Our Guest James Goll

Sid:  I’ve been blowing my brand new shofar that I got from Israel; I haven’t been blowing it enough but it’s still working praise God I was so excited the last time I blew it on the air because I wasn’t sure anything would come out.  My guest this week is Jim Goll, we’ve had him on the air several times, but he has a new book that is a must mentoring it is a must mentoring tool it’s called “Dream Language.”  Did you know that God speaks to us in a personal language based on speaking to us individuals and our experiences that might be different from someone else, but God wants to speak to us in dreams and visions and supernatural wisdom.  And this is a handbook that is a requirement if you really and truly want to hear from God and be obedient in the days that we’re living in.  And I want to start out with a scripture, it’s from Joel the 2nd chapter and it’s quoted in the Book of Act’s, but before it’s quoted there is some interesting scripture in Joel chapter 2 verse 23.  “For he has given you the former rain faithfully and he will cause the rain to come down for you; the former rain and the latter rain in the first month.”  And of course Peter quotes this at Pentecost, that’s Shavuot, but that wasn’t the end that was just the beginning.  And I don’t know that we have had the former rain and latter rain coming down at once but he says that when this gusher hits this is what we’re going to see in verse 28.  “And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh.”  I’m glad it says all, but then it specifically says “Your sons,” by the way speaking to Jewish people, physical Jews, “Your sons and your daughters shall prophecy; you’re old men shall dream dreams; your young men shall see visions.  And also on my men servants and on my maid servants, and in other words on every one; “I will pour out My Spirit in those days;” And I believe James Goll we’re in those days and I believe that too few believers understand their dreams and visions and as a result as you talk about in your book the dreams are snatched from them. Its supernatural with Sid Roth ministry

James:  Yeah, right I call it you know there’s dream drainers and dream snatchers, but we can be dream catchers because the word of God says so.  Just as you’re reading to us from the book of Joel and it’s from the book of Acts; God is the one who told us, He prophesied to us “That in the last days,” those days that we’re living in right now. “That He will pour forth His Spirit upon all flesh.”  And that’s old, that’s young, that’s men, that’s women, that’s boy, that’s girl, that’s whether you’re living in free countries or living in closed countries.  He will pour forth His Spirit on all flesh and He will do it in such a manner that He’ll put the Spirit of Revelation on us. A couple of the forms that takes is dreams and visions.  So already you who are out there listening I want you to know that you should expect to receive from God in the night seasons while you simply go to sleep.  The book of Proverbs says “God” and Psalm’s says “God will give to his beloved even in their sleep.”  And so hey guys this is just absolutely outrageous!  This is about a God who will overwhelm us out of His love and He will hotly pursue us and put the Spirit of Revelation upon us and give us dreams.  Dreams to instruct us, dreams to build up our faith, dreams to enlighten us, dreams to give us maybe witty inventions; I tell you this is an outrageous day we live in and God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh.

Sid:  By the way, I recently was in Israel and do you know they’re leading the world in computer technology, and all types of types of technology.  I would think that if God doesn’t give you a dream or vision of a witty invention, just invest in an Israeli company, it will be just as profitable.

James:  That’s really great I agree with you; I tell you we need to wise up in how we use our money; how we use our time; how we invest ourselves.  And I tell you God is giving breakthrough technologies in the medical.  God’s giving breakthrough technologies into the energy issues, and He has breakthrough revelation to give to your life to help solve difficult problems.  Do you know that when Solomon got his whole realm of like the wisdom poured out upon his life it was that God came to him in a dream, and in a dream God asked him a question of what is it do you want?  And it was in the dream, an interactive dream, can you imagine that an interactive dream and He asked for wisdom.  And I tell you because he asked for wisdom God said, “I’ll give you everything.”  I tell you God wants to come and invade our space. He wants to give us revelation, illumination and inspiration for the sphere’s of authority that we each have.

Sid:  You know one of the things I love is you have written a prayer in your book that is a Hebrew prayer that you’re supposed to say before you go to sleep; tell me about that. Sid Roth supernatural 2012

James:  Yeah, you know as I was preparing for this and I had read three different times the over 300 scriptures in the Bible on dreams.  You see this is just not a sidelight issue, this is one of the major communication tools of God in scripture.  And if Jesus is the same; Yeshua the same yesterday and forever as the book of Hebrews we should expect the same kind of activity today as we did in the Bible.  And I was given a lost just great insight and part of this deals with prayers to lift up before the Lord before you go to sleep.  And I got some this from Jewish dream practices and Jewish bedtime prayers, and it’s actually just awesome.  And in it you’re saying “Blessed are You our God gracious One, Keeper of the world, Who makes my eyes sleepy and causes my eyelids to close.  God of those who came before me, (See now that’s import, there’s your reciting History), and your saying, “Oh God of Daniel, oh God of Abraham; God of Moses; God of Esther you who have led them by the Spirit of Revelation in the past lead us again, God of those that came before me.  Help me to lie down peacefully and rise up peacefully.  While I sleep, may I not be disturbed by troubling ideas, bad dreams, or scary thoughts that come to me in the night.  May my sleep bring both rest and insight.  Blessed are You, God for illuminating the whole world in glorious ways.”  And then there’s another prayer and in it you’re asking for God to release His angels to come to you to release the Spirit of revelation upon your life.  And I tell you if God did it before He will and is doing it again.

Sid:  Well, are you find that people start praying that prayer before they go to bed they have  better sleep, and they have better insight from God in their dreams and in their visions?

James:  Oh absolutely, you see the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit the Book of Roman’s says.  And so if we pray very simple prayers before we go to asleep our state of our inner being will be more calm, will be more in alignment with the Kingdom of God.

Sid:  What if we do the reverse; we watch television and we watch a blood and guts war movie, does that really upset our spirit to the point that it affects our dreams?

James:  It can, it doesn’t always but it can.  See our eye is it’s called the eye gate and what we behold we in a sense become.  The book of proverbs says “What so ever you think” you see, “As a man thinks so he will he be.”  So what we meditate on what we dwell upon, what we think or even look upon affects our thought processes and if those aren’t calmed or cleansed before we go to asleep then you will end up having what you call it will be more of a soulish dream or a body dream versus an inspired Holy Spirit dream.  And so we do need to be careful; you know there’s a la la song, you know I grew up in church so “You be careful little eyes what you see,” you know.

Sid:  No, because I grew up in the synagogue but go ahead. [Laughing]

James:  Yeah, but you see you got to be careful what you see, what you listen to and where you go.  Now but the real key is just get lost in the blood of Yeshua, get cleansed in the blood of Jesus before you go to sleep.  Pray invoke the Kingdom of God upon your thoughts, upon your mind, upon your soul and then you will be inviting the King to rule over this area.  And I tell you it is just awesome, there are times that see, I want people to understand something though I’m known as the seer and dream language and angelic encounters and these realms; I didn’t start out this way and some have.  But I didn’t and I prayed the scripture over my life and I saw how God spoke to Daniel, and how he spoke to Joseph, and how He spoke to different ones in the Bible and I just flat out just said, “Lord, if you did it for them You can do it for me.”  And I just kept praying the word of God for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to be grated to me, the book of Ephesians chapter one.  And as I did that I had a gradual increase of the Spirit of Revelation upon my life and the ability to retain.  Here’s part of the issue that you were touching you see, if you go to bed all stirred up, even if you get something from the Lord it’s harder to retain it and remember it.  But if you go to sleep in the place of Kingdom of God righteousness, peace, and joy not only is it easier to receive revelation, but it’s a whole easier to retain and then capture, release, recall, what the Lord has done in the sleep season.

Sid:  Now James we’re making your book available “Dream Language” briefly what kind of feedback are you getting on this book?

James:  You know there is an impartation that is on this book, and as you read this you will go on a journey with me that it won’t just be with me; you will go on a journey with the Holy Spirit.