DONNA: Natasha. Natasha. I want you to stay with us. We’re going to take a quick break, but we’ll be back in just a moment.


DONNA: Welcome back to “Something More.” I’m here with Natasha. And she has a wonderful story that she wants to tell.

NATASHA: Yes. Just not long ago I was up in the, above the [inaudible] circle area where we have mission work and churches. And during the Sunday service I was talking about God’s goodness, and telling the stories from the Bible, and giving testimonies, stories from the people who have experienced God’s miraculous power. After that, And I prayed for their healing. A general prayer. I didn’t lay hands on everybody. So, after the service, a lady runs to me, and she says, She’s doing this; she’s shaking her hand, her arm. And she says, “Can you imagine when you said that God is so good, and you were talking about how He is loving, and how He is kind, and how He wants to heal me, Here I am for 15 years having this arthritis and swollen – uh?

DONNA: Knuckles? [laughs]

NATASHA: Knuckles. Knuckles. She says she lived with the pain and took a lot of medicine. And she said, “Suddenly I saw that why in the world I’m carrying this sickness if God loved me so much that He already took, Jesus took upon Himself all the symptoms and all the pain?” And she said, “And here I am standing during general prayer while you are praying for everybody. And I’m shaking off this sickness.” And she says, “It doesn’t belong to me. It doesn’t belong to me.” And she comes to me and she shows me, and I don’t see any swollenness. And I asked the pastor to come. And I said, “Pastor. Look at this lady.” And the pastor starts praising God. And he says, “Well, the church has been praying for this lady,” because she had, you know, pain and arthritis. And so he saw, he confirmed that the healing took place, the miracle took place. And this is how unique each person’s response is to God’s goodness. If I would just preach the whole sermon about what you need to do, what steps everybody needs to take, it’s almost like giving the same pill to everybody.

DONNA: Yeah. Yeah.

NATASHA: But once you give them the revelation of God’s goodness people know what to do. You know, they immediately, when they trust God, they know in their heart how to respond, and how to shake out that sickness and make this healing a reality for them.

DONNA: Yes. Yes. And as you said, you take it upon yourself. Your task is to make Him irresistible.


DONNA: And then they trust Him, and miracles follow. What did you say? A chaos of miracles? [laughs]

NATASHA: A chaos of miracles takes place.

DONNA: I love it. I love it.

NATASHA: We are so focused on order, you know, especially in Russia. You know it’s a country of law and order. So we just want order during the service. But once you really bring the revelation of God you cannot control that, when people get their revelation, and when they start responding in faith. The miracles start happening during, before the prayer.

DONNA: Yes. And something so important, You know how when you want something it’s different than when you long for something.

NATASHA: That’s true. Mm-hmm.

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