Our Guest Steven Brooks

Sid:    My guest Steven Brookes has written a very very significant book it’s called, “Working With Angels.” As a matter of fact there are Bible Schools that are using this one in particular in Romania as a text book for a subject called Angelology, I’ve never heard of such a word before Steven Brooks.

Steven:  It’s a great subject, it’s very interesting.

Sid:  It is because there are angels all around us and the sad thing is that it’s possible to disrespect these angels and I guess then they’re not going to work on your behalf. Sid Roth video podcast

Steven:  That is true Sid, because angels they respond to our faith.  You know we’re admitting all the time, even right now on this radio we are transmitting, but see as individuals angels because they are in the Spirit realm and they’re spirit beings, they are able to see us and they can see exactly what we’re transmitting and admitting.  Faith has a voice, but so do doubt and unbelief and they are looking to see what we’re transmitting because they’re ministering Spirits.  Paul talked about that in Hebrews chapter 1 verse 14.  As a matter of fact he said, “They are all ministering Spirits sent forth to minister for them who maybe heirs of salvation so they want to serve for us, they want to help us in what God has called us to do.

Sid:  Tell me about that angelic encounter you had in a hotel room in Northern Virginia.

Steven:  Well Sid many years back before the Lord put me in the ministry I use to work out on the plumbing field and one day after I had finished this great job that I was working on with some other plumber friends we teamed up on this big job. I thought everything was done and I was just praising the Lord because it was another job done and I was happy for it.  But then I realized I had left a piece of equipment underneath the building; I had to crawl all the way underneath it to go get it.  I decided I would just praise the Lord along the way and that was very difficult to do because I was very tired and fatigued, but I just prayed the Lord and thanked Him anyhow for the strength to work and for I knew that He had a calling on my life and I was just praising Him.  And as I was doing that crawling underneath that house my hand hit something in the dark, I swung a flashlight around to see what it was and there buried down in the ground were the keys to my van, I had lost them earlier that day, I didn’t even know it that they had worked out of pants pocket while I was working underneath there.  And something about that just seemed to stick out to me and that thought of finding those keys was such a miraculous condition which I talked about I the book that never left me. I felt like the Lord had a message in that but I just didn’t understand it.  Well, a couple of years by and of course and quite a few years went by and then I found myself out in Moravian Falls, North Carolina.  We had moved out here but we had done a long ministry trip my wife and I and my daughter we had done a trip that lasted about four months of being out on the road going from church to church and ministering all over.  We came back and all I wanted to do is get a little rest, but I noticed a friend of mine was in a hurry at this lodge that we’re staying at trying to spread out some pine needles to make it look very pretty because a large group was coming up to the lodge to stay.  I went out to help them out because I knew he wasn’t going to get it done in time before they got there.  And I spread pine needles all over the place about six inches deep in area large enough to cover almost half of a basketball court we put it all over the place.   And as I was standing there after the work was done feeling real happy about having made it look so pretty and helping out.  I noticed that some of the needles in one area the pine needles weren’t spread very neat and I walked out to them to spread them a little more flat and when I did that my foot bumped something and it sounded like a piece of metal, well I pulled all the pine needles back in this certain area and pushed and dug up a little bit of the ground and I found the keys of my car laying there.  I checked my pocket, they had fallen out, I was working so fast the keys must have fallen out and I covered them up and I didn’t even know it.  And that brought back to me that memory of that former time of having found those lost keys and I just said, “Lord thank you for helping me find my keys again I feel like you’re trying to get a message across to me, but I’m not sure what it is you’re trying to say to me.”  But Sid it was right after that I got a little rest and we headed out for another meeting this time up in Northern Virginia, it’s a very beautiful part of the country we were preaching in and I was holding revival meeting it lasted four days.  On the last day of that meeting I was in my hotel room during the day getting ready for the night’s service, it was going to be the final meeting.  My wife and daughter had gone into town to get something to eat, and also just to kind of give me some free time there are the hotel, and they’re very gracious about doing that.  But while I was in the hotel by myself I was praying and after I had been praying for and extensive amount of time I just felt like I wanted to praise the Lord some and I just stood up and I begin to walk around that hotel room, I had my hands up in the air, I was praising the Lord thanking Him just any good thing I could put out to the Lord I was just telling him how wonderful He is and sharing with Him and how wonderful He is and Sid as I did that suddenly it was like a “swoosh,” something came into the room and stood two feet behind my left shoulder.  And I knew what it was it was a heavenly visitor, and even without looking I saw a blue light emanating off of this being whoever he was.  And I stood there I couldn’t move, something about the awe or the glory coming off of Him I just couldn’t move.  And then I heard him speak to me he said, “That’s why you were allowed to have found lost keys because praise is the lost key to victory.”  And Sid I slowly turned around there was an angelic being standing there with a blue light just coming all off of him and he smiled at me.  I just put my hands up and I began to praise the Lord like I never had before. I tell you what we had a meeting that night; that last night was a blow out meeting in the Spirit.

Sid:  Well, you know just as you’re sharing there’s an increase in angelic activity, there is an increase in the anointing of God.  Do you know why it just increased as you were sharing that story? Sid Roth radio archives

Steven:  That’s because I believe that what I just shared somebody caught it, there was a revelation and somebody is going to praise their way out of the mess they’re in.  You know God doesn’t do bad things but sometimes He’ll allow us to go through a tight spot or challenging spot and He’ll develop character, He’ll develop integrity in us. As we praise Him and stand in faith God will bring us out.  It says in Psalm 34 “That many are the inflections of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all.”  Somebody is about to be delivered, somebody is about to get a blessing, somebody is about to get a miracle, and all they need to do is praise the Lord because it’s on the way.

Sid:  Tell me, you’ve had several third heaven experiences tell me about one.

Steven:  Well, most of the experiences I’ve had Sid where the Lord has taken me up to heaven have happened in a trance type of vision.  In other words Peter when he was on a housetop praying he went into a trance and he saw that sheet come down three times that vision was repeated to him.  And when you got into a trance your physical senses are suspended, and the times that the Lord has taken me up into heaven have been times when I would go into a trance and as far as things physically going, I didn’t know where my body was at, all I was aware of is spiritual realities of being caught up.  One time I was on my knees praying in my private time and I was caught straight up, it seemed like I was just sucked up with a gigantic vacuum cleaner or something like that, and all I was totally unaware of anything physical, all I could see was the spirit realm. I was being pulled up through a white cloud it seemed like I was being pulled up thousands of miles per hour.  And I landed, I came down on a substance that was solid and firm and it was real I stood on it, I even felt the thump when I landed and came down on it and I looked up. Sid when I looked up I saw the most beautiful lights I had ever seen in my life; lights of yellow, and gold streaming and merging together and making a just beautiful orange colors, the light was flowing through me and energizing me.  And then I turned and I looked straight ahead of me and twenty feet in front of me was the largest throne I had ever seen in my life, it appeared to be about 80 feet high, it was completely covered with a white cloud, but way up high about 50 feet high I could see two arm rests jetting out and it was a throne of God the Father.  This experience that happened to me which I talk about in my book, “Working With Angels,” was one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had in my life where I actually was able to talk with Father God.  He shared something’s with me that totally melted my heart, I talk about them in the book. He gave me a precious necklace while I was there, He placed it on me, He said I asked Him what it was.  He said, “This is the diamond of hope.”  And then He told me, He said, “Hope is divine expectancy that what I have promised you can come to pass at any moment.”

Sid:  That’s what’s going to happen to people when they read your book they’re going to have a new revelation of the reality of hope actually coming to pass.

Steven:  I believe they will Sid and I believe they’ll understand the love of God and one of the things while I was there in heaven the Father told me, He said, “I love you.”  And when He told me that I never heard that from my natural father.  My natural father dearly loves me, but in his generation they just didn’t do that and so when the Heavenly Father told me that I felt like I was just completely undone, but then put back together again in a way that just made everything in my life completely whole.

Sid:  How did it change your life?

Steven:  Well, I came out of that experience and it just seemed like everything in life was brighter, it seemed like the grass was greener, it just makes you want to love people, it makes you want to be sweet, it makes you not want to quarrel or argue with anybody, it makes you just want to try to do your best to bend, to help people and it just makes you want to be consumed by the love of God.

Sid:  How about you, do you want to be consumed by the love of God, do you want God to literally embrace you and say “I love you?” …The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord cause His countenance to shine upon you and be gracious to you, the Lord grant you His shalom, His completeness in your spirit, in your soul and in your body in the name of the Sar Shalom, the Prince of Peace, Yeshua Hamashiach Tsekanu, Jesus the Messiah our righteousness.