SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with David and Kathie Walters, and we are having more fun than humans should have but you know what that is normal and it is about time you get the lemon out of your mouth and you stop being so religious and you have, you become like a little child, and Kathie, I have to tell you, you remind me of a little child, tell me what happened in Ireland.


KATHIE: Okay, we were doing this meeting in Ireland. We ministered to the children and all the kids came forward, there was about 70 I guess, and David prayed or them and the Holy spirit came on them and they all fell out on the floor in the Holy Spirit, and the presence off God was all over them. Well I stood and watched them, it was the strangest, funniest things because I watched from their feet, their feet went bright red, I mean like a lobster.


SID: So it was like the presence of God was so strong.


KATHIE: It was like fire, fire, like I told you I can feel now, like fire, and their feet were bright red and it gradually went all up their legs, all up their arms, all into their heads, so they were all laying there like lobsters, I mean they looked really strange, but then they laid there for probably

have an hour but them some of them got up and they began to, it was like they were playing instruments, you know different instruments, and one of the little girls began to dance, they told us afterwards they were in heaven and they were dancing with the angels and the angels were showing them different instruments to play, and I mean you could see all of this but they weren’t

aware of you because…


DAVID: It was like a mime show.


KATHIE: Yeah, it was like miming. And then they, at the end they just laid back on the floor and the red came from their head out of them, out of their feet and then they got up.


SID: Now those children will never, ever forget that experience and they have a legitimate chance of being normal. David, tell me about healings you have seen when the children are actually praying for the healing.


DAVID: Yes, yeah when I preach to children I tell them that God can use anybody, you know in the Bible he used a bush, you know he used a rod, he used a rooster, a donkey, so he can use children, he doesn’t have to wait until they go to seminary – cemetery – I mean seminary, before God can use them, sorry about that. So they began to believe it, and them I asked, I do several

meetings with the whole families, and then we end up with having a miracle service in which I teach the children how to pray for people. So we don’t have to wait for some big evangelist, healing evangelist to come in, and the people come up and I say let these children pray for them, don’t patronize them but let them pray for you, and I don’t actually tell them to pray, I tell them to command the sickness to go, command the deafness to go, I say don’t ask God to do it, don’t say

please God make them better, I say you tell that deaf spirit to go, you tell that blind spirit to go, you tell that condition in their back to be healed in Jesus Name, and they start out a little bit reticent but as they begin to see God move they get bolder and bolder and then in the end they

will pray for anything that moves. And so we have had blind eyes opened, I remember one

woman she was totally blind in one eye and the children prayed for her and then she began to read the notice and the church called me the following week and said she could read the Bible 20/20 vision, with a week, it was totally healed, we have had so many deaf people healed, the children pray for the deaf, and I love it when, not when they are hard of hearing, but when they are totally deaf or practically deaf, take out their hearing aids and the children pray for them, sometimes they pray two or three times and then the easy open.


SID: And isn’t it a tragedy, you know what we do with children, we have videos for them, popcorns, or that vision that you had, children going to amusement parks and what are other religions doing with their children? They are training them. Can you imagine getting a little child and not teaching them any unbelief?


DAVID: Absolutely, yeah, yeah, absolutely, and then of course I remember years ago in a Kenneth Copeland convention back in England, there was a little girl called Zoe, 8 years of age who got filled with the Spirit of God in our meetings and she came down at the end of the meeting and adults were coming out of their meeting and she saw a man in a wheelchair and she was 8 years of age and she laid hands on him and said, “Get up of that wheelchair in Jesus Name,” and he got out of the wheelchair after being crippled for six years. And several years later I talked to a man and he said he lived in Brighton, and I said, “Oh I was in a Kenneth Copeland convention in Brighton, did you ever hear about that little girl named Zoe who got that man healed?” He said, “Oh yeah, that man was m brother.” He was a pastor; it was a pastor’s brother who was healed.


SID: Kathie, last night we were having dinner, minding our own business, and you told me that there was an angel. What was this angel doing?


KATHIE: He was walking up and down behind the table making little notes, I think. The angles like to, the angels love to hear revelation actually, and I think he was picking up.


SID: Don’t angels know everything there is to know?


KATHIE: The Bible doesn’t say that it says the angels desire to look in and understand, especially when it comes to salvation because angels are heirs, they are servants and ministers, so I have seen angels reading books, really good books that had revelation.


SID: And like almost every day are your eyes open to see?


KATHIE: Well see, the angels are around all the time, the chariots of God are around all the time, it is just a question of seeing what is already there, it is not for special people, that is our inheritance, that is for everybody, it is just only seeing what is already there that is what I keep telling people.


SID: Could you pray for everyone that is watching right now, both of you that there would be an acceleration of the supernatural and a jumpstart of the faith, and they would begin to see angels and demons and vision’s and all the stuff that’s normal!


DAVID: It would frighten the life out of some people


SID: Well listen, just don’t pray the prayer if it bothers you, but I don’t know about you, I want to be normal, I can’t stand just tradition, learn by rote, listen, I come from a Jewish background, if I wanted tradition I would have stayed in Orthodox Judaism, “Tradition,” so I went to Christianity and I found more “Tradition,” I want God. Will you pray for people?


KATHIE: Yeah, do we have time for the guesthouse story?


SID: It depends on how fast you can tell it.


KATHIE: I’ll tell it fast, okay, I’ll try, because it is really awesome, but we were in a guesthouse having like a retreat thing, this was in England, and we had an evening meeting and we left the meeting and went into the guesthouse to get coffee and stuff, and suddenly people came out screaming David, Kathie. And we went back into the meeting room, there was a group of teenagers standing around, this one boy had been saved that day, a little Catholic boy had got saved that day, and he was in the middle of the room like in a trance with his finger like this going around the room and when his finger got opposite, someone the power of God would hit them and they would fall on the floor, start confessing things, weeping, getting right with God.

And people were trying to leave but they couldn’t because their feet were glued to the floor, that’s why they were screaming.


SID: Kathie, pray right now, look in the camera and pray for a release of the supernatural.


KATHIE: Okay, thank you Lord, Father in the Name of Jesus I just pray for people that are watching today this program, and Lord, that is our inheritance, is that supernatural realm of God, that is our inheritance for everybody and God I just pray for a release of it right now in the mighty Name of Jesus, I just pray that people’s eyes will be opened, their ears will be opened in the supernatural realm of God that they will se the chariots, they will se the angels, they will see what their inheritance really is and know it is for them, it is for every single believer, and I come against every religious spirit that tells people it is not for you, you are not spiritual enough, I take authority over it and I thank you Lord for sending even angels to speak and minister right now and minister to people and help them to see what you already have for them Father, in Jesus Name, just pray for acceleration. Amen.

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