SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Don Dickerman. Don, you were more amazed than anyone when people started getting healed, but then you started having visions. When you’ve had a vision from God, how accurate is it?

DON: I guess I have to say I don’t have them very often. But every time something is revealed to me in a service situation, it happens.

SID: Tell me about the first healing.

DON: The first healing… I went through a revelation, a vision. It was at a unit in Huntsville, Texas. It’s a big prison with maybe 400 people in the chapel. There was a praise group singing before I was to get up to preach. So I’m sitting off to the side, and I had a mental image. I could see an ugly, jagged-toothed rat inside someone’s colon, just gnawing away. I didn’t know, I’d never had anything like that happen. I didn’t know what to do with it. I felt like the Holy Spirit was telling me somebody was going to be healed of that situation. So when I got up to speak, I mentioned that. I revealed what I had seen. I said, “Somebody here with that condition is going to be healed tonight.” Well, an inmate jumped up and ran down the aisle and said, “That’s me, that’s me.” I prayed for him, and he went back to his seat. But he wasn’t the one. So at the close of the service, as the inmates were filing out back to their cell blocks and dorm areas, an inmate came up and put a note in my pocket. He hung around as I was shaking hands with guys, and he said “Sir, would you read that note right now?” So I pulled the note out and read it, and it said, “I’m the one.” Then he began to tell me that he’d just gotten back from John Sealy Hospital, medical place. They’d diagnosed him with a colon problem, but said, “Since you’re going home in a few months, it can wait till you get back in the free world.” He lifted up his shirt, and there was a knot
right around his belt area. I knew, when he did it, that that was it. It was like what I saw. I said, “Well, I want to pray for you right now.” I put my hand right on that spot and commanded the demon powers to leave him and healing to come. He threw up blood and bile, ugly situation. But some other inmates got towels and cleaned it up. I walked to the back door with him as he went back to his cell. He said, “I don’t have any pain.” Well, I don’t know who he is, and I leave the prison, he’s back in the cell block. So it was the next month when I was back at that prison. He met me at the chapel door, and the first thing he did was lift up his shirt. He said, “Brother, it’s gone. I haven’t had a pain since then.”

Sid Roth: You must’ve been as shocked, pleased, and surprised as him.

DON: Yeah. Sometimes it overwhelms you, because I knew I didn’t have anything to do with it.

SID: Speaking of being overwhelmed, I am overwhelmed with your book, because this is the most practical, easy… Someone doesn’t deal with fear, they deal with rights. Legal rights. This is for someone that needs self deliverance, or someone that needs to pray for someone else. What are some of the signs that someone may need to be set free of a demonic spirit? It may be inside someone, it may be outside someone, it plain doesn’t matter.

DON: Well Jesus said, “Cast them out”, so that’s what we do. To me, it’s pretty simple. I find there’s four principles involved, and these apply to anyone, anywhere. The first principle is, you either have demons or you don’t. If you do have demons, then it must be that the demon has some kind of legal permission to be there. That could be unforgiveness, it could be generational curses, a number of things. But it must have permission. The third thing is, there is no permission that cannot be cancelled. We can repent of anything. Jesus’ blood covers everything. Then the fourth principle is, once those legal consents have been cancelled, the name of Jesus is absolute authority every time.

Sid Roth: You have some insight in here. I guess it’s from having so much experience one on one. One of the things you said, I’ve never heard before. I’ve heard it’s very important to forgive,
because Jesus said “I’ll forgive you the same degree you forgive other people.” However, I never heard that once you forgive, you command the spirit that was attached to you because of the unforgiveness to leave. So people forgive and they still have that oppression.

DON: When I first encountered that, it was through… I don’t have conversations with demons, I have confrontation with them. But they do speak many times through the individual. I’ve had demons, when I commanded them to leave, I said “Do you have permission to stay there?” “No.” “Well, why are you there?” And the response would be “No one ever told me to go.” So they become like squatters. I would find that somebody would say “Yeah, I had a period of unforgiveness in my life ten years ago, but I repented of that.” Ok, but the demon’s still hanging out, because he wasn’t cast out.

SID: It’s time for the squatters in your life to leave. And it’s so easy, it’s so simple. There is no fear involved, it’s just plain faith in the integrity of someone stronger, your Big Brother, Jesus. When we come back, you’re going to hear an interview I did with one of the most notorious prisoners in Ireland. I think he stabbed fifteen people by age 14. By the time he was 17, he murdered someone. This is such an amazing story. We’ll be right back after this word.

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