SIDHello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter.  The presence of God is going to pour like a river.  I’m so glad that this isn’t the same old, same old type of TV where you sit back, and you just relax and you say entertain me.  No, no, no this is inter-active.  You are about ready to experience the power of God.  You see, Tommy Tenney, has intimacy with God and from this intimacy he walks in divine favor and he tells me his favorite thing is to just relax in his chair and contemplate things, and he hears expressions and words from God.  And Tommy, I have to believe some of those nuggets in your book came from those times. 

TOMMY:  Oh, absolutely.    

SID:  Tell us just a few of them. 

TOMMY:  Well, it’s about favor.  We were chatting.  We have actually had about as much fun off the air as we have on the air. 

SID:  Well it had better be that way, otherwise forget it all. 

TOMMY:  That’s right.  We were talking and this is one of the things that impacted me is that one day of favor can be worth more than a lifetime of labor.  You can work your whole life and it not put you where one day of favor can place you.    

SID:  So profound. 

TOMMY:  You don’t need everybody to like you Sid; you just need the right one.    

SID:  And we work our whole life to get everyone else to like us and we don’t even think in terms of the only one that counts.    

TOMMY:  Favor can restore in a day what was stolen over a lifetime.  Everything can be compacted into one moment.  And for some people, it’s their moment.    

SID:  And not only that, for some of you, you say, well I missed my chance.  Tommy, what would you say? 

TOMMY:  Favor can restore in a day what was stolen over a lifetime.  Satan cannot steal your destiny.  The king can restore anything that was stolen.  The Bible is full of examples, where people like; in the story of Esther they are a disenfranchised people, carried captive.  They were not only carried captive by the Persians, by the Babylonians, and then they got traded off like a used car, to the Persians.  Secondhand captives.  But somehow through favor Esther became Queen of Persia.  Her adopted father became prime minister, and carried the seal of the king’s reign and authority.  God wants to give people authority in their life.  He wants to empower them, but you can’t do it…don’t flirt with everybody else in the palace.  Don’t worry about man’s opinion.  Man is fickle.  They will love you today and hate you tomorrow.  It’s favor with the king that you really want.    

SID:  I understand this favor.  But I’m beginning to understand it even more, Tommy, as I take some of these protocols as you call them… 

TOMMY:  Right 

SID: …in your book.  The favor in my life is visibly increasing; it has to do with only one thing.  It took me a long time to figure it out.  You figured it out sooner than I did, but what’s more important is to figure it out. 

TOMMY:  That’s right. 

SID:  Not when you figure it out, but if you figure it out.  I am putting, carving out time for God like I’ve never done before.  Quality time, quiet time, as you put it, contemplative time, and I’m seeing it.  I know you don’t like to say an equation, but it is, God says, I believe, that if I will spend time putting Him first… 

TOMMY:  That’s right. 

SID:  He is going to shine on me.  And the thing that is so exciting is He is enough sunlight to shine on everyone.    

TOMMY:  If the king likes you, it doesn’t matter who dislikes you.  If you don’t spend time with the king…Esther prepared, that was not time wasted.  Some people feel like I’m stuck, I’m in a rut.  Time spent preparing is never time wasted when it’s your day, if you want it to be your moment, your time – your opportunity.  The little woman that touched the hem of Jesus garment, she had been sick for twelve years.  What if she had and that would have been a good excuse for her to say, I don’t think I going to go out into the crowd today. 

SID:  But worse than that, an unclean woman wasn’t allowed to touch a Jewish rabbi.    

TOMMY:  That’s right.  But something inside of her said I’m not going to miss my moment.  I refuse to miss my destiny.  And she elbowed her way past the opinions of others to get to the feet of Jesus basically.  Now my Bible tells me, as best I am able to understand it, that Jesus never passed through that village again.  What if she had said, I’ll wait until next Sunday.  I’ll wait till the next program.  But she said no, it’s my turn.  I love this little verse, Esther, chapter two, verse fifteen, it says, “Now when the turn of Esther was come.”  I came to tell some of you, it’s your turn.  It’s your time. 

SID:  Did you hear that?  It is your turn.  I can tell you what happened to me.  Coming from a traditional Jewish background; being involved in the new age, not knowing the difference between my left hand and my right hand, about ready to be destroyed, about ready for my marriage to be destroyed.  I can tell you that when I had no hope, it was my turn because someone cared enough about me to tell me that there is a stronger power than the new age power that was tearing me apart from the inside out and that power was in the name of Jesus!  And all I can tell you is I didn’t understand who He was, I didn’t understand what He did, I couldn’t tell you a theological message from beans! I couldn’t tell you anything.  All I could tell you I was going down for the third time, and I was gasping for air, and I cried out a one word prayer, no it was two words.  Jesus help.  And when I woke up, Tommy, from the worst night of my life, I was surrounded with supernatural peace like I had never experienced in the new age, or in the occult, and when I experienced that peace, it was the first time in a year, in a lifetime, not a year, in a lifetime I experienced that peace.  And this is my story, and it’s a true story.  God restored my mind, He restored my peace.  Get this, my wife and I just celebrated our 43rd anniversary.  Only God could do this.  Only God can restore.  And you know something, what Tommy said; one night with the king, one night Tommy:  Changes everything. 

SID:  Thirty seconds, look into the camera and say something, one night.    

TOMMY:  One night with the king can change everything.  And I think it is your turn for you to have that encounter.  Remember; never underestimate the potential of one encounter.  One night with the king, turned a peasant into a queen.  Never underestimate the potential of one prayer.  Pray that prayer now, and see what God can do.  It’s your turn. 

SID:  Simple prayer.  Jesus, help.  That’s it, Tommy, you know.  Hey you think I’m a little fanatic?  You should see how fanatic people are for demonic.  It’s about time some of God’s children got fanatic for Him.  He is worth it.  Nothing else is worth it.  God is worth it.  I’m so glad you watched today.  Bet you are too. 

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