It was manifesting in that so by removing the result of her combination of her seven.  All seven would have dropped.  By reintroducing this musical talent of hers, which was a result of all seven, that was dominated by the musical.  Obviously it then opened up the door way for her.  She opened up the doorway herself in her mind to be able to improve.  To be all the other septic so if we work hand and hand with how we actually are, our true you things all lift up in our life.  You may have a weak area and it may.

Sid: Tell you what, our time is slipping away, but you have such a unique gift and you are bringing it.  It is wired to work in a specific sequence.  When you discover that sequence you then unlock your potential.  You remove the toxic thinking and you replace it with God’s thinking and you will be physically healed.  You’ll increase in intelligence.

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