Sid Roth here Welcomes Bill and Annette Weise

Sid Roth here Welcomes Bill and Annette Weise

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Bill and Annette Weise, Bill is basically minding his own business and he finds himself dropping and he ends up in a cell in hell, real hell. and Jesus took his memory away from him that he was a believer and so he experienced what it was like to be in hell and not know Jesus and have no chance of reversal, none, eternity there, but then you said that Jesus came, he told you what you had gone through because he wants you to tell people about this, and then he said he was coming back soon. Now Annette, this was about three in the morning and he spent according to the book, 23 minutes in hell, so at about 3:23 or so, what did you hear, what did you observe?

ANNETTE: I was in a sound sleep Sid, and I knew it was 3:23 because I automatically turned to my left and looked at the clock, we had a big digital clock that said 3:23, and I heard screams, Bill’s not beside me so I proceeded down the hallway and I found Bill in a state I had never seen him in, if you know Bill.

SID: Is he an emotional person at all?

ANNETTE: No, if anything

SID: He’s very level?

ANNETTE: He’s steady, consistent, calm and more reserved by nature.

SID: Is he a real weeper?

ANNETTE: No, he’s not a complainer, he’s very, his emotions don’t go up and down.

SID: Stable.

ANNETTE: He’s stable; he’s a very stable man.

Sid Roth: So what was he, what was he doing when you saw him, what did you hear?

ANNETTE: Well, I saw him in a fetal position on our living room floor and he was holding the sides of his head and screaming the Lord took me to hell, pray for me, pray for me, you know pray that this fear goes out of my mind, and I was just like, I mean of course I was in shock at first, I was relieved in one instance that he wasn’t having a heart attack, because when I found him like that I thought oh my God, what is happening. And so I just went up to him and I just started to pray for him.

SID: There was no warning before you went to bed, there was nothing unstable about what he was saying, doing or thinking?

ANNETTE: No, we had just had gone to a prayer meeting, come home, went to bed just like any other night, so nothing unusual.

SID: Okay, only you can answer this, he loved God before, he loves God now, did he witness to everyone that could breath and tell them about the reality of Jesus before this event?

ANNETTE: He was, he was a more evangelistic person as far as his nature goes, he would try to witness to clients and things like that, but after this experience it was like an urgency of I’ve got to get on the phone, I’ve got to call my family, we’ve got to fly out there.

SID: Bill, why?

BILL: Well the reality of hell just really makes you aware that this place is final, I mean that people, and we have to open up our mouths, if we don’t they are going to go there. So I just felt like you know I’ve got to do everything I can in this short time God has given us and make it count, and witness to everybody that I can.

Sid Roth: Listen, when you were a young man you went through something that should have been it, a shark, you were swimming and a shark grabbed hold of you and literally was going to bite off, was it your arm or leg?

BILL: My leg, I was with a friend surfing, and

SID: What happened?

BILL: The shark grabbed me and pulled me off my board, bit my board right in half and grabbed my leg, pulled me down, and miraculously let me go, and the guy next to me got his leg torn off, so we watched him be drug up on the beach, but …

SID: So that was fear, but how did that fear compare to the fear that you experienced in hell?

BILL: That fear was terrible, but it was paled in comparison to what you go through in hell, there is no comparison.

SID: So I assume that the minute you came to your senses you started telling everyone about this experience?

BILL: Yes, I did, people don’t have to believe me, it’s not about believing me it’s about believing what the Bible has to say about hell, that there is scriptures, over a hundred and fifty scriptures about it.

SID: Wait a second, you believed in hell before this happened, what is the difference now?

BILL: I did, I knew it was fire, and I thanked God I was saved from it, but I really didn’t realize the severity of it, how terrible it is, that you do suffer actual, literal burning fire, it is not anaphorical, it is real fire, you suffer thirst, hunger, you never get to sleep, you are exhausted, you need sleep, you don’t get to sleep there, ever. You never get to be with a person, your memory is intact, all these things you have to endure for eternity. Just one of them alone would, could kill you, but yet you have to keep going.

SID: What about the, did you experience fear even after that event?

BILL: Well, when she prayed, I asked the Lord to remove the fear because I could feel my body was dying, the body can’t withhold that kind of fear and stay alive, and God did it, he graciously took out all the fear of hell, but he left the memories of it, so now I can recall it, but I don’t have to relive, and relive that awful fear that I experienced. But it still took me about a year to settle down from this whole thing. the next year was just, I wanted to grab everybody and witness to them and shake them up and make them aware that there is a real hell and that God doesn’t want anybody to go there. he loves everybody and he doesn’t want anyone to go, but it is a sad thing that people won’t listen to the simple message of the gospel and take his free gift and receive it and escape this horrible place. One second after they die it is too late. There is no turning back; they are never going to get out.

SID: But what about the person that says, well I’m a minch, I’m a pretty good person, I’ve never murdered anyone, I’m a nice guy and assuming there is a place called heaven, after all my rabbi told me, my priest told me, my mom told me, that I’m going to be in heaven, so they told me, what would you say to them?

BILL: That’s what most people think, that they are pretty good, and they probably are pretty good compared to people, but if you compare yourself to God, God’s ways are perfect, everything to do with him is perfect and if we sin, if we lie, if we commit adultery, if we do any of these things, that’s is punishable by death according to the word of God, Romans 6:23, the wages of sin is death, so people, it doesn’t mater how good you are, your goodness pales in comparison to god’s goodness, so you need, we all need a Savior, we all are sinners, we all fall short of his glory, so we are all in the same boat, we have to have a Savior, or we are going to go, we are going to end up in this place, torment.

SID: Annette, you didn’t go through this experience.

ANNETTE: No, thank God.

SID: How has it affected you, his experience, how has it affected, do you think that he hallucinated this whole thing, come on, between the two of us.

ANNETTE: No, actually Sid, not at all, I know Bill, I know his character, I know his integrity, and for many people around him that knew him before we even met, so I absolutely believed him from the moment he spoke it out of his mouth that’s where he went. I think how it has affected me probably the most is my own personal examination of my own life, of just wanting to pursue God, and know him, and walk in holiness before him as a Christian, because we throw that word out, “Christian,” but what does that really mean? And I wanted to really get to know the Lord and walk that way, and then it also gave me much more of a compassion for people, and to think how selfish of me, and at the times where I thought about, how many times I didn’t open my mouth, because I didn’t feel “led” to say anything about God to them.

SID: Bill, do you sweat the small stuff anymore? I mean after seeing what you saw, these other things are so pale compared to this reality.

BILL: They are, the things we all get upset over in life, it is so short and temporal, and it is over in just a moment, the things that are important are really just eternal things, and pleasing the Lord.

SID: As you both know, I’m Jewish, and 35 years ago, Jesus came into my bedroom and I experienced, the very first things that I experienced was his shalom, his peace. It was literally tangible, and you know what, I could not worry about anything, I went to bed not caring whether I lived or died, and when he came into my bedroom, all I could think was, love, purpose, destiny, I don’t care what you have heard about Jesus, even if you have been in a church or synagogue or mosque your whole life, I tell you to ask the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to make Jesus real to you, repent of your sins, tell God you are sorry, and you want to know Jesus. It’s simple, but it is everything and everything without Jesus is nothing, choose.

Our Guest Don Dickerman


SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Don Dickerman. Don, you were more amazed than anyone when people started getting healed, but then you started having visions. When you’ve had a vision from God, how accurate is it?

DON: I guess I have to say I don’t have them very often. But every time something is revealed to me in a service situation, it happens.

SID: Tell me about the first healing.

DON: The first healing… I went through a revelation, a vision. It was at a unit in Huntsville, Texas. It’s a big prison with maybe 400 people in the chapel. There was a praise group singing before I was to get up to preach. So I’m sitting off to the side, and I had a mental image. I could see an ugly, jagged-toothed rat inside someone’s colon, just gnawing away. I didn’t know, I’d never had anything like that happen. I didn’t know what to do with it. I felt like the Holy Spirit was telling me somebody was going to be healed of that situation. So when I got up to speak, I mentioned that. I revealed what I had seen. I said, “Somebody here with that condition is going to be healed tonight.” Well, an inmate jumped up and ran down the aisle and said, “That’s me, that’s me.” I prayed for him, and he went back to his seat. But he wasn’t the one. So at the close of the service, as the inmates were filing out back to their cell blocks and dorm areas, an inmate came up and put a note in my pocket. He hung around as I was shaking hands with guys, and he said “Sir, would you read that note right now?” So I pulled the note out and read it, and it said, “I’m the one.” Then he began to tell me that he’d just gotten back from John Sealy Hospital, medical place. They’d diagnosed him with a colon problem, but said, “Since you’re going home in a few months, it can wait till you get back in the free world.” He lifted up his shirt, and there was a knot
right around his belt area. I knew, when he did it, that that was it. It was like what I saw. I said, “Well, I want to pray for you right now.” I put my hand right on that spot and commanded the demon powers to leave him and healing to come. He threw up blood and bile, ugly situation. But some other inmates got towels and cleaned it up. I walked to the back door with him as he went back to his cell. He said, “I don’t have any pain.” Well, I don’t know who he is, and I leave the prison, he’s back in the cell block. So it was the next month when I was back at that prison. He met me at the chapel door, and the first thing he did was lift up his shirt. He said, “Brother, it’s gone. I haven’t had a pain since then.”

Sid Roth: You must’ve been as shocked, pleased, and surprised as him.

DON: Yeah. Sometimes it overwhelms you, because I knew I didn’t have anything to do with it.

SID: Speaking of being overwhelmed, I am overwhelmed with your book, because this is the most practical, easy… Someone doesn’t deal with fear, they deal with rights. Legal rights. This is for someone that needs self deliverance, or someone that needs to pray for someone else. What are some of the signs that someone may need to be set free of a demonic spirit? It may be inside someone, it may be outside someone, it plain doesn’t matter.

DON: Well Jesus said, “Cast them out”, so that’s what we do. To me, it’s pretty simple. I find there’s four principles involved, and these apply to anyone, anywhere. The first principle is, you either have demons or you don’t. If you do have demons, then it must be that the demon has some kind of legal permission to be there. That could be unforgiveness, it could be generational curses, a number of things. But it must have permission. The third thing is, there is no permission that cannot be cancelled. We can repent of anything. Jesus’ blood covers everything. Then the fourth principle is, once those legal consents have been cancelled, the name of Jesus is absolute authority every time.

Sid Roth: You have some insight in here. I guess it’s from having so much experience one on one. One of the things you said, I’ve never heard before. I’ve heard it’s very important to forgive,
because Jesus said “I’ll forgive you the same degree you forgive other people.” However, I never heard that once you forgive, you command the spirit that was attached to you because of the unforgiveness to leave. So people forgive and they still have that oppression.

DON: When I first encountered that, it was through… I don’t have conversations with demons, I have confrontation with them. But they do speak many times through the individual. I’ve had demons, when I commanded them to leave, I said “Do you have permission to stay there?” “No.” “Well, why are you there?” And the response would be “No one ever told me to go.” So they become like squatters. I would find that somebody would say “Yeah, I had a period of unforgiveness in my life ten years ago, but I repented of that.” Ok, but the demon’s still hanging out, because he wasn’t cast out.

SID: It’s time for the squatters in your life to leave. And it’s so easy, it’s so simple. There is no fear involved, it’s just plain faith in the integrity of someone stronger, your Big Brother, Jesus. When we come back, you’re going to hear an interview I did with one of the most notorious prisoners in Ireland. I think he stabbed fifteen people by age 14. By the time he was 17, he murdered someone. This is such an amazing story. We’ll be right back after this word.

Sid Roth welcomes Franklin Walden


SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Franklin Walden. Franklin, there are so many miracles in my notes, I don’t know where to start. But maybe I’ll start at age 12. You had a vision from God.
Tell me about that.

FRANLIN: I was age 12 when God carried me up above the heavens, into the heavens. Looking down over the earth, I saw the whole world, the sickness, the diseases. I saw the problems. He spoke and said “You will see this. You’ll speak and you’ll minister to these people.”

SID: Ok, so when you were 12, you were caught up in the heavenlies. You saw a world filled with sick people, and that you would help these people.

FRANLIN: Take healing to them.

SID ROTH: Take healing to them. Ok, go ahead.

FRANLIN: Today plays a big part in that. After the vision, I didn’t know how it’d ever come about, but God had you prepared for this day. The supernatural. Because it takes something supernatural to perform something like that.

SID: With satellites, et cetera, TV in every home. So you believe that vision you had at age 12 is going to be fulfilled right now during this telecast that you’re watching. Now Franklin, tell me about some of these… Oh, there’s no other words. Tell me about the girl that had no pupil in her eye.

FRANLIN: She was blind, born that way. We prayed for her under the big gospel tent, and God created two beautiful eyes. I mean perfect eyes.

SID: What went on inside of you when you watched and saw a mass of nothing, and then all of a sudden, could you tell the color of the eyes?

FRANLIN: Oh yeah.

SID: What color?


SID: Brown. What was going on inside of you?

FRANLIN: I was beside myself. I’d never seen that before in my life, two eyes created. The anointing came, and I knew that God, He was in charge and performed that miracle for that little 6 or 7 year old girl.

SID: How about the person who had no kneecap?

FRANLIN: Well, a person tried to rape her, and they were trying to get the gun away, and the gun went off and shot her kneecap out. So she came on the platform that night in the auditorium where I was having that healing crusade. She said “I have no kneecap.” I said “Let me see.” So she showed it to me and the congregation. It was stiff; no kneecap. I said “Well I just believe God can create you one.” We prayed, and right before the eyes of the congregation the kneecap came in, and she could bend that knee just like she had a brand new… Well, she did. She had a brand new one.

SID: When something like that happens, I know what it would do for me if I saw that with my eyes. When the audience saw this creative miracle, did many other people get healed?

FRANLIN: Oh yeah. I had a Southern Baptist preacher there, and his wife, and they saw it. Today he’s praying for the sick and received the baptism. I’ll tell you, he’s carried it across the country.

SID: Ok. Tell me about the person who fell from a tree. Tell me about that healing.

FRANLIN: I was singing at the auditorium that night and walked over to him. I’d never seen the fellow before in my life. I said “Do you believe God can give you a miracle tonight?” And he shrugged like that, you know, “Well, He might, He might not.” I said “Well He’s going to do it”, so I sang a little song, took him by the hand and raised him up. I still hadn’t asked him what’s wrong with him. I saw the crutches there. And he walked. Walked him back and forth in front of the stage, and when he did, I went back and told him “Pick up your crutches now”, and he picked his crutches up and went back. After that, I said “I haven’t even asked you what’s wrong with you.” He said “I fell out of a tree and busted this leg, and they had to rebuild this leg with a plastic knee.” Two or three vertebrae were crushed, and God created those vertebrae in his back. He began to run. I found out the was the pastor of a church. A whole row of people in the front knew him very well, and he was instantly healed by the power of God.

SID: Now Franklin, it seems to me in getting to know you that what you’re describing is not the big exception. That’s the way it’s supposed to be normally. Someone said that your life would touch Jewish people in Israel. Explain that.

FRANLIN: This man, I sat at his feet when I was a young minister. He told me “The ministry you have will reach the Jews, and they will accept it. They will accept this ministry, and the message you preach.”

SID: Tell me one Jewish person that you prayed for a miracle that accepted Jesus.

FRANLIN: I was in Ontario, Canada. A couple of Jewish boys were there, and they happened to drop in just to get out of a storm. It was snowing and icing that night. After the service was over, they were still hanging around the book table. They were saying “We don’t believe in this. We don’t believe in that Jesus.” I said “Well, what would it take for you to believe?” They said “We don’t know.” I said “What if you brought somebody here that you knew who was blind, or crippled, or needed a miracle? Will you believe then?” They said “No.” I said “Well, what would it take?” They said “It’d have to happen to one of us.” I said “Well, what’s wrong with you?” They said “Nothing.” One of them spoke up and said “Oh, yes there is too. You’re flat-footed. They wouldn’t take you in the Army.” I said “Pull your boots off.” They had snow boots on. He pulled them off, I looked at his feet. Pulled his socks off too where I could see them plain. I said “Keep your eyes on your feet.” They were as flat as could be. They couldn’t be any flatter. I looked, and I prayed, and God created two of the most beautiful arches in that Jew’s feet that you’d ever seen. Perfect. Of course everything God does is perfect.

SID: And once he had a miracle, he wanted to know the God of miracles. That’s normal. Oh that the world be normal. Well it’s going to be normal when we come back, because I’m going to have Franklin pray for you for two things. I’m going to have him pray for you to be physically healed you need a creative miracle or whatever you need. And, pray for you to catch the same presence of God that’s on him. You’re going to catch it and you’re going to be able to pray for people and have the same results.

Our Guest Franklin Walden


On It’s Supernatural: At age 12, Franklin Walden was carried into the heavens and told he would minister healing to hurting people, and that it would be seen and heard throughout the world. He has seen the lame walk, the blind see, and the dead being raised to life. Nothing is impossible in the realm of the supernatural.

Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent 25 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

SID: Hello, Sid Roth welcoming you to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. Take a deep breath. Breathe in that rarified air of heaven. Have you ever heard of a creative miracle? My guest was born with one kidney, and horror of horrors, that one kidney went bad. She was wired up for dialysis. No hope, outside of the only way she could live was with dialysis. But Ruth Kersey had a brother in law who believed in miracles, Franklin Walden. Ruth, tell me what happened to you when your one kidney went bad.

RUTH: I kept swelling, and the fluid wasn’t going out of my body. The doctor decided I had to go on dialysis because they had done all different things. I had been in the hospital off an on quite a bit. I went in and got prepped to go on dialysis. Coming home, my husband and I stopped by Franklin and Caroline’s house. We walked in, and they were fixing to go to a meeting out of town. We prayed, all of us, in the living room. We prayed, and he prayed for me. A word of knowledge came, and he said “Before you go on that, have them recheck you.”

SID ROTH: Franklin, when a word of knowledge comes upon you, when you’re praying for your sister in law, are you a hundred percent sure that person is healed?

FRANLIN: A hundred percent.

SID: Ok. So you had this word. Did you go to a doctor, or what did you do next?

RUTH: I went back to the hospital. Well, I went by the doctor’s office and told him “I want to be rechecked. I don’t want to go on dialysis if I don’t have to.” I didn’t tell him what had happened.

SID ROTH: Did you believe you were healed?

RUTH: I knew I was healed.

SID: That’s faith! Ok, go ahead.

RUTH: I knew I was healed because things were different in my body. I didn’t have the pain…

SID: I know, but what did the doctors say? You knew you were healed, but I want to know what the doctors said.

RUTH: He said “Ok Ruth, I’ll do it. You look different this morning.” That was before they did any tests or x-rays or anything. So the lady who took the x-rays said “Are you sure you’re who you are?” I said “Do you want my I.D.?” She said “Weren’t you here yesterday?” I said “Yes ma’am.” She looked at my wristband, back at her paperwork, and ran out of the room. Well, the doctor came back in. He looked at me and smiled, and said “You know what? You’ve got two kidneys.”

SID: Two kidneys!?!? Did you get that? She had one bad kidney, she’s prayed for, she has two kidneys. What happened to the bad kidney? Was that good now?

RUTH: Yes it was. They did tests that showed the fluid intake of the kidneys, how it flows out of your body, that kind of thing. They said both kidneys were perfect.

SID: How do the doctors account for the fact that one kidney is on failure, and it’s perfect? The second kidney doesn’t even exist, and now it exists. What did the doctors say?

RUTH: He told me it was a miracle, that only God could have done it.

SID: I’m sure of that. Franklin, you intrigue me so much. It starts with your father. Your father at one point had an encounter with God that caused people to think he was crazy. Tell me about that.

FRANLIN: He went in the spirit six days and six nights, and they didn’t understand what was going on. My dad was Methodist.

SID: Now when you say he went in the spirit, what do you mean by that? He was more in the spirit world than in the real world?

FRANLIN: Yes, right. He shut himself away, and he was there for six days and six nights, and my granddaddy on my mother’s side had already prepared him to go to the mental institution when he came out after six days. While he was in there, the Lord carried him through the Bible, and he went from Genesis to Revelation, because he couldn’t read. He couldn’t even sign his own name.

SID: You told me, in later years you and others would test your father, knowing he couldn’t read. You would read passages of the Bible, and what would he say?

FRANLIN: “It’s not that way, son. Back up.”

SID: Did you understand that? In other words, his father could not read, and Jesus taught him the Bible, and Franklin would read from the Bible, and if he’d have one letter out of place, what would your father say?

FRANLIN: “It’s not right. Back up, read it again.”

SID: Now I’m going to stretch you, if I haven’t stretched you already. I’m going to stretch you further. Franklin, your mother died. What happened to her?

FRANLIN: Lightning struck her. Hit her right in the crown of the head. It hit me, too. I was paralyzed on one side.

SID: What’d your father do?

FRANLIN: My father picked her up, put her head in his lap, and he was praying unto God. He said “God, I can’t raise these children by myself. Please give her back to me.” As he cried, I saw tears dropping out of his eyes, hitting mother on the cheek. She’d been dead about thirty minutes. And when the tears hit mother’s cheek, life came back into her body.

SID: When you see something like that, you can never be the same, can you?

FRANLIN: Never have been the same.

SID: I’m going to tell you something, just watching this show, you’re going to be mentored in the supernatural. Rods turned from metal to bone, people fall out of trees and break their legs and they’re instantly healed. Don’t go away. You’re about ready to venture in to the supernatural like you never have before.

Sid Roth welcomes John Kilpatrick


SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with John Kilpatrick. John, April 2008, you had a dream. What did God show you?

JOHN: It was a very stirring dream. I’d never had one that real before. When I woke up, it stirred me to the point that I asked my wife to hold me. And I’m a grown man, I’ve never done that ever before with a dream of any kind. But I dreamed of an earthquake that took place. It was shown to me in several stages, and I won’t go through the details of it. But the Lord showed me that an earthquake was going to hit in the middle part of the country right where the New Madrid fault is. And it was so real that that when the Lord showed it to me I’d walk by the TV set for several days after that night and in my mind I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t on TV.

SID ROTH: I can understand that.

JOHN: That’s how real it was. But the Lord was showing me, I believe, that if we continue to fool with Jerusalem, and our Secretary of State and our President keeps putting pressure on Israel to give up land and to give up Jerusalem for peace, I believe that a major earthquake is going to strike America.

SID: So what you’re saying is, if we pressure Israel to divide up their land, our land will be divided.

JOHN: I believe that with all my heart. I’m thoroughly convinced of it. And it was right in the middle of the country, and what I saw on there was Indianola, like an old Spanish map, I saw the word Indianola, and then I saw it scroll down a little bit southwest and I saw the word Europa, and that was in Missouri. If you superimpose the New Madrid fault between Indianola Illinois, and Europa Missouri, that is basically an exact replica of the New Madrid fault. I won’t go through the details of the dream, but it was very, very real.

SID ROTH: Then a few days later, you heard God’s voice. What did He say to you?

JOHN: Yes. That was on Tuesday, then on Saturday morning as I woke up out of sleep, I heard the Lord say to me in an audible voice as I was coming out of sleep He said “A storm’s coming.” I live in hurricane territory. I live on the coast of Alabama. So I knew that it wasn’t a hurricane, I knew that it was an economic storm that was coming. I went immediately to my church, the next day on Sunday, and I said “I’m just going to be honest with you and tell you what the Lord’s shown me. You can take it for whatever it’s worth for you, but I feel like the Holy Spirit was showing me that an economic storm is coming, and I’d like for you to be prepared.” So it began to grow from there, and even during Y2K, I never encouraged the church to ever stockpile any kind of food, water, anything like that. I never did. I never felt it. But that was in May of 2008. And then the financial catastrophe struck around September, and it’s still going. One of the things the Holy Spirit said to me was “Prepare against the summer”, which is this coming summer. Summer starts in June, the latter part of June. And I don’t know why He said “Prepare against the summer”. He didn’t say prepare for the summer, He said “Prepare against the summer.” So I really feel like that whatever is coming is something the church needs to be prepared for. And I would really encourage people right now, and I’m not trying to engender fear, I’m not that type person, but I’d really encourage people if they could to put up some beans and rice, some extra cash, things like that, other things that they can do to prepare for them and their families. Because I believe with all my heart that if President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton continues to put pressure on Israel to give up Jerusalem, and to give up parts of Israel for peace, land for peace, I believe that America’s going to go on the skids, and I believe that our land is going to be divided, and I believe it could be the financial end, and it could be the end of America as we know it.

SID: On January 1st of 2009, God spoke to John again, and gave him twelve points which will shortly happen in the USA. Although, in the natural you could be really upset as you hear these various points, in the supernatural I have never heard a more encouraging word from God in my life for those who have intimacy with God. And those who have intimacy with God, it’s going to be one of the greatest times of your life.

Our Guest John Kilpatrick

TVBackground_Kilpatrick_SHOW511On It’s Supernatural: John Kilpatrick was given a supernatural dream of an earthquake hitting the middle of the United States. Then God told him a storm is coming, a financial and natural catastrophe. Now he’s advising people to make preparations concerning this summer. Find out how you too can be prepared against the coming crisis.

Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent 25 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, John  Kilpatrick, recently heard a message from God in which God told him what will happen to the USA

in the next few years. It was actually a pretty horrific message, but at the same time, one of the most comforting messages I’d ever heard for those who have intimacy with God. In fact, part of the message already has come to pass. He warned his people of the coming economic storm, and many of the congregation got out of the stock market. Saved tens, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You may be familiar with John Kilpatrick of the great Father’s Day revival. 1995, June, Pensacola Florida, Brownsville Church. Tell me about that day, John.

JOHN: It was Father’s Day of 1995, and the Holy Spirit came down in a way that was incomprehensible,

just unbelievable. We prayed for revival for two and a half years, and after praying for two and a half years for God to come down, I was just miserable in the ministry. I was preaching things and I wasn’t seeing a lot of evidence of what I was preaching. I wanted to see God save. If He could save to the uttermost, I wanted to see Him save to the uttermost. If He could heal, I wanted to see Him heal. I wanted to see demons cast out. I wanted to see what the Bible says could happen, and I wasn’t seeing it like I wanted to see it. I was just frustrated. So I began preaching, and I began praying, and I called the church to prayer for revival. We prayed two and a half years for revival before it actually broke out on Father’s Day of ’95. If someone would’ve told me that revival was going to break out on Father’s Day, I would not have believed it, because to me that would’ve been one of the most unlikely days for revival to break out. Maybe Easter, maybe the 4th of July.

SID ROTH: And you had people come from all over the world to taste of the rarified air of heaven. Over four and a half million people came. Several hundreds of thousands actually received the Messiah. Tell me about that day. What did you experience personally?

JOHN: When I stepped off the platform that morning, Steve Hill was our guest evangelist, and he was going to be with us the next five years. Neither one of us knew it that morning. When I stepped off the platform, I felt something around my feet that felt like strong air conditioning. I felt strange whenever I felt it around my ankles, my socks. I felt a little bit strange. I helped him pray for a man down there, and when he turned to walk away after praying for the man, I felt it stronger around my ankles, just like a whirlwind, and it began to go up my pants leg. I couldn’t move. I literally could not move my feet. I couldn’t lift my feet to walk. For the first time in my life, I had no control over my body. So, to make a long story short, they helped me back up on the platform, and I told the congregation “Folks, this is what we’ve been praying for. This is it. Get in.” And as soon as I, the pastor, gave that word, “Get in”, the presence of God came down. It looked like a battlefield. The presence of God, just like a downdraft from heaven, and it hit that congregation of about 1700 people there that morning. Many of them, without anybody touching them, just hit the floor. I’m talking about businessmen, I’m talking about people who owned their own businesses, leaders of corporations, and your average Joe Blow person.

SID: Tell me the effect it had on the children.

JOHN: I was down on the floor. I was down for four hours, and I’d been on the floor for about two hours. I couldn’t open my eyes, I could hear everything. I knew God was in the house, I knew He was on me. I really didn’t know how many people were still there, but it sounded like to me that most of the congregation was still there. It had to be after two o’clock. The parents couldn’t go get the children, because they were under the power of God. So around 2:15, 2:30, somewhere in there, they couldn’t hold the children any longer, so they brought about 350 children from children’s church into the main sanctuary. And as long as I live, I’ll never forget the sound that I heard when those children were ushered into the presence of God. It reminded me when Jesus was in the temple, and the Bible says that the Sadducees said to Him “Tell them to be quiet!”, because they were crying “Hosanna, hosanna.” They said “Tell them to be quiet!” Jesus said “Don’t you know that praise is perfected in the mouths of sucklings, babes and sucklings?” I heard those children in our children’s department whimpering and crying “Jesus, Jesus.” Hundreds of them at one time.

SID: Hundreds of children could not fake something like that.

JOHN: You couldn’t fake it.

SID: But when you talk about children experiencing God, when you were a young man, your father left home, and your pastor became your father figure and mentored you in prayer. He was about ready to be kicked out of the congregation, and you were feeling really sad. You were at a midnight prayer meeting, and all of a sudden the atmosphere changed. Tell me about that.

JOHN: We were in the prayer meeting, and pastor was going to be leaving. There were 17 of us there that night. We always prayed in the dark. That’s just the way we did it. There was enough light from the exit lights to get around, but we always prayed with the lights out. Pastor had just told us that night that he was

going to be leaving and moving to Florida. So I was very sad and I wasn’t myself, so I was sitting out in the middle of the audience. I didn’t want him to see me crying. So whenever the midnight hour came, we always started praying around midnight. I got up several times and tried to pray, and the atmosphere was just so heavy and so thick, I mean I was just a kid, I flopped right back down. I wasn’t a warrior in those days by any means, I was just a child, 15 years old. The prayer meetings always lasted an 1½ to 2 hours,

but after about 20 minutes I saw one man reach down to put on his shoes, and he said “I think I’m going to go to the house.” He just touched his shoes and sat back up. Then everybody was back up towards the front

of the building except me, and I began to feel a little strange, still sitting in the audience, so I went up and sat down by pastor. After I sat down there by him, it was just like a holy hush came in the sanctuary. The front doors of our sanctuary were locked five different ways. They were big metal doors that went up like this, and they had pins in the jamb at the top, pins in the jamb at the bottom, a key beneath the door knob, a deadbolt, and a latch. Just [clap] some kind of power, explosion, hit those doors, and they popped open of their own accord, both of them at the same time. To the point, there was just enough pressure that I still in my ears to this day can hear those metal doorknobs tapping the plaster wall. In off the porch walked one angel. Came right into the foyer, and he turned and went and stood at the place where pastor always prayed.

Then behind him came another one, and he stood over by the book cases. They just stood there like  warriors. They were just like soldiers. They just stood at attention. They were not dressed like you’d normally think angels would be dressed. They were not in white, they had no wings. They looked like warriors. I saw no weapons. They were just like rugged men. They were like warriors, and they stood there. They were huge. They never addressed us, and we never addressed them. They stood there for what seemed to be just a few moments, and then like a cue from another world, the first one that came in stepped out from the wall, after standing there for, I don’t know how long they’d been there. He stepped out from the wall just like a soldier, turned, went to the middle aisle, and then turned again, walked out, and disappeared into the night. The second one did the very same thing. I was just dumbfounded, because everybody else in the room was a man, and I was just a kid. I was 15. To see that at 15 years old, it was a paradigm that was set in my mind.

SID: Did everyone see the angels?

JOHN: Everyone saw. 17 of us experienced it. But in a 15 year old kid’s mind, it did something in me.

It set my teeth that I could never go after normal religion again. I saw something that I knew was supernatural, and I knew that it was the real deal.

SID: The next Wednesday service, God showed up. What happened to the congregation?

JOHN: He showed up. We all walked back there as soon as the angels left. Pastor was going back to shut the doors. My first experience with the power of God was when we got back there where those angels had just stepped in… They never said nothing, never waved a weapon or nothing. When we got back there we just collapsed and fell to the floor. I remember the sun coming up the next morning and hitting me in the face through those stained glass windows. Those doors were still opened on Monday morning. So the next scheduled service was Wednesday night, but back in those days we were praying every night. Some nights it would just be me and pastor there, some nights there’d be 30, all men, and that night was 17 people. So on that Wednesday night we had a normal service, but the church was packed out, because the word had got around.

SID: Of course.

JOHN: The church was packed out.

SID: I’d be there!

JOHN: Yeah, me too. So, nothing eventful happened during the worship service, except when he said “Bow your heads for the offering.” When people bowed their head for the offering, 38 people fell out of their seats into the floor and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That’s what kind of atmosphere change there was in that church, just with those angels showing up.

SID: John, there’s such a presence, almost a river of God, in this studio. someone’s neck has just been healed. The anointing is all over the head area. Sinus passages are opening up right now. But John is going to tell you some of the things that are about ready to hit America.