SID: Yeah. You know, Katie has researched these scriptures, but this is something I’ve always wondered. Moses, Caleb, they were elderly men, and their strength wasn’t abated. Even their eyesight didn’t even fade. They somehow knew this secret.

KATIE: Yes, they did. The devil even fought over Moses’s body. Think about that. Why did he want to do that? Probably wanted to look into how he stayed so young.

Caleb gives us the answer. Remember it says that when they went into the Promised Land, that Caleb went to Joshua and said, “Okay, I’m 85 years old. I want my inheritance. Because 45 years ago, Moses told me that my inheritance was the hill country of Hebron,” which is where the Anakim, the giants lived. Okay? He told Joshua, he said, “I’m 85 now, but I’m just as strong as I was back then 45 years ago. In fact, I’m just as strong going into battle as I am coming out of battle.”

Now, what was his secret? He’s an 85-year-old in a 45-year-old’s body. What’s his secret? He was from the tribe of Judah. It’s praise. See, when we praise, when we worship, it brings in the glory.

SID: Okay. Now, tell me, very briefly, and this is outrageous, the woman with the dead bones.

KATIE: Okay. There was a woman named Terry Woods. I’m in Oregon with Steve Schultz. I’m doing a conference. The power shows up. I’m walking in this revelation already over the spirit of death. I say, “Whoever got a miracle now,” because I started operating in miracles, I said, “Come up to the front.” You can watch this on YouTube. Every video, every miracle we’ve ever had is on YouTube. Okay.

She comes up. Her name is Terry. She had what’s called a dead bone. An MRI and an X-ray proved that the ball at the top of her arm was completely dead. But even though it was dead, it caused her excruciating pain, like 10 level plus pain. She was scheduled to have a surgery to try to do something to fix it. Even though she had that pain, she could bend her elbow here, but she couldn’t raise her arm.

I come up and I said, “Whoever’s 100% healed, come up.” She walks up to the stage, looks at me and goes, “100%.” She’s bawling. I call her up. She tells the story. I said, “How’s the pain now, girl?” She goes, “No pain.” I go, “Can you move your arm?” She proceeds to throw her arms up and down…. a victory stance, and a thousand people going crazy.

SID: But she can’t do that with this—

KATIE: No, no. In fact, she canceled the surgery that she was scheduled to have.

SID: Sounds good to me. When we return, Katie will break off the spirit of death on your health, mind, family and finances. Be right back

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here talking with Katie Souza. This is ridiculous, Katie.

KATIE: Yeah.

SID: A lady shook off the spirit of death?

KATIE: Oh yeah.

SID: Tell me….

KATIE: I actually shook it off her through the power of God. Her name was Marilyn. I’m in a meeting. I’m taking questions from people afterwards. She stands in back of me, waiting in line. She tugs on my shirt, finally, to get my attention. I turned around and I said, “What can I do for you?” She said, “I am dying.”

I looked at her, and she was right. Sid, she looked just like the man in Job 33. Her bones were sticking out. Her flesh was clinging to her body. She was gray. Her hair was sparse. She did look like she was literally at death’s door.

Then she began to explain how she had radon poisoning and also mold poisoning, and how the doctors had treated her, but she could never recover. She said, “I’m weak. I can’t drive. I can’t get myself ready. I barely want to eat. Nothing satisfies me.” She goes, “I know I’m dying.”

As she’s telling me the story, Sid, I see a vision in my mind. I see a vision of me grabbing hold of her and violently shaking her, while commanding the spirit of death to come out. Now, I don’t recommend this for the audience. Okay. They have to have a word of knowledge before they do it.

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