SID:  I want everyone that is with us right now to become normal! And so we’re making available Robbie’s book “Do What Jesus Did.” It’s actually a full package. It includes 4 CD’s. And the thing that I want toget into actually on when we come back has to do with the “chutzpah” that you operate under but you’re not the only one in your family that operates under “holy chutzpah.”

ROBBY:  That’s right.

SID:  Your wife did something that astounds me more than the story you just told me but we’ll talk about that when we come back. But this whole series “Do What Jesus Did” package you have these amazing true stories but you have the teaching worked right in along with it. And many people say that you’ll become spiritual giants. You’ll actually emerge as a spiritual giant from this material! What kind of feedback are you getting from ordinary Christians that start harnessing this power?

ROBBY:  Well it’s incredible reports of people coming back that are, that are going out and praying the same way and seeing the same results. And you know I mean they’re tapping into the reality of Christ in them. You know they’re, they’re people who have been praying for change in their community and transformation in their family. I mean the answer is Christ in you and if we have relationship with Jesus Christ then, then it’s there. And the ingredients to do all the things Jesus did lives in us if we have relationship and we’ve been filled with the Holy Spirit.

SID:  And you teach the prophetic, you teach how to heal—

ROBBY:  Absolutely.

SID:  But you teach something that so few believers understand and ministering the presence of God! I want totalk about that also when we come— I’ve got too much to talk to Robby about. For an investment of 39 dollars I’d love to send you the “Do What Jesus Did” package, the 4 CD’s and the Book. And I’ll be back with “Something More!”

SID:  Sid Roth with “Something More!” Our brand new digital show. And I’m talking to Robby Dawkins and I’m having a good time. I hope you’re having as good a time. Robby, you told me something during our break.  

ROBBY:  Yeah. You know with the book “Do What Jesus Did” that I wrote, it came out a couple of years ago, that we have affidavits. It was really important to me because some of the stories are just hard you know I think for people’s heads to get wrapped around. And so we decided, my wife and I prayed about it, and decided that with each one of the stories that were told that we would have affidavits from eyewitnesses or the people that were you know were receiving the miracle or the healing themselves. And so we did that just as an extra step you know just to make sure that we had you know just that validation behind it.

SID:  I know but this book’s been out about 2 years and the things are outrageous of what God’s doing with you right now. Speaking of affidavits, you’ve got something better. You actually had a medical doctor in England when someone actually died on you.

ROBBY:  Yeah.  

SID:  But this time he came back to life. And I am so glad I have the doctor’s testimony right here. And I’ll tell you why. Because the guy that came back to life has a sister that’s a non-believer (laughing) and she wasn’t even there. The guy’s mother was there (laughing) and she’s very upset that this miracle took place. What happened in England?

ROBBY:  Well it was, it was incredible. We had— I love to go to these little, I’ve got quite a following in England and I love the, I love to go to these little churches and just sort of give visions to the pastors and leaders by you know because the Lord’s really blessed me you know to have a good bit of people you know show up and so we had had this pastor had been writing for some time asking me to come and it’s a little you know town, a population of only 180 people and you know the church was far less than that in attendance and you know I just wanted to help give vision and so went there and spent the first part of the day, it was amazing. We went to an area where there was a children’s training area and ministered to some kids and you know saw all the kids. Had the kids pray for each other. Had one kid pray for an instructor who got healed and then you know prayed for one child who had had a burn on her arm, that she’d just come back from the hospital. Had, had a five year old boy pray for her and you know the pain of the burn completely left. It was just amazing.

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