SID: Matt, another vital key to have God’s unstoppable power is one that we hear spoken about a lot. It’s love, for at least the pure raw power. How did you first start learning about that, beyond [what] the Bible says?

MATT: Yeah, well you know, Sid, I had a conversation with an amazing man of God, Al Roberts, Dr. Al Roberts, and it was four months before he went home to be with the Lord. And in this time I asked him a question. I said, “Dr. Roberts, can you tell me what was one of the secrets to your miracle ministry?” And he looked at me and he said, “You know, Matt, a lot of people would say it was my faith.” But he said, “When I would go into the hotel room before our big crusades,” he said, “I found myself praying in a certain direction. I found myself praying and asking God for his love. As I started to pray in that way, I would walk into the tent and I’d see the people. And I would feel God’s heart for the people.” And he said, “The miracles began to explode in this movement of the miraculous in our meeting.”

SID: The greatest of these is love.

MATT: The greatest is love. And Galatians five teaches us this, “That faith…” And I love this, “Faith…” Now many translations say, “works by love.” But that word in the Greek means to activate and to set into motion. So our faith, whether it’s for miracles or breakthrough or whatever we need God to do, it’s actually set into motion by love. And I’ve seen it happen.

SID: You say, you can get a breakthrough and you can be a breakthrough.

MATT: Yeah, that’s right. Many times when God does a work in us, He then releases it through us. An example is when my mom was healed, released our breakthrough for other people. So now we’ve seen thousands of people healed and touched by God’s power and the secret of love flowing through us and receiving a divine love that’s above our own love. We’ve seen miracles and people that you would say, it’s impossible. There was a time a woman was carried into our meeting, dying of bone cancer. She looked like a skeleton. She couldn’t walk. They physically carried her in and put her on the front row sitting right next to my mom. And as she was sitting there, she couldn’t move, couldn’t walk. I was praying for folks at the altar and I see my mom, who truthfully exudes the love of Jesus. She just simply put her arms around this lady and held her.

MATT: And I saw her whisper into her ear. And I thought, “Well, she’s praying for her. Well then all of a sudden, I see this woman jump up from the front row and start dancing around the altar, throwing her arms and legs in the air, screaming out, “I’m healed, I’m healed, I’m healed. My son drove me to the meeting. He’s out in the parking lot. I need to go tell him that Jesus healed me tonight.” And she runs right by me right down the center aisle of the church, right out of the building. Carried in, dying of bone cancer and runs out, healed by God. And afterwards I said, “Mom, what happened?” She said, “Matt…” She said, “All of a sudden from my belly, this love rose up on the inside of me. This love for this lady and all I could do was hold her. And as I held her, the power of God went into her body and she got healed.”

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