Our Guest Becky Dvorak

BECKY: You just have that feeling every time you eat. It just feels sick inside of you. Right now, you receive your deliverance. Lay your hand on yourself. In Jesus’ name, you, be released, from this curse. Because it is a curse. Someone else is having a problem, what is that called? When it’s – yes the carpel tunnel, thank you. Someone is having a problem with that, and it’s in their left hand. Or their left wrist area. Yeah, in Jesus’ Name, you just release the healing power. You just say, “I receive it. I receive my healing in Jesus’ name.” Start moving your wrist, and you allow it to move. Pain-free, and be healed. The numbness, be gone in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen? Thank you for being here. Thank you for all of you that have tuned in. And we just say God, bless you as you are healed in Jesus’ name. Amen?

AUDIENCE: [clapping]

SID: You know, I’m a professional interviewer. I was watching you, and I’m a little disappointed. When conditions were mentioned, if you had. If I had a back pain, and praise God, I don’t have a back pain. But if I had, and that word was mentioned. I’d stand up and bend over. So, I believe the word is still in the atmosphere. If you have pain in your body anywhere, stand up, and walk into your healing. Don’t keep your pain, or whatever you want.

AUDIENCE: [clapping and standing up]

SID: Come on now. Bend your knee. How about that knee? Bend your knee. If you had a knee problem. Don’t do it if you didn’t have one. [laughs] come on, now faith. That is what the Bible says. Faith without corresponding action is dead. Do you want dead faith? Without faith, you can ‘t please God. So why would you want it dead, when it could be alive right now. Come on, test yourself. Test your fingers. Those that had a problem with their fingers. Okay, now, if your condition was not called, did Jesus pay the price if their condition wasn’t called?

BECKY: Absolutely.

AUDIENCE: [clapping]

SID: I would stand up for my condition, and get it. Right now. Stand up and get it right now, whatever it is. Whatever it is. Whatever it is. I mean, come on, be aggressive like you really believe.

AUDIENCE: [responding]

SID: Either that or don’t believe.

AUDIENCE: [responding and smiling]

SID: Okay, now that a few of you are standing up, I want everyone to stand up. If you had a manifestation of a healing today, raise your hand high, so that I can see it. Real high. Woah. Now those in the front row, turn around. Keep those hands up. Look at all those hands. Okay, I’m just letting you know. I’m going to pray an ancient Jewish prayer over you that comes from the Bible. And, more of you are going to get healed when this is prayed over you. except, I’m not going to pray it from the Old Covenant way before Jesus came. I’ll pray the same prayer from after Jesus came; much stronger. It’s already happened. now it’s just a matter of you walking it. The Lord has already blessed you. The Lord has already, He’s already smiled on you. The Lord has already surrounded you with His love and His Faith. The Lord has already given you gifts, good gifts. The Lord has surrounded you with His favor. He’s already given it to you. It’s not, “Lord give it to me.” He’s given You His favor. The Lord has already given you His shalom. His completeness in your Spirit, in your soul, and in your body [music] in the name of the Sar Shalom, the Prince of peace, Yeshua Ha Mashiach Tsidkenu; Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness.

Our Guest Donna Schambach

LARRY: Welcome back to Something More. I’ve got my guest Donna Schambach with us, and today we’re talking about ministering out of the anointing, and ministering out of authority your spiritual authority in CHRIST! Now for the last two segments we’ve talked about anointing; flowing with the anointing, creating an atmosphere of the anointing in our lives, and learning how to recognize the movement of the Spirit of God. But let me ask you a question: What happens when you don’t feel anything? What happens when you don’t’ feel [CHUCKLING]? What happens when you don’t feel the glory? What happens when you actually see no identifiable signs of the movement of God? Does that mean you don’t pray? No; it actually means you step into the situation, and you pray with boldness and authority, because the Lord has said it to you. He said it to His 70 that He sent out to do the works of ministry, and He’s saying it to you today: Behold, I give you authority over all the power of the enemy. When you don’t feel anything, and you don’t feel the anointing, guess what? You still have authority in Christ to do something about that situation. Donna, you have a funny story about recognizing, learning, activating your spiritual authority. Can you share that with us?

DONNA: Yeah. It took me a long time, Larry, before I’d even share it because it was so embarrassing.


DONNA: to me. But I kind of describe it this way: I had to learn the voice of the anointing wasn’t in my head, wasn’t in my natural ears, but it came out of the place where I was birthed in the Holy Spirit.


DONNA: Out of your belly will flow rivers of living water. Well when I first started out in ministry, it was in the Bronx, New York, and I was starting a Christian school! And I was content being a teacher, but the Pastor introduced me to everybody as Brother Schambach’s daughter. So I guess people made the assumption that I was, you know, flowing at his level.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: at that time, and I hadn’t even been called to the ministry yet!


DONNA: So  in that Italian-American  community, somebody invited me over for a spaghetti dinner, and of course I didn’t turn them down; but what I didn’t know is they had a hidden agenda. And my friend said to me, when I got to the house she says, Oh before we eat, there’s a lady sitting on my sofa. Would you cast the devil out of her? LAUGHS


DONNA: Can you imagine a pre-dinner.

LARRY: Yeah; yeah. 

DONNA: casting out of the devil?


DONNA: So I went into the living room, and there was this woman. She was had to be 7-foot tall, had to be almost 350 pounds, solid as a rock. NOT smiling, darkness all over her face.


DONNA: Didn’t utter a word. And, you know, because a Schambach doesn’t normally back down [CHUCKLING] from a challenge.

LARRY: Yeah; yeah, yeah.

DONNA: I just went after it the way I thought my dad would, you know! And so I squared [CHUCKLING] my shoulders, and In the NAAAME of JESUS, I got that kind of preacher voice.

LARRY: Yeah, yeah.

DONNA: and you know then I’d start slapping her on the back.


DONNA: and nothing happened! 

LARRY: Yeah, yeah.

DONNA: You know, nothing moved, not even a blink! And so I dug in a little deeper.


DONNA: and I said, I TAKE AUTHORITY, and I must have taken authority over every demon.

LARRY: Yeah; [CHUCKLING] yeah. 

DONNA: I could name: LAUGHING spirits of confusion.


DONNA: lying, you know, witchcraft, whatever!

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: Nobody budged. And then I thought, Well I’m going to have to really get violent here.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: and so I took her by her face.

LARRY: Oh my.

DONNA: I tried to squeeze the devil out of her!

LARRY: Don’t do this at home!

DONNA: Do not try this [CHUCKLING] at home.


DONNA: you know. And I left that room defeated.


DONNA: Larry, because I did every trick in the book to cast that devil out.

LARRY: Yeah.

Sid Roth

Audience: Peter.

SID: Who does the talking? We do.  And supernatural languages. You get it? Peter walked. Here’s what happened. Peter did his part, and God did His part. Your part, is to speak, from your Spirit. I don’t know what to say. So far, you’re perfect. It’s called unknown tongues.

Audience: (laughs)

SID: Perfect. A-plus. But what if it’s not from God? Well what if it is from God? My Bible says if a child asks for bread, his father is not going to give him a stone. How much more will He give the Holy Spirit to those who ask in the name of Jesus? Get it straight. You’re either a believer or you’re not a believer. So, I want everyone,  that had either has never prayed in supernatural languages, that’s you at home. Or has, but didn’t realize what they were missing, to stand up. And the others, I’ll pray for your salvation. Come on, stand up. [laughs] Come on. Come on or I’ll embarrass you on international TV. Give me a break. Okay. Now, I want you to say this prayer and mean it with your heart. you at home, you think I won’t embarrass you on international TV? God knows your name. [laughs] Okay, pray out loud and mean it to the best of your ability. you at home too; Dear God

Audience: Dear God

SID: I’m a sinner

Audience: I’m a sinner

SID: against you

Audience: against you

SID: and you alone

Audience: and you alone

SID: have I sinned

Audience: have I sinned

SID: And I’m so sorry

Audience: And I’m so sorry

SID: I believe

Audience: I believe

SID: That Jesus died in my place

Audience: That Jesus died in my place

SID: and by His blood

Audience: and by His blood

SID: you remember my sins no more

Audience: you remember my sins no more

SID: and now that I’m clean

Audience: and now that I’m clean

SID: I ask Jesus

Audience: I ask Jesus

SID: to be my lord

Audience: to be my lord

SID: Lord Jesus

Audience: Lord Jesus

SID: come and live inside of me

Audience: come and live inside of me

SID: and in Jesus Name

Audience: and in Jesus Name

SID: I ask you to fill me

Audience: I ask you to fill me

SID: from the top of my head

Audience: from the top of my head

SID: to the bottom of my toes

Audience: to the bottom of my toes


SID: with your Holy Spirit

Audience: with your Holy Spirit

SID: and with your power

Audience: and with your power

SID: amen

Audience: amen

JULIE: (plays piano) [singing spontaneously]

SID: [music] I wonder if there are some people here that want to share a testimony, something, not something you saw yesterday, or even this afternoon, or something that happened to you yesterday. Or even, this afternoon. I’m wondering if there are any of you that would like to share something that happened to you tonight. Either, a vision. You saw something, or you did something you haven’t done before. Raise your hand, if you’d like to share and come forward, please. Just come on forward if your hand’s up. Come on. What’s going on with you?

Lady: When she started singing ├▒ Well, I have had a pain in my chest about 3 or 4 days, and it was real bad. And I just kept praying and praying, but it would never go away. I prayed this prayer too. [laughs] but I said, I listened to this Mexican guy that you had on there.

SID: mm um

Lady 1: and he was saying walking in the Spirit. And I asked God, ‘How can I go to Florida? I can’t go to Florida.’ I said, ‘I know I need that.’ And He said, ‘Go to Sid Roth, where you use to work.’ I said, ‘Yeah, that’s right.’ So anyway, one of the girls invited me here, and as she was playing, and you told us to just get in the Spirit as she was playing, and I did. And at first it didn’t go away, it seemed like it got harder. The pain, real hard pain like somebody was sticking a knife, an ice pick in my chest. And I said I’m not going to give up. And I just kept praying, and praying, and praying. And it’s gone! It is not there.

SID: Praise God

Audience: (clapping)

Our Guest Richard Booker

RICHARD: They’d go home disappointed. Come back next year, Well one year has to be the year!


So it says in the Book of Acts, There were devout Jews from all the surrounding nations come to Jerusalem…. for Shavuot.


the Hebrew word; Pentecost. and guess what happens?


Now instead of Mount Sinai in the desert, it’s Mount Zion in Jerusalem.


It’s repeating it; God comes down with fire, like a mighty wind It’s on the Temple Mount; all this commotion, [laughing] all this noise!

Oh my goodness.

I’m getting excited.

Oh yeah.

[Excitedly] The people are running to the foot of the mountain! They hear all this, they see all this; now, God comes down in [laughing] tongues of fire, and speaks through.


all the languages, to all. it. it’s amazing!

Now we don’t even think about.

I know it!

that parallel.

It’s , and then so now, instead of Moses, Peter gets up.


and speaks!


And now, to finish the story, instead of 3,000 dying, 3,000. it’s right. God is amazing!.

Wow; wow.

(laughing) 3,000 gladly received His Word, and were added into the Kingdom of God. So they got baptized.  The. Hebrew is Mikveh, and these baptismal pools–


The ruins of them are still there.


on the southern slopes of the Temple Mount. You can see where these 3,000 people got baptized there.


Isn’t that amazing!

That’s, that’s.

It is so amazing! It’s one book and. and one [laughing] story!

Well, and I can.

(laughing) Wow!

just to let our viewers know, because so many people, when you actually mention the word Pentecost, they get scared, you know. They get. People think, Oh, Pentecost; we’re associating that with something weird, something bizarre. Pentecost is not something to be afraid of, number one, as Dr. Booker just explained. It actually means, at its root, 50; you know, 50 days.


And the wonderful thing, though, is Pentecost is not just an experience to happen one time. It was not just something that happened under the Old Covenant. And it wasn’t just something that happened one day, I-in the Book of Acts. Pentecost, I believe, is the experience that God is inviting every Believer to live under the influence of. If you are thinking to yourself, I wish I could experience God more; I. I wish I could actually, Taste and see that [He] is good. God was never just meant to be a list of rules, regulations, formulas, or concepts. He is a person, and I believe He is a person, through the Holy Spirit, Who wants to have an experience. a dynamic encounter with you. So when we come back, me and Dr. Booker are going to talk about how you can accept the Lord’s invitation, to experience the power and the presence of Pentecost in your life today. Don’t go away. [music] We’ll see you when we come back.


Welcome back to Something More. I’m your host, Larry Sparks, and I’m here with Dr. Richard Booker. We [claps] are going to talk about how you can experience the power of Pentecost in your life today. Now, some of you might be thinking one of two things. Maybe it’s like, I don’t know about that; I’ve never experienced God in that way. I. I want to be faithful to the Word. I’m a person of the Word. And I’ve got some good news for you: God wants you to love His Word; but that Word is an invitation, for you to experience the One it reveals. And number two, you might think to yourself, Well yeah, that Holy Spirit thing, I got that, maybe back in 1975, 1983, 1997. I got filled with the Holy Spirit, baptized in the Spirit, spoke in tongues, fell on the floor, and. and. and.


and I’m good; I got my badge.


Our Guest Faisal Malick & Khalifa Wukawitz

KHALIDA:  I want you– I saw that on you. I saw that on you– I don’t know your name. But I saw that sweetness of God on you. But God said: ‘sweet is not enough.” Boldness! Boldness! Sweet and bold! You hear me? Sweet and bold! Sweet and bold! Do not be in fear anymore. I don’t know what the Lord called you to do, it’s between you and the Lord. Right now it’s time of worship. God is touching you. I see some of you and I read it on your face. I’m not going to read your mail because that’s not how our God works. He’s a private God. He’s a personal God. He’s a one on one, intimate God. That’s us. Muslim people know that, because we been at His feet. We worship down here. Then when you worship down here God comes from above and He drowns you with His love. So if you have fear in your heart, You’re not sure about your assignment, You’re worried about your look, you being shy, you being scared, you don’t see angels… you want to touch the heaven. Come for–ward and step– in– the river! Today is the day that you ask that your voice be heard. Go for it. Go for it. Use your heavenly language. You pray it, you cry it, you knock on the door and the door will be opened. You say “yes” to heaven and heaven will say “yes” to you– C’mon my brother, do it. Open your mouth, my brother. Open your mouth. Open your mouth. Open it. Open your mouth. C’mon. Open your mouth. Yes, yes, open your mouth. Open your mouth. Open your mouth. Don’t stop until you feel your breakthrough!


KHALIDA:  Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Our Jehovah! Our Jehovah! Yes–.yes– yes– yes– yes– yes– yes– yes– yes– God– God– God – God– yes– yes– yes– oh– yes– yes– yes– yes– cry out God– God– yes– yes– yes– Touch heaven––– you touch it–Touch it. Drive it down to earth. Pull it down– Pull it down– pull it down– pull it down– pull it down– pull it down– pull it down– Jesus said– [  ] in heaven is alive– Pull it down– down– down. Yes– rejoice– rejoice– rejoice– spin like a top– spin like a top– spin like a top– Let God manifest. Let God speak out. Let God out of your belly and out of your spirit. Joy– joy– joy– joy– joy– joy–  joy– freedom– freedom– freedom–freedom– freedom–freedom–  joy– joy– joy– joy– Touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch., touch, touch, touch, touch! That’s all I have to say. Amen.

SID:  Okay. It’s not all I have to say.


SID:  I just want to share one quick thing. It is hard, it’s hard to share because it takes a while, but I’m going to do it quick. I’ll do it, where’s Janie, I’ll do it New York style. This woman here was told by God to marry a Christian man. The Christian man was told by God to marry her. They got married and they were supposed to live happily ever after.  She loved this man, but every time she looked at him she wanted to chop his head off. She said, “Why God? I don’t understand.” She went on her knees, and said “God, I’m not leaving this place until you set me free. This is awful what’s going on in my life.” And God said “Your husband is a Jew.” And she said, “No, he’s not.” And He said, He showed her as a baby she received an anti-Semitic spirit and that spirit wanted to kill the Jewish husband and she didn’t even know that he was Jewish. She called her in-laws, and her in-laws said, “Yes, we’re German Jews, we hid that.” But God knew that. God set her free. How good is your marriage today?    

Our Guest Chester & Betsy Kylstra

BETSY: I just felt like there is a woman here who had been very shamed because you had a sister who was always favored. And you just felt so bad about yourself and you’re really an attractive talented gifted person, but because your parents always favored the sister you felt a lot of shame. And I felt like there is a man here who had gotten involved with a bad business deal and you felt like God said to do it and you- just felt so positive starting out and then things really twisted and it’s been very hard to forgive yourself and move on and you’ve had a lot of questions about it and there’s shame there that the Lord just wants to release you from tonight. And I feel like there are some people here who have gone through a lot of shame of verbal abuse. Of having people say ‘You’re just like so and so’ or ‘You’re never going to amount to anything’ and we just want to get that shame out of your life. So those were just a couple of things that I was seeing.

CHESTER: So what I’d like to do is lead you through some steps and I’ll come to what I call “the blank lines” every now and then, and I’ll leave it for you to fill in your particular thing, whether it’s your family sins, whether it’s your own sins, whether it’s your lies you’ve believed, and we’ll throw out suggestions as we feel the Holy Spirit’s given us possibilities here, and then at the end we’ll dismiss the demons and expect them to leave. Okay?  So we’re going to mix the 4 ministry areas together into one series of steps. Usually we’ll– deal with the family sins first, and then we’ll deal with the ungodly beliefs, then we’ll deal with the hurts, and then we’ll deal with the deliverance but we don’t have the luxury of doing that tonight so we’re just going to blend it all together, okay? And expect God to do some amazing things because we keep finding Him doing amazing things. It’s easy to do. Anything else you want to add before we charge into this?

BETSY: No, go ahead, go ahead, honey.

CHESTER: Okay, so if you want to participate repeat after me, if you don’t, pretend like you are and nobody…will notice [joking]. Okay, Thank you, Lord. Okay-


Father God; Lord Jesus; Holy Spirit; we come tonight; as Your children; as Your son or daughter; Come into a good Father; who’s paved the way; to receive healing and freedom; that we didn’t even know we needed; Thank you, Father; Lord, tonight I acknowledge; I take responsibility for; my own sins; in this area of shame; fear and control; I also acknowledge; that my ancestors; have sinned in these areas; and that these sins have come down through the family line; and I have entered into them; I didn’t know I was entering into them; I didn’t want to enter into them; but here I am; I choose not to blame my ancestors; they were just as trapped as I am; so I release all my ancestors; I forgive them; and do not hold them accountable; in any way; for the ways that shame; fear and control; have affected me; Now Lord I ask You to forgive me; for the ways I have taken on these sins; taken on these curses; and made them my own; it’s not what I want to do; and tonight; I make a decision; to declare war; on shame; fear; and control; and I will continue this war; until these strongholds; are totally eradicated; from my life; and the lives of my descendants; in Jesus name; I now; break agreement; with all the lies I have believed; that convey an identity of shame; that there’s something the matter with me; Holy Spirit; I ask You in the coming days; to reveal to me; every lie I have believed; in this area of shame; and as You reveal them; I will renounce them; break my agreement; and ask You to show me; the truth; what You would  have me believe; in exchange for this lie; I depend on You, Holy Spirit; to renew my mind; so that I can know Your good; and perfect will for my life; in the area of healing Lord; I ask You to come and bring Your healing.

Our Guest Richard Mull

RICHARD: -just say it over and over again. No. How do you get to that place? I believe that the focal point of the enemy’s attack on our lives is to keep us from receiving the Father’s love. When we have an encounter with the Father’s love, beyond our intellect, beyond meditating and reciting something, when it gets into our spirit, loving our self is a by-product, because we just begin to join hands with Him and love what He loves-and if we can love our self we are going to be able to love others. Began to look at love throughout scripture, every reference of love. It’s kind of how I dive into different subjects-I like to go from Genesis to Revelation, every healing passage, every faith passage, I like to look at the Hebrew and the Greek in every context. And I was looking at love and what blew me away is I began to see the God of the Old Testament like I had never seen Him before. And it was like we have the God of the OT as the God of judgment and wrath and anger and he’s just ticked off at all these sinful people. And then we’ve got the God of the New Testament and He’s love and roses and sunshine. Deuteronomy 7: 7 through 13, and I’m just going to quote one part of it. The Lord chose you because He loves you. He chose Israel, He chose Abraham, He chose them to bless them because He loves them. I was reading one of Sid’s books and-one of the men that he talks about in the different stories talked about how someone had told them that the Jews were chosen to receive God’s punishment. I was like that isn’t founded on the word of God, he chose them because he loves them. Jeremiah 31: 3-


RICHARD: God was drawing them with loving-kindness. First time the Lord impressed upon me to preach a message of love, I was invited to Africa, I was travelling with 3 other preachers and the reason they invited me to go-we need a healing guy, we need the deliverance guy on our team. Okay û it’s the Assemblies of God guy, and the spirit filled African-American pastor and they bring the Baptist guy to bring the healing and deliverance! And I get there and I’m in-this season of creating a study Bible, “God Speaks Bible” and I’ve been studying every passage where God speaks form Genesis to Revelation, learning more and more how to hear His voice. And I get to Africa and I’m looking forward to speaking, I’ve got a repertoire of stuff I can pull from and the Holy Spirit says, ‘I want you to tell the pastors that I love them.’


RICHARD: Ok, God, this is a pastors’ conference, you know we’re not talking to the kindergarten, we’re talking to the pastors. And the Lord [said], ‘I want you to tell them that I love them.’ And I said, ‘Okay God.’ Because you’ve got to be honest with yourself and I’ll be honest with you. When you’re with 3 other preachers, it’s a preaching competition. You know you at least want to show up, you at least want to bring your “A-Game,” and I’m going, “No, Lord, tell them you love them?” I was beginning to sweat and I’m a day away from speaking. And the Holy Spirit goes, ‘Richard, they don’t know that I love them. Because they don’t know that I love them they don’t know how to love their wives, they don’t know how to love their children, they don’t know how to love the sheep.’ I [think] ‘God, these men look awesome, they all look happy, and they’ve been hugging me, and they’ve been nice, they want to carry my stuff.’ I was like they got to know about your love. And then the Lord said, ‘I don’t want you to speak to their heads, I want you to speak to their hearts.’ Okay, at this point I was ready to just call it quits and go home. It’s like [I’m thinking], ‘Lord, what are you talking about?’ There’s times when I hear God that He makes me really nervous and this was one of those times.


RICHARD: And so then He said, ‘Richard, You’re a great Father’-[I say], ‘Thank you, what does that have to do with any of this?’ And He said it again, ‘You are a great father.’ I said, ‘Thank you, Lord.’ You can see one of my children here. And Philip’s right here on the front row. I’m always proud of all my kids. I’m more proud of my kids and my spiritual kids than I am of anything that I accomplished. But I was [thinking], ‘Okay, how does this relate?’ And the Lord said, ‘I want you to tell them how you loved Nathaniel. I want you to tell them how you sang over him.’ When we first took Nathaniel to the hospital it was against my better judgment, against my desire, but it was the only way free way to get blood work done. It doesn’t make any sense, why you can’t just go some somewhere and get blood work done. We had to check in to the hospital, spend the night there to get free blood work done. During that 36 hours we were in the hospital he saw 30 doctors, they’re poking and prodding him, they took a biopsy which means they gouge a piece of skin out. He’s one almost two [years old]. And I have dealt with people in ministry that are traumatized as infants and the trauma in their infancy in the hospital. And so I’m [thinking], ‘That isn’t happening with my son!’  So I’ve got him up on a table and they’re gouging skin out of him and I’m just singing over him.

RICHARD:  [SINGING] ‘Don’t you know the Father loves you?  Don’t you know how much He cares? Don’t you know He’s thinking of you? Don’t you know He sees you there? He sees right in to every part of you. He sees right in the very heart of you. He loves you like no other could. He loves you like no other would. He sees the hurt, the pain that you’ve been through. And He longs to comfort and   rescue you. He loves you like no other could. He loves you like no other would-‘ 

Our Guest Jerry Pierce and Johnny Taylor

SID: I’ll tell you, my next two guests have created a sensation among my staff. Everyone wants to know about this here. Jerry, this is your personal Bible.

JERRY: Yes, sir.

SID: Correct? How old is it?

JERRY: 19 years.

SID: How long has it been in oil?

JERRY: Over two years now.

SID: Over two years.

JERRY: Yes, sir.

SID: Now, I called an expert and he agreed with my logic.

JERRY: Woah.

SID: He said this Bible should have– the oil should have so saturated it, it should have swelled up about a minimum of double in size. It looks as good as the Bible– As a matter of fact, 200 gallons in two years. Johnny, I have to ask you. In your opinion, what is God’s purpose in this oil?

JOHNNY: He said, “Man can only represent me, but I manifest who I am and what I do. This Bible and this oil is a physical manifestation of everything you think is impossible. It’s a manifestation of everything that you say is unbelievable. It’s a manifestation of every prayer for every person that you’ve ever given up on. All I want is if you believe that’s me doing this, nothing’s impossible, nothing’s unbelievable, and I haven’t given up on a single person, a single prayer that you’ve ever prayed.”

SID: I saw the map of the Middle East and Israel. What happened with the oil on Israel on that next page?

JOHNNY: It started to flow through the Bible. When it got to the back of the Bible, it went into the maps and the concordance and stopped, and when it stopped, it formed a heart over the Middle East.

SID: Tell me about the bishop.

JOHNNY: The bishop had been a bishop for years. He had been preaching. He got sick and they had called in hospice, and another man had made the statement, “Well, it’s time for the Lord to take him. The Lord wants him, so He’s getting ready to take him home.” I said, “No. I don’t believe that. The Lord does not have to make you sick to take you home. The Lord can just call you home. You can fall asleep and He can call you home when He wants you. He does not have to make you sick.” Some of the people that was with me, I gave them some oil. They went to his house–

SID: Oil that came from–

JOHNNY: Here. They went to his house, prayed for him on a Tuesday. The next morning, they said hospice came in, said it was a miracle, and Friday night he was preaching again.

SID: If this was the only miracle, it would have been great.


SID: But you’re having what you call crazy miracles.

JOHNNY: Crazy miracles.

SID: Give me an example.

JOHNNY: We were speaking at a ladies’ conference in Atlanta and one of the ladies that morning come up to me and she showed me a picture. She said, “This is my son.” He was sitting on the side of a hospital bed. He didn’t have any hair. He looked real frail. They said he had stage IV lymphoma. He was dying. While she was showing me the picture, the son walked in the door for the conference and he has a full head of hair, a full beard, and he’s smiling. He waving his Bible around. I said, “What happened?” She said, “I put oil in his muffins. For days, I would put oil in his muffins every morning. He would eat muffins with oil in them. After the next week, he went back to the doctor. When he went back to the doctor, they said there was no trace of cancer whatsoever.”

SID: I want you to humor me. Will you?

JERRY: Yes, sir.

SID: I would like to see the Bible. Would you reach into the oil and show me that Bible.

JERRY: I will.

SID: I don’t know about you, but I’d like to—any of you would like to, I have an idea. Any of you would like to– I talked to a guy that his job is restoring Bibles. Hundreds every month he restores. In fact, he’s watching this show right now because he heard about this and he can’t believe it. Find something to look at. This looks as good as the Bible before it was in the oil for a couple of years.

SID: My next guest has so much glory that when people enter his church, they can actually feel it. Even stage IV cancers melt. Stay with us.

Our Guest Natasha Schedrivaya

SID: Natasha, you told me your life goal is to make Jesus irresistible to people. Why is that your passion?

NATASHA: Because, you know, in my life I resisted so much the Gospel. I resisted Jesus. I resisted God, that my heart is toward to make God so easy to be understood, to make Jesus irresistible so that people could respond to His love in faith, and then the miracles are the outcome on that.

SID: You were, as a new believer, because you were so proficient in language, you were a translator for the Osborns.

NATASHA: Mm-hmm.

SID: TL came, and his daughter, LaDonna. You translated for LaDonna. What was the big revelation you got from TL Osborn? What was the thing you got? What’s the takeaway?

NATASHA: Well, the greatest revelation that I got from TL Osborn, that the power is not in you. You know, you don’t have to possess a special set of anointings or gifts. You just need to know the message. The power is in the message. Apostle Paul says that, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation.” If you know the message, if you know the truth, if you know the Gospel, and people believe, that’s what produces the greatest miracles, conversions, healings, etc..

SID: You don’t know this, but you are looking right now at the first woman bishop of the former Soviet Union and she has gone to 36,000 villages. Tell me about the babushkas.

NATASHA: Babushkas. Those Russian babushkas, those old ladies, their life was tough. The cow is sick, husband is beating her and drinking, and she wants the message. She wants the truth. She wants God, who will help her and will change her husband, set him free, and heal her cow. We saw miracles of how God would touch even animals and the cows would give the best milk. You know, we have one babushka, she says, “My cow is a Christian cow now. My milk is the most delicious milk.” Honestly, this is what’s happened.

SID: Very quickly.

NATASHA: Uh-huh.

SID: She had an open vision. I want you to look into the camera and tell them what you saw in your open vision.

NATASHA: Okay. One day, I had an open vision. I was standing at the cross of Jesus. He was crucified and I was standing at the foot of the cross, and I tried to look up ’cause I wanted to see His face, and yet the cross, it seemed like the cross was going into the heavens. I didn’t see His face. I saw His feet all torn out and in blood. Then suddenly, I saw a big drop of blood falling from Jesus’ body and it froze in the air. When I looked at this drop of blood, I’ve heard God speaking to me. “Do you realize that one drop of Jesus’ blood would be enough to deal with the sin of the whole world, yet He shed all His blood just for you alone?”

NATASHA: Then I thought, “This is it. This is it. This is what makes the difference in the life of a believer.” I pray, “Father, I pray in the name of Jesus now for all the people who don’t know you or maybe they think they know you. But I pray that you would reveal yourself. Reveal your love for them in the way that they would understand that all the sufferings and the price that Jesus paid.” It wasn’t just for all people in the world. All this price was paid just for you alone. All His blood was shed just for you alone. His sacrifice is very personal for you. Just respond in faith to Him and accept Him into your heart as your Lord and Savior.

SID: I say to the world.

I say to the world.

SID: Jesus, you’re my Lord.

Jesus, you’re my Lord.

SID: Amen.


Our Guest Dr. Francis Sizer

SID: So, a woman comes to you. She’s born blind. She has a seeing-eye dog, what happened?

FRANCIS: As she made her way up, nobody called her up. I was still in the middle of preaching at the time. But she came up with this German shepherd seeing-eye dog, and the dog had a harness on, and she was kind of holding onto the harness. And I got a little bit frightened when I saw the size of that dog.

As she got about 15 or 20 feet away from me, the dog fell out under the power of God. God showed me something interesting theologically that this lady used the dog as her eyesight, for her eyesight, that she had to let go of the dog before she could come to Him empty handed. We must come to the Lord empty handed, without any crutches, without any kind of aids.

SID: Now you can understand why his meetings were really big. These meetings, these healing meetings you had, how many people would come to them?

FRANCIS: We had, during the nine years that I was doing them, 2,500 people each meeting, and buses would come in. People would wait two hours ahead of time just to get seats because they wanted to see what God was about to do.

SID: And then minding his own business, he’s at a meeting, and someone walks up to him that he is convinced is an angel, and says a very strange thing to him. What?

FRANCIS: I was having lunch with the head of the Full Gospel Businessmen International in Washington DC. The men were trying to ask me, “Why are you a priest?” Or, “What is a priest?” They were all Protestant backgrounds, and it was unusual to have a saved Catholic priest with the gift of healing and the power of God in him.

So I was doing a bad job explaining myself about priesthood. A lady came along, and tapped me on the shoulder, and whispered in my ear, “The answer is in the curtain.” Well, with that she was gone. Never saw her again. Couldn’t find her. Looked for her everywhere. She disappeared. It was an angel. Demos Shakarian, who was sitting beside me, said, “Oh, you need to go read about the curtain, Hebrews 10:19.”

And it says there: Therefore, brothers and sisters, since you have confidence to enter the holy of holies through the veil, which is his body, and through the blood, come forth into my chamber, it says, with confidence because I am your God.

Now I knew when I read that, that my priesthood days were over because Jesus once for all offered himself for us. There was no need for me to say Mass anymore. There was no reason for me to be an intermediary in a sacramental system because people now, as they receive Christ, all become a priesthood of believers. And they all have access to God. We’re all priests.

SID: Now, the criticism from religious people got more than he could tolerate. He saw this, he did, people didn’t have to go to him to get to God. Well, we already have the priest, his name is Jesus.


SID: Much better than human. And he saw these differences, and he left the church. He really stopped going even to church. He was burned out. He went back to college. He got his doctorate in psychology, and he opened up his own little shop. He got married to a woman, this is a story in itself, she was a marvelous ballet dancer, and she went to Turkey with her troop, and she was captured and put into what’s known as, I guess called white slavery.

FRANCIS: White slavery.

SID: She had how many tumors in her?

FRANCIS: She came back from Turkey, and her stomach was just ripped apart from dysentery and starvation. She doctored with the American doctors for about eight months, nine months. Then she heard about a priest who had the gift of healing. That was me. That’s how we met. She had 11 bleeding ulcers. The doctors were ready to take 75% of her stomach out, and cut it out because of all these ulcers.

But we know a better way through Jesus. I prayed with her, and she was pretty much on her death bed. The power of God went into her stomach, and both of us knew she was healed. She made the doctor sign an agreement that he would not go ahead with the operation until he did another endoscopic exam, and looked down her stomach, and he did. He saw her stomach looked like a newborn baby’s pink stomach.

He came out of the operating room, and he shook my hand, and he said, “Father, what is your technique? What is your technique? Congratulations.”

SID: I’ll tell you what, I’m going to have him pray for the fire to come on when we come back. Interested?