Our Guest Jonathan Can

SID: Hello. My guest is Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, and I can just picture Jonathan, we’re both Jewish believers. His Jewish mother, you know, normally a Jewish mother says, “I want my son to be a doctor, or a lawyer.” But you outdid it all. Your mother can say, “My son is an author of five New York Times best sellers.” You did it, Jonathan.

JONATHAN: Yeah. My mother is very big in the Jewish mother world. You know, so it’s a dream for her. But it’s about the Lord. It’s about Messiah.

SID: When did you first know you were to write Harbinger II?

JONATHAN: Well, when I wrote The Harbinger, I knew that the mystery wasn’t finished. First, there was so much to be revealed that I could not put in The Harbinger. In fact, more than I put in The Harbinger was what I couldn’t put in. Secondly, the mystery continued. America has been continuing moving to judgment. Third, it wasn’t the time, and I prayed to Lord, when is the time? I knew it was not the time. And just before this year began, I got the go ahead, this is the time. The shakings will begin again, and the harbinger is going to continue. You must write the book.

SID: You sent me two pictures this morning from New York City that were so prophetic. Tell us about them.

JONATHAN: Well, one of the things you see in The Harbinger is that tower at ground zero. It’s one of the harbingers. At the end of the new book, The Harbinger II, it ends at the Statue of Liberty, and it’s facing the tower. And there’s a very prophetic event we’ll probably get to, that I’ll tell you about, that happened.

JONATHAN: But what just happened right now, after we talked yesterday, Sid, is that a lightning bolt struck the World Trade Center and struck the Statue of Liberty. And amazingly dramatic, the two things that this centers on.

SID: What you prophesied in The Harbinger, it’s reading like today’s newspaper. Tell us about these things.

JONATHAN: Yeah. The harbinger is warning that America is replaying the ancient mystery of judgment. What happened in the last days of Israel is happening in America now. And America has been continuing on the course of ancient Israel, away from God. And so what it says is, there’s going to be a window of time, but then the shakings will resume. There’s actually a chapter in The Harbinger called Things to Come, and it speaks of the shakings that are going to come that are happening now. It even, Sid, it even pinpoints the year when it would happen, which is right now. And I know we’ll get into it, but all these things are coming to pass.

SID: Well, tell me some of the prophetic signs about 9/11 that were not revealed until now.

JONATHAN: Yeah. Well, one of the things is the mystery of the day, itself. And, why was it 9/11? There’s a mystery that goes back to the foundation of America. 9/11, and it’s a biblical principle, Sid, that the foundations are exposed when judgment begins. 9/11, the destruction returned to New York City.

JONATHAN: When was New York city begotten? When was it founded? New York City was born on September 11th, 9/11. God says, “I will go back to the foundation.” 9/11 went to the Pentagon. That’s America’s military power. When was the Pentagon begotten, Sid? It was begotten on September 11. Long before 9/11 was a day of calamity, it was the day of the foundation of America’s rise to world power. And the warning in the Bible is that if America does not turn back, God will remove the power of America.

Our Guest Todd Smith

SID: Hello. I’m here with Pastor Todd Smith, from the North Georgia Revival. It’s unbelievable, a little sleepy southern town in Georgia. Sometimes he’ll have more people on a Sunday night for the water baptism service than are in the entire town. It’s a matter of fact, why? Because they have found it’s like a point of contact, when they go in the waters of mikvah, of baptism, and come out, many are healed. Tell me your favorite miracle that’s happened recently.

TODD: It was a gentleman that had 280 cancerous tumors in his bones.

SID: 280?

TODD: 280 cancerous tumors in his bones. He was so sick, he could not even make it to the revival. His wife came to be baptized as a point of contact for her husband.

SID: He didn’t even come.

TODD: He did not even come. Hospice was at his house. He had two to three weeks to live and his wife got baptized and we sent her home with the towel, anointed it, and said, “When you get home, as a point of contact, lay it on his body.” And after just a few minutes, after she laid that towel on his body, began to pray for him, the pain lifted off of his body. Goes the next day—

SID: He must have been in excruciating pain.

TODD: Excruciating pain. I’m telling you, Sid, to hear the testimony. Goes the next day to get a PET scan. They wanted to see what the cancer was doing in his body. I heard with my very own ears, the doctor’s phone call to the couple. She says, “I’m looking at the old PET scan and the new PET scan. I’m looking at the old PET scan and the new PET scan.” And she said, “We cannot find any bone tumors, cancerous bone tumors in his body.” Completely healed and walking in full strength today.

SID: And again, how long did he have to live at the hospice?

TODD: Two to three weeks, they said at most.

SID: And what did letter say from the hospice?

TODD: The letter the hospice sent said that this isn’t curative. And they gave him a window of six months because they said, “We may be there six months, but we’re looking at a two to three week window until he dies.”

SID: You get that? The power of God is so awesome. God did that. Now, as a Southern Baptist, you are as strong against speaking in tongues as you are strong for, “God is a miracle-working God today.” How bad was it? If I had walked up to him and said, “I want you to start speaking in a language you’ve never been taught. Here look [foreign language].” What would you have done to me?

TODD: I would have said, “Sid, you’ve lost your mind.” I would’ve said you’re crazy. In fact, I mocked people that spoke in tongues. I scorned them. I literally told our congregation, “Don’t do it. It’s of the devil.” That’s what I spoke as a leading Southern Baptist pastor that was pastoring one of the fastest growing churches in the state of Georgia. But Sid, in the midst of it all, I got hungry for God. I got thirsty for the Lord. And when I began to read my scriptures without my denominational glasses on, it became real to me that the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues was valid for today.

SID: Tell me briefly how you got filled with the spirit.

TODD: Well, after a year and a half of research, I’m talking about—

SID: You are really a cerebral guy.

TODD: I’m thinking, “I want the real and I want the authentic.” So I had this copious research and I came to the conclusion that it was real. And I went to a Pentecostal prayer meeting. I did. And that’s the last place…

SID: I won’t tell anybody.

TODD: Yes. Listen, that’s the last place that a Southern Baptist pastor ought to be. And there were four Pentecostal pastors there and they ended up laying hands on me. And one gentleman weighed 140 pounds soaking wet, put his index finger on my forehead. And he said, be filled with the Holy Spirit. Instantly at that moment, the Holy Ghost came upon me. I’m falling out in the spirit and I began to speak in tongues. And my life, since that moment Sid, has never been the same. It was the greatest thing that ever happened to me outside of my salvation experience.

Our Guest Joan Gieson

JOAN: My hair never moves!

Audience: [laughing]

JOAN: It’s like concrete!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: The lady that’s been doing my hair has done it for 40 years! [laughs]

Audience: Oh wow. Oooh.

JOAN: She said, “I can do this hair in my sleep!” [laughs]

Audience: [laughs]

JOAN: But God is still doing the same thing in my life as He did when I was a little girl! Do you know how many people we had at our Christmas dinner this past Christmas? Guess! Just take a guess!

Audience: [responds]

JOAN: How many?

Audience: [responds]

JOAN: A thousand?

Audience: Oooh!

JOAN: How many? Five thousand? All right. Go on.

Audience: [responds] 10,000!

JOAN: How many? 10,000? How about 32,000!

Audience: Wow! Whooo! [clapping]

JOAN: And I don’t have a bank account! Oh, I’ve got a bank account but there’s nothing in there!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: And I pray in every year the food for 32,000 people! When you get 32,000 pounds of anything that you’re going to feed 32,000 people.  who’s going to cook it? Where are they going to cook it? God always makes a way! And I’m telling you the truth! I’m not exaggerating that! I’m not telling you something that isn’t possible with all of you! I’m telling you there is nothing impossible with God and when you keep your hand in His hand and don’t let go because you want to do your own thing for a minute. Don’t let go because you think you’ve got it taken care of. Never take your hand out of His hand! Never stop following His voice! Never! Never! Never! Linda just called. She was in love with my husband or maybe she wasn’t in love cause she didn’t keep him long. 

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: I was the mediator and I wound up with him! I’m going to take her number and keep it on my phone in case I want to give him back!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: [laughs] Frank, I love you! Even though there were times I wish I had somebody to give him to give him to! [laughs]

Audience: [laughs]

JOAN: Oh, he is so cute! Do you know who Frank is? Now he’s my husband, of course, but none of you have ever seen him? Oh, he’s got the most beautiful blue eyes! They’re like pools. Just fresh, beautiful. And he’s got the cutest smile. And you know what? He loves everything I cook for him!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: Everything I cook! Did you girls and guys ever eat a tomato sandwich?

Audience: Yes.

JOAN: Isn’t that the best on toast with butter that thick and a tomato that kinda jumps in that butter? I just fixed him a tomato sandwich. It was the best thing we had all day!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: God is with you! [singing] “He’s here right now! He’s here right now!” So if you’ve come with a bad leg or a bum arm or a blind eye or deaf ear. If your back is in excruciating pain right now. Or if your husband’s just taken a hike with the girl down the street. It makes no difference! God almighty, the creation of all heaven and earth. His Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is here! He’s there! He’s here! He’s here! They’re here! They’re here! Oh my gosh! Sid, They’re here in your studio! My! My! Right now there’s one with a hip and you’ve had a lot of pain in that hip. You can feel that hip changing right now! And I’ll get back to Linda and I’ll call you the next time Sid invites me and I’ll tell you how it ended. Okay?

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: We’ve got to renew that 60-year friendship! We’ve got to renew that! I said to her, “I’m just now walking into a studio and the man’s name is Sid Roth. Do you know who that is? Thinking she’d say, “Oh yeah, I watch him!” She said, “Oh no. I never heard of that.” Well honey, where have you been? Where have you been? You’ve never heard of Sid Roth?  He’s a man of God. He’s a man that shouldn’t have but did and look where he is!

Audience: Amen!

JOAN: He’s a Jewish man! Look at it! Look at this! Look at this studio! Look at the cameramen. Look at the world that he’s touched beyond any place we could ever get to!  

Our Guest Keith Miller

KEITH: Well, it started with the Lord asked me a question, because I was hungry, and it was a different kind of hunger. It wasn’t desperation. It was supernatural hunger that the Lord initiated. And He actually said to me, “Do you want to know the Holy Spirit like I know Him?” Of course, that caused me to say, “Well, how do you know Him?” I dived into scripture and started going into the scripture and studying everything there was. And so, I’m in a revival meeting, and during worship, I’m caught up in this encounter and I see this busting, big, huge angel in the vision. Now, I’m not used to these types of visions. I’m going, “What is going on?” And all of a sudden, He says, “Open your mouth,” and He threw this book-like scroll thing, to me, and I ate that scroll book. And I sat down, and even my staff and my wife said, “What just happened to you?” I said, “I ate a book or something,” and so that was the first encounter.

Of course, immediately, I went into the scripture to see what is this? What is taking place? And then, the next encounter was I get up early in the morning and felt to go to the office. I walk into the front door, into the foyer of our office, and we have a long hallway, and the office is filled with the tangible, fiery, electrical presence of the Lord. I kicked off my shoes—

SID: And by the way, as you’re speaking, I can feel it’s almost like you relive it when you say it, but you relive it experientially. But go ahead.

KEITH: That’s right. And as I’m walking, I look down the hallway, and there the big angel was. Not in a vision. I wasn’t having a vision. He was there. Now, you think I’d say, “Cool.” No. I was undone. I mean, I was shaking. I dove into my office and—

SID: I’m sorry. I have to ask you something. What did he look like? Did he look like a real person? Could you see through the angel?

KEITH: No, I couldn’t see through him. He looked like a person, but he was extremely huge. He was probably at least seven to eight foot tall, really strong in his physique, but—

SID: That’s a little intimidating.

KEITH: Well, not only that. He exerted authority. It wasn’t just his size. He didn’t have a look like, “Hi, how you doing?” He had his arms crossed just like that, looked at me like that. It was undoing. I mean, it wasn’t like, “Oh wow, an angel.” No, I dove into my office and immediately went into a series of visions from the Holy Spirit about the counsel of God. And then, after the Holy Spirit…

SID: Excuse me, what’s the counsel of God?

KEITH: Well, I had been praying, “Lord, when I go into cities and regions, I don’t want to just preach a message. I want to preach that builds the kingdom in that area, in that group of people, so I need your counsel.” And so, I had been really asking for that. And when I was in my office, it was amazing, it was like the Lord pulled down these screens in heaven and I could see it. And He said, “From this point on, you’ll have my counsel.” That’s what He told me. And I asked the Holy Spirit, I felt the Holy Spirit lifted from me, and I said, “What about the guy in the hallway?” And He said, “Well, you need to see because he has names written on each shoulder and his legs.” And so, I’m sure all of heaven’s laughing at me. It wasn’t like, “Let me just check it out.” I peeked around the door to see if he’s there. Sure enough, he’s still there.

And so, I jumped out there and I looked at that angel, and sure enough, he had strength, stature, kingdom dominion. And as soon as I saw the names, he was gone. But I knew that was an invitation to the Lord for me to begin to study what is the strength and stature. And what the Lord showed me what was coming, we could not, and I could not, facilitate this out of my own strength, out of my stature, to see kingdom dominion. So, that, begin to study the scripture and ask to be… tremendous impact on the strength of God in my life and how to live out of that strength, and then, of course, to grow into stature of Christ in me.

Our Guest James Levesque

JAMES: Wow. No one in my family has ever been saved. I was never raised in church. And my mom was in… Still nobody. I mean, it’s unbelievable. I got invited to a service. I was actually on drugs one night with my friend, and I was passing out on his couch. And his mom looked over to me and said, “Do you know who Jesus is?” And I had no clue. I needed a ride to Six Flags. She invited me to church if I wanted a ride. I went to church that night. I heard a testimony of a gang member that got completely set free. And she kept telling me that Jesus did this. I came home that night, the woman hands me a Bible. I never opened it up. I walked in my mom’s house. She was drunk, passed out in front of me. I turned to the left in the kitchen. I had the Bible in front of me, and I just started thinking, is he real?

Did he really set that gang member free? And if he’s real, I want to know. And so without any understanding of the gospel, never reading the Bible in my life, I put my hand on the Bible. I looked up to heaven and I said, “Jesus, if you’re real, reveal yourself to me.” And right at that moment, I saw a lightning bolt come out of heaven, and it just hit me right here. And I fell on the floor, and I was screaming in the power. And I just felt so empty. I felt like—

SID: Why were you screaming?

JAMES: Because I could feel the surge in my body. It was like a feeling I’ve never felt. I was powerless. I was on the floor yelling as I felt this fire inside of my heart. And I started crying. I started saying, “Jesus, you’re real. Jesus, you’re real.” And I just knew that he was real. And he was telling me, because my whole thing I said to him was, “If you’re real, then I’m going to give the rest of my life to tell people who you are. Show me if you’re real. I don’t want to live on this Earth if you’re not.”

SID: You teach and demonstrate the fire of God. You’ve been baptized in water and fire, in the spirit in fire. What is the fire of God? And what are the benefits of it?

JAMES: Absolutely. So when I got saved, I started reading that Bible I had. And I immediately saw in Matthew 3, there was a spirit, water, and fire. And I began to cry out for what the fire was. I was baptized in water. I was saved, but I wanted that fire in my life. And so as I began to read, I realized that we weren’t meant to live without it as Christians. Every day of our life, the Holy Spirit needs to be with us and empower us to be parents, to be children, to work at our jobs everywhere we go, that that fire would burn in us. And an appetite got created in my life. And I was convinced I wasn’t going to live anymore without the fire of God in my life. I wanted it all. You mentioned Kathryn Kuhlman. She said, “Why settle for a cup full, if the whole ocean is ours?” Man, I want the whole ocean. I want it all.

SID: What do people miss if they don’t operate in the fire of God? What are they missing?

JAMES: Yeah. I think we’re living underneath the privileges. I think a lot of the attacks that we go through, it’s interesting. We just had a famous basketball player, unfortunately, die in a helicopter crash. They said the pilot had something called spatial disorientation. That means you actually can get to a point, the fluid’s out of your ear, you don’t know which way is up, right, left, down. In faith, if we’re not plugged into the source with the presence, with faith, then we’re going to go through things in life and be confused. We’re going to be spiritually disoriented, and we’re not then able to know which way is up. Discernment, I believe, is the greatest thing we need.

Our Guest Katie Souza

KATIE: Amen, in Jesus, right now. You know, actually, do you know a blood song, honey? Let’s do a blood song to wrap up this part. Do you have a blood song, like ‘O the blood of Jesus?’ or something like that? C’mon let’s sing this before we go to Step Two, amen? Let’s honor the blood, hallelujah. [singing begins] As you sing it picture it going into your soul.


O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. It washes white as snow. O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. It washes white as snow. O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. It washes white as snow. O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. It washes white as snow. It washes white as snow. It washes white as snow.

KATIE: Yes, praise him for His blood. C’mon. Praise Him for His blood. Yes. We thank you for Your blood, O Jesus. Washing away our sins of offence, Lord. We praise You, we praise You. We praise You. We praise You. We honor You and we glorify You, God. Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord. Ohho! Yes, Yes, Lord, Yes, Lord, yes! I hear words of knowledge coming. People are going to start losing weight. You’re going to see some pounds coming off you. God’s going to do it for you in the name of Jesus. I hear headaches are already lifting. Somebody who had a gastrointestinal issue is being healed of that right now in the name of Jesus. Somebody’s right knee is being healed, there was a crackling or a prickling as you would bend the knee and Lord says that that pain is leaving- AH!! SHA!! Jesus, hallelujah, hallelujah! Lord, we praise You for Your miracle power. You are a mighty God. You are awesome, Creator, Redeemer, Salvation! You are everything, Lord. We give you the honor and the praise and the glory. Hallelujah, Savior! Hallelujah! Hallelujah Jesus! Hayay, Hayay, Hayay, Jesus! Thank you Jesus. Thank You Jesus. Thank you God. Okay, now we’re going to do Step Two because you know what, honestly, this is the Step we haven’t been doing and that’s why we’re still sick.

Bottom line is, you know and Sid said this to me years ago you know, he said it really should be all about just being able to say ‘in the name of Jesus.’ But it doesn’t seem like it works that way does it? Like we’ll say ‘in the name of Jesus’ and it doesn’t happen. I think that’s because we didn’t understand everything about Jesus that we needed to have. And when we have all of that Jesus is and all that He did for us, then when we say ‘in the name of Jesus’ it will actually happen. Somebody’s getting healed of a wound in their soul that came from gambling, the sin of gambling and you didn’t realize that it was hindering your prosperity. And God is healing you of that right now in Jesus name. There’s a woman in a blue shirt with pearls around her neck and there’s a deep heartache that has been in your family line for a long time you’re being healed of that. A spirit of witchcraft is leaving now in Jesus name. SHAAAS!! Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Check that ankle, it’s not swollen anymore. Somebody’s backbone is straightened up, I think Sid had that word of knowledge.

SID: I did. Someone’s knee, you’re getting a new knee or the pain is leaving your knee right now. And I was telling Katie once the healing of God is manifest in a room you don’t even need a word of knowledge. All you need is knowledge Himself. Yeshua, Jesus. He is made unto you wisdom. He is your knowledge. I’ve heard this again. Arthritis in the fingers, it’s gone, in Jesus name. KATIE: Jesus. The healing power is here. So if you haven’t heard a word of knowledge for your particular affliction right now, I want you right now, we’re going to have Toni play one more song, if that’s okay with Sid, and I want you to just come before the Lord and say, ‘Lord, go inside me, inspect my soul, go in the midst of my heart, which is your soul and find the wounds that are connected to this affliction that I can’t get the breakthrough for.’ And that should be your focus. Just say, ‘Lord, go right at those wounds right now that are connected with this thing that I can’t seem to shake and fill them with your blood and your “dunamis” power.’ I just want everybody now, this is how you’re going to go home and get healing in for yourself, for your family members and everything else, you’re going to go right at that, right at those wounds that are causing that problem, with the blood and the “dunamis.” Amen? So while Toni sings again, let’s really do that, let’s really go after that. And you know and before we do that, I want to do one last thing here, as far as my part. I want to give you the anointing of “dunamis.”

Our Guest Aliss Cresswell

See if that’s spiritual. Okay? Just always do that. And then you have to ask the Holy Spirit so what are you telling me? What was—think laterally. It’s not always obvious. You got to keep digging. Keep asking the Holy Spirit. He’ll show you the next thing cause He wants you to know. Cause He wants to, you know He wants to extend His kingdom, doesn’t He? The Lord wants to extend His kingdom but He’s going to do it through you. We’re waiting for God to come and to start revival but He’s waiting for you to start revival everywhere that you go. Cause you carry revival on the inside of you. The kingdom of heaven is within you so you’ve just got to let it out! So anyhow, yeah, these 2 woodpeckers come in the tree.

So when I get to the meeting that night I said is there— I told the woodpecker story like I just told you— and I said is there anybody here who has similar symptoms to the ones I had when this evil spirit came, you know it was like headaches, dizziness, deafness, disorientation. And I said I think it might be two people cause I’d seen two woodpeckers. So those are words of knowledge. Okay? And it usually happens— kind of you got to just keep thinking what is that? Is God trying to show me something? Because if you ask the Holy Spirit to tell you something He usually will tell you straight away. It’s usually the first thought in your head or the first feeling you have is usually the Holy Spirit. So two women came out and they’d had those symptoms for a long time. But when I said well it’s just an evil spirit they let go! Well that’s all right then!

So we just tell the evil spirit to leave. What I’d like to do is when somebody’s got an issue it’s like a demonic thing or it’s caused by an evil spirit I normally— I will get them to say Father God, please will you forgive me for allowing this thing a place in my life, for coming into agreement with it. Because you know when that happened with me I could have thought well I’ve got this illness now. I could have gone to the doctor and got medication for it. And sort of come under it and lived under it for a very long time. I wondered why when I pray I’m not getting better. All it was was an evil spirit. So we’ve got to see in the spirit realm just like Jesus did. He only did what He saw the Father doing in heaven. He spoke what He heard being spoken in heaven. So anyhow these people got completely set free. We prayed for them. The evil spirits come out and they get completely healed by Jesus. That’s good isn’t it?

AUDIENCE: (CLAPPING) ALISS: Something similar happened. You know it’s I just like to teach people and help them to understand the evil spirits are nothing to be scared of. They are scared of you. When you realize who you are, who lives within you, the enemy is so, so scared of you. He’s trying to stop you coming into all that God has for you. And I tell you what. It’s time. Oh yeah! C’mon. You’d better believe it. NOW is the time. You know God’s been getting you ready all these years for such a time as this! The things that you’ve been going through, it’s like the Lord showed me recently that after years and years and years and years of being in the wilderness, going round and round and coming under stuff and being attacked by the enemy and all this stuff. That now after all these years we have now come into the Promised Land. But you know what? The Promised Land is very different from the wilderness. Very different. We need strategy. We need tactics. And that’s why we need God to show us what we need to do. We’ve got to do everything that the Holy Spirit tells us to do. We must be so obedient to the Holy Spirit. But this one time I was in the cafe and there’s a lady she’d been healed of deafness. Like she was completely deaf in one ear. We prayed. We had to pep her up. You see we had a photographer in there all week because he witnessed a miracle and he asked could he come back for a whole week and take photographs. So he did. And so he’s taking photographs and she’s got completely healed in her left ear.

Our Guest Jerame Nelson

JERAME:  And I’m telling you I was in Jacksonville Florida about two months ago sharing the same thing. And it was amazing because as I shared it there was a fragrance that came right through the right side of the room and I mean it filled the whole place like ten minutes after I started sharing. And I’m telling you I took one look at the pastor, he took one look at me and we all hit the floor. And you know what happened that night? There was at least, 4 different testimonies of people in a small church that had face to face encounters with Jesus. See sometimes when these senses open up there is a reality or an invitation from God that opens up for you to experience more. See anytime God does something supernatural it’s an invitation. Who wants to have an invitation from the Father?


JERAME:  Who wants to know more? Because He wants us to know more. And He wants to heighten our spiritual senses so, so that we can begin to recognize His voice when He speaks. And, you know I’ve been in meetings, we do a lot of healing ministry, I’ve been in meetings where if there’s a fragrance to the God side of things there’s a fragrance to the not-God side of things. And I’ve been in meetings where I walked to the right side of the room and I smelt a fragrance, that it, it just smells like you know, something that’s rotting and every time I’d walk over there I’d go What is that? And the Lord said somebody needs a miracle from cancer on that side. Just call a word of knowledge out. And I, I don’t necessarily say Hay, I smell the fragrance of something rotting.

I just say is there someone with cancer over here and they raise their hand and then they get healed. And so sometimes, you know, it’s, it’s like God is heightening us and He’s, He’s trying to get us to be aware of things so that we can pray about ‘them. Right? How many of you know we should always be praying? Right? We should be quick to listen, slow to speak. Right? And, and always be praying about the things of God. And, and what God wants to do is, is God wants to train us up into walking in the things of the spirit. Now let’s talk about taste. That’s an interesting one. But the Bible’s full of stories. I mean you have Ezekiel in chapter, you know in Ezekiel 3, 1 through 3 you have a commissioning that Ezekiel goes through. Now I want you to understand something.

Does God always do things that totally make sense to the mind? Not really. But what we got to look for is fruit. If there’s no fruit in someone’s life I don’t care what kind of encounter they had, if it hasn’t transformed their life then it’s not God. But if there’s a fruit and an evidence of His nature and His purity, His power, His, His goodness, His glory that’s reflected through the encounter into that person’s life or through that person how many of you know that’s of God. And so you’ve got Ezekiel. You know he’s probably hanging out and praying and an angel shows up and feeds him a scroll. I don’t know about you but that’s kind of strange. I mean if who’s ever been like Lord I love you and then, you know a scroll goes down your throat. Ha! I mean that’s kind of strange but you know what? I don’t mind strange as long as there’s the fruit. You want to know what the fruit was? He was a prophet of God from that moment on.

Every word that he spoke forth we’re still seeing them come to pass today. And there was, there was, an activation of a gift and of an anointing that came in his life as a result of that encounter. I’m telling you today that can happen to you. You know we’ve, we’ve done activation times, in every time that we’ve taught this and we’ll do it corporately, we’ll get people to lay their hands on their eyes, and their tongue, and their nose, and their ears, and their hearts and it’s been amazing because we’ve had several people that have actually gone into open visions, of scrolls that open up with a life scripture on them. And they’ve testified to God giving them that scripture and then weeks after that they see it manifest. How many of you know that’s amazing, right? See if we’re really hungry to see and to hear and to feel then, then all we have to do is say God, please, I want to see, I want to hear, I want to feel, I want to know more. And, and it’s amazing because some of us are having encounters that are the same as others but we just don’t know it.

Our Guest Jerame Nelson

JERAME:  Jesus! And the direction that Jesus wants to go. Right? And so I love that because sometimes God will open these realms up for us so that we can be led of His spirit. And I remember that night, you know, I said all right I ditched the fire message and I preached on the joy of the Lord and you know what happened? More miracles than I had ever seen before! I’m telling you deliverances happened. People got saved. People, people were like set free from years of bondage! I mean what would have happened if I wouldn’t have followed the leading of the Lord, right? See that’s the key. Following the leading of the Lord.

And I remember, you know, I remember THE first time that I ever smelt a supernatural fragrance. it’s actually hilarious because I, I was,  – I met this man by the name of Bob Jones, and you know he’s a prophetic guy. And anyway people warned me that he’s like a country prophet and that he could, he could say stuff at any time that was crazy. And so I met him and I was in this room and he starts praying for people. And he gets, he prays for this whole line of people and I thought I’m going to get at the end of the line because God responds for hunger, you know? And so he prays and he’s praying for these guys. And he gets to me and right when I’m thinking All right! Here it is! I’m going to get prayer for impartation. He goes, Sit down boy, the anointing’s gone. Thinking what? So I sit down and I’m like thinking Man, what did I do wrong? You know? And He goes and grabs some chicken and he’s eating chicken in this green room. And, and then I, I feel stupid so I’m like I’m leaving and I get up to like leave and when I go to grab the door he goes, Come here boy, the anointing’s back!


JERAME:  So I’m thinking What? And so I go and I, I’m like all right. So I stand over there. And he puts his chicken down and wipes his, his leg and he, and he looks at me and he goes You smell that? And I said Smell what? You know and he goes Do you smell that? And I’m thinking Chicken? And he goes No, sniff! And so I go [Jerame sniffs]. And he goes You smell that? And I go No. And he goes C’mon you’re dull. So you smell again. So I, I said to God, like Lord please let me smell something!


JERAME:  I mean I already got rejected once. And so I go [Jerame deeply sniffs]. And when I said God, PLEASE let me smell something it activated. How many of you know we got to ask? And when it, when it activated the most beautiful fragrance came. And it was like overwhelming. I mean I just got hit! And, and I said Wow, I do smell that! And Bob goes, Yup! You’re a sweet smelling stench in your Daddy’s nostril. He said that’s your intimacy coming before the Father. Your prayers and, and your intimacy are like a fragrance to Him in, in the throne. And, and then he said a prophecy over me. He said 2nd Corinthians 2: 14, he said: Now thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph through Christ and through us diffuses the fragrance of Christ. And I’m telling you that was my first encounter with the fragrance of God but I learned something that day. There’s a fragrance to Christ. So if a fragrance shows up in our house or in church or wherever how many of you know our attitude should not be Oh, yeah, we’ve smelt that before. Cause if there’s a fragrance to Jesus and He shows up, what if it’s Jesus testing our hearts to see if we really want Him and if we’re discerning enough to realize He’s in the room. See this puts a whole different understanding together when it comes to the supernatural. God does the supernatural with a purpose! So if a fragrance were to show up here right now what, what should the response be? That response should be on our faces before God because the King just walked in.


Our Guest Rodney Hogue

SID: And in that glory, what happened?

RODNEY: And in that glory she got set free.

SID: You told me something else that’s very important. As this gift developed in you to set people free, you began to … Well, I had a thousand people that got set free, you began to look at them as individuals, not a corporate or just a job to do, put a bandaid, goodbye. Tell me that difference.

RODNEY: When I first started ministering in this area, I had a job to do and I didn’t see the person as a person. I had a job, I’m going to cast the demon out. And so that was my agenda, and I would have even sacrificed you on the altar of my agenda to get that thing out. Then the Lord began to show me people as he sees them.

RODNEY: So there’s a heart of compassion that began to rise up within me that I shifted from just having an agenda to see the person is the priority. The person is what’s important. So their freedom needs to be a love encounter with Jesus and so I had to shift how I did it, and the Lord did it by letting me see the person as he would see them. Every person has value. Everyone has significance.

SID: Well I’ll tell you what, many believers have, and it’s through ignorance, opened doors to the demonic. Rodney will expose the open doors when we return.

SID: You know, Rodney, are you afraid of demons? You’ve prayed for thousands to be set free. Are you afraid of demons?

RODNEY: The demonic uses the same strategy; it’s fear, it’s intimidation and it’s deception. They want you to fear them. They actually do things so that you will be afraid. For example, if somebody manifests, that thing is simply manifesting so you’ll back off, so you will be afraid. And so people come into an agreement with that. Oftentimes that fear that that person is feeling is not their own fear. It’s a fear that’s being projected on them by that spirit. So they’re feeling this sense, I got to get out of here, I got to run, this is scaring me, because they don’t recognize they’re not experiencing God’s authority. They’re actually experiencing that.

RODNEY: One of the things I think that’s important is that when we’re ministering in this area here, that we need to pull out the authority that’s inside that believer. In the book of Acts, and in the gospels, there’s a process in which a deliverance happens where I have the authority of Jesus and I’m bringing the kingdom of God into a place. So therefore the way that … This modality is me with the authority of Jesus, advancing the kingdom, bringing his kingdom to a place, demons manifest, and we’re casting them out.

SID: So what do you do when you feel fearful?

RODNEY: Well, basically that, to me that’s a sign that you’re history, because you just showed me that, you just played your cards. You’re there and now I know you’re there.

SID: Many Christians through ignorance have opened doors. Tell me about these open doors.

RODNEY: Well, Ephesians chapter four verse 27 says, “Do not give the devil an opportunity,” and he’s talking to believers there. That word opportunity sometime is translated as a foothold or a place, “Do not open the door to the enemy.” So what happens is that the enemy is looking for legal loopholes, for legal rights, for legal inroads into a person’s life. So he will simply just, he just can’t jump on you anytime he wants to, he’s got to have a legal right, and he will stretch it if he can. Even though it’s not quite a legal right, he will simply go for that.