SID: So, are you saying that those viewing us right now, that they might’ve had a prediction, a prophecy, a dream, a vision 25 years ago and it never happened and they’ve almost given up, are you saying breathe new life in it because are we at that moment?

TIM: We are at that moment right now. This is the year when the Mega Pentecost begins to erupt. Right now, what is about to happen on earth is an explosion of the power of the Holy Spirit in a Mega Pentecost, where the dune mas of God, dune mas doesn’t mean dynamite by the way, it means the dynamite is lit. The explosion is called dune mas. He is coming with released power from heaven and angels are helping connect it to it’s moment, assist it to be accomplished, activate signs, wonders and miracles and set captives free, supernaturally.

SID: Now declare that right now.

TIM: This is your moment. This is a supernatural moment. And the Holy Spirit is here today and he’s prompting a faith to rise up in you to begin to declare my acceptance of this moment and my promise. And we declare today, things you have been believing for things you posted on the refrigerator, things that are in your little notebook or on the side notes of your Bible, they’re coming to pass right now. The heartaches that and the tears that you prayed all night long for that son and a daughter, they’re coming to their moment, we call them in, in Jesus’ name. That loved one that has been so despondent and discouraged because of traumas in their life even though they may have naturally happened in are real, supernatural power of God is coming to set them free.

Mighty deliverance is coming to you. You may have walked through dark times in the financial realm. You may have even lost your job, but know this today, you are in a supernatural time when God can turn that around for you. I had a vision just two weeks ago, that everywhere I looked on the highway, the signs read U-turns, this is U-turn time. God is turning things around. You may be going this way and it may look bad, but there’s a U-turn coming and you’re going to drive the highway of God and you’re going to see deliverance. You’re going to see freedom like God has promised you. You’re going to see the power of the living God demonstrated in you and your family and hell is not going to be able to stop it because greater is he, that is in us. And our King said that if we would move with him and his authority, we would prevail.

So I declare an anointing to prevail is coming on you, it’s coming on your families, it’s coming on pastors watching this today and your church is going to prevail. We’re going to win this thing Sid, we’re going to see the greatest days in church history.

SID: And if two or more agree touching any one thing it’s going to happen.

TIM: Amen.

SID: In Jesus name, this is your moment.

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