SID: You make it clear that signs and wonders and experiences are not, get this, not our destiny.

DAVID: Our destiny is Jesus. If it’s from Him, it’s always going to lead back to Him. A genuine encounter is an encounter in His presence. His presence mean His face. I never leave an encounter like this wanting to do something other than fall on my knees and thank Jesus for touching me in such a beautiful and amazing way. The Bible says, if we go into our inner room and pray what we experience in private, God will show in public. But there’s a flip side to that I believe, when we get to experience God in public, that becomes a bottle of alabaster that we get to take from that experience. And then when no one else is looking we get to go back, we get to lay at His feet, to pour out that experience on His feet. And just say, “Jesus, I worship you. I love you. I adore you. Thank you that we are able to experience you in such an incredible way.”

SID: Very important, before David prays for you right now. Repeat this prayer after me, mean it to the best of your ability. Out loud, dear Jesus, I’ve committed many sins, I believe you died for my sins and by your blood, by your stripes I was totally forgiven. Now, that I’m forgiven in Jesus name I ask you to be my savior and Lord. David pray.

DAVID: What if you thought, Lord, I’m going to put my hands out there and I am going to reach for the more of you that’s available right here, right now, today. I believe that some of you that are watching, you’ve been waiting for a season where God’s breaking through. I think that season and that moment’s right now, God’s breaking through, heaven is invading your life. Begin to look for Him. If you have financial needs, look for Him as the answer to your finances. You have physical needs, look for Him as the answer to your physical needs. But most of all, I believe that some of these amazing encounters are love letters to you from a good Papa. He wants to know that He adores you and that He loves you. And I believe that you’re going to experience, because this isn’t just for me, this isn’t just for people in church history, or even in the Bible, God is making Himself available in a brand new, glorious and powerful way. So Jesus touch your people with your encounters and with your glory, that they may know you more in Jesus name.

SID: And that’s the purpose of my life. That’s the purpose of your life, to know Jesus more.

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