SID: You realize LaDonna, that is a creative Miracle and any scientifically minded person would have said to you, “Impossible.” But it’s too late for you LaDonna, you’ve seen too much.

LADONNA: Too late for me.

SID: Too late for you [laughs], too late for me too.

LADONNA: Yes Sir, Yes, Sir—Yes, Sir—[laughs]. See if people can only just trust God, they will see these kind, of Miracles also. These are not just isolated phenomenon; No, Miracles are the manifestation or the proof of God’s Word. And it’s just very clear; All we have to do is believe, not experiment, not test, not just check it out, just believe.

SID: And how do you believe if you haven’t seen what LaDonna has seen? What T.L. Osborn has seen? You know, you’ve never seen stuff like that. How do you just cold turkey; just start believing? [laughs]

LADONNA: [laughs] I think it begins with a real experience with Jesus Christ. Because when you have that real experience, then you know as well as I, that something in your heart has changed. And God in His mercy, He actually gives a capacity, to believe in what we have not yet seen. But once we experience Jesus, and we learn to walk with Him, and trust Him, we let Him come and be involved in our daily lives. Then we study His Words, and we listen to His Words, we see His actions. And as we’re acquainted with Him, that capacity to believe becomes very powerful. The Apostle Paul says it simply, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God.” But in my vernacular, I would just say, “You get to know Him, and trust Him.” Then whatever He says, you know is absolute truth.

SID: And what I believe, is when they get a hold of your Parents book, “Biblical Healing” and get hold of your 3 CD series about the best teaching you have on Miracles, and then the bonus CD, “Jesus Visited Our House” in which you’ll hear T.L. and Daisy go back and forth and sharing in which more Miracles occur than anything they’ve ever done when people just listen to this teaching. Here are the 3 words that I love; the book and the teaching of LaDonna, the 3 CDs and Bonus, simple, proven, powerful. You see, LaDonna is building on the shoulders of her Pioneer Parents, and I want to get this entire healing package in your hands for an investment of $45. This is such and an amazing time that we are living in right now. If I could choose any time on the planet to be alive, it would be ‘now’! This is the wrap-up. We are going to see one of the, greatest harvest, of souls in history. We’re going to see, not just a ‘revival’ as we were talking about yesterday in our prayer meeting. We’re not going to see a ‘revival’; we’re going to see an ‘Awakening’. Entire countries are going to come to the Lord, and I have to believe LaDonna got it. God has positioned you, but I believe there are people that are watching me right now, LaDonna. That when they get a hold of this book, what is the feedback? And we asked you, which of all the books is the most important? What’s the feedback you get on “Biblical Healing” by your dad?

LADONNA: This is the book that produces so many Miracles. It’s not just information about healing, it’s for sick people. And it’s to train Christians, believers in how to minister healing to others. So people are writing us all the time, every country I go to saying, “My life was changed.” Now we know how to see the power of God. I’m telling you, these are such practical not only faith building but life changing materials. I’m just so delighted that your friends and listeners are going to be able to have access to this great treasure.

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