JAMIE: Tell me about this village in northern Ethiopia.

JONATHAN: Oh my goodness.

JAMIE: This is a miracle story!

JONATHAN: Yeah. Last year, we were doing a medical clinic outreach in northern Ethiopia, near a city called Dundore, which is, historically, where the Jewish community of Ethiopia is from. And we had a lot of opposition from the Orthodox Christian community; in fact, they shut down the prayer room. What do you do when they shut down the prayer room? Is this an attack from the enemy? Well, as a result, our team started to go out into the highways and the byways, into remote villages, to proclaim the Gospel. And one team traveled about two kilometers up this mountain, to this isolated village, where they met the chief of the village who said, “I’ve been waiting for you. I had a dream that one would come and tell me about the sun,” S U N, but it turned out to be the Son, S O N, and the entire village came to faith, all Jews.

JAMIE: Oh my goodness. So they’re waiting for your arrival. It’s like they were warned in advance.

JONATHAN: They were. It’s like right out of the Book of Acts being fulfilled before our very eyes. That’s how I feel sometimes.

JAMIE: So this is now, this discovery of the lost tribes, you’re saying that that is the fundamental part of the restoration of Israel?

JONATHAN: Here’s what I’m saying, Jamie. I think that there’s a number of different prophecies that are directly connected to the last days, (I’m talking about preceding the return of Jesus), that are often overlooked. We’re focused over here on the antichrist, on Gog and Magog, on the revelation of the beast, and a ten-nation confederacy, and so on. And my book is saying, “Wait. Okay, but here’s a whole bunch of things that are being fulfilled, right now, that are off the radar. And one of them is the regathering of the Jewish people back to their land and back to their God.” There’s blindness coming off of the eyes of the Jewish people.

JAMIE: I feel like we can just go into this for days.

JONATHAN: We could.

JAMIE: Okay, if you’re tuning in right now, I’m with the Jewish Indiana Jones. This is amazing, so fascinating to me. I have more questions. Stay tuned for this next part [music]. We’re on “Something More”, I’m Jamie Galloway. Get ready because we’re going to learn some major things about the end times.

JAMIE: Welcome back to “Something More”, I’m Jamie Galloway. Jonathan Bernis is with us today and we’re unlocking the prophetic mysteries of Israel. We have some fascinating subject material, specifically about the end times. I mean, this is your lane, the end times. I’m so intrigued. There’s so much material—

JONATHAN: There is and we can only scratch the surface today.

JAMIE: Yeah. So tell me, you know, with the lost tribes and the connection to the end times, make the connection point there. What does that mean to me? I’m a selfish Gentile, you know. I want something for me. I want a breakthrough for me. Why am I praying for the lost tribes to be restored?

JONATHAN: Well, first of all, Psalms 122:6 connects praying for the Jewish people, the peace of Jerusalem. Which the word shalom there, doesn’t mean peace really; it means the completion of God’s plan and purpose. So it’s to bring to fullness the plan that God has for people and for a land. And then it says those who love thee, those that are on board with this, will prosper. So I tell people if you want to prosper, here’s a clear link to prosper. Pray for God’s plan for the Jewish people to come to pass, to come to completion, both the land and the people, because our salvation, and the salvation of the world, is linked to Israel and the Jewish people. And I make that case in the book over and over and over again. Why do you bless the Jewish people? Because their salvation brings life from the dead.

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