DAVID: And so as I’m ministering, I’m preaching my message. And I like to use, what’s called spirit-led structure. You set it up and then the Holy Spirit can knock it down if he wants. So I’m over there ministering. And I remember hearing the words coming out of my mouth, but it was as if I was a listener with those in the congregation, listening to me speak. I remember hearing myself interrupting my own sermon. And it was as if the Holy Spirit had taken hold of me. I understand that we have self control. It is a fruit of the spirit, but this was not a loss of control. This was an overtaking, being controlled from the deepest part of who I am.

SID: You were operating out of the spirit, not within the brain and the flesh.

DAVID: Right. It was a different function. And I remember when that anointing comes on me, I become a different person. And so I remember in the middle of my sermon, I start calling this woman up and I knew that I knew that I knew that she would be healed. And so she comes to the front I very gently took her cane, set it aside. And I told her to receive her miracle. Right there in front of everyone. She began to move her right arm, her right hand and lift her right leg. She hadn’t been able to do that for years, move like that. And there was a collective gasp and sense of awe that came over the congregation. By the end of that revival weekend, she was dancing on the platform during the worship and the people’s faith was stirred. But that’s what comes, things like that, they’re a manifestation of living in that inner reality with the spirit

SID: The oneness you talk about, that’s what you’re explaining right now. When people read your book and you explain how to pray in the Spirit in the book. Can every true believer enter this oneness, this surrender that God has directed you to?

DAVID: Absolutely. First John 2:27 says we’ve all received that anointing within. We’ve all received that stirring within us, the Holy Spirit residing. Now, some people want to know, “Well, how do I activate that? Because I know I’ve had that deposit.” Well, think about this, first Thessalonians 5:23 alludes to the fact that I am a spirit who has a soul that lives in a body. My body is my earth suit, my soul, my mind, my will, my emotions. And my spirit is my connection with God. So the key then is surrendering the outer shells of who you are to that inner reality. John 7:38, out of your innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.

DAVID: Surrendering to that innermost reality is the essence of the Christian life. It’s not something special for people who sit on Sid Roth’s program. It’s not something special for the guy who stands at the pulpit with a microphone. This is to be, the early church understood this. This is why the gospel exploded onto the scene in the face of persecution, because they grabbed ahold of the reality that all believers get their identity from deep within, not judging themselves based upon the outer shells, but pulling from that inner reality and recognizing, “I am one with the Holy Spirit, I am one with God. I fellowship with him already. And it’s just a matter of releasing that through surrender.”

SID: The most amazing thing is some of you may have tuned in late, or you take a look at David and you say, “Well, he’s a pretty young guy. I don’t know if he can teach me anything.” How many years have you walked with the Holy Spirit?

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