SID: Well, I’ll tell you that we under-value praying in tongues. I know that everything we have today, two networks, our own television show on other networks, our own production facilities, making shows that are going all over the world happened because I got together with other believers and prayed in tongues. I know the value. Look, it’s just the simple. You’re praying perfect prayers from the spirit of God. Prayers with a 100% faith. Why? Your peanut brain doesn’t get into the way of the impossible God wants to do in your life. You’re building up your spirit man. So I would say that is one of the most important, important gifts that someone could have.

SID: But there’s another thing that has kept me straight all these years. I live in what I call instant or rapid repentance. And they say, “Well, you’d be repenting your whole life.” No, I only repent when the Holy Spirit convicts me, and it’s very easy. And I find if I’ll repent of the little fox, it’ll never grow up to be a big fox. I live in rapid repentance. I pray in tongues. There’s many other things, but those are two good ones.

LARRY: But you know, one of the things that you often talk about, Sid, is with Abraham and Moses, they went into new places. They went into new territory, they were pioneers. They were pioneers. Sid, so many of us look at you. We recognize you as a pioneer. And what I love, it was not your ingenuity. It was not your ability. It was really your simple—

SID: I don’t have to practice humility. I know it’s not me. It’s not a facade. Everything you’re seeing is God.

LARRY: God is simply looking for people who are available and say, “Lord, I have a heart to follow you wherever you are going. I believe God is going to encounter you in a powerful way.” When Sid prays for the transferable glory to be released, expect the new. Like Abraham and Moses and Sid, God is not a respecter of persons. We have so much to cover with Sid. So we’re preparing a special fourth segment with him right after this show. Don’t miss it. We’ll be right back.

LARRY: Sid, thousands of non-believing Israelis and Jews across the world have attended your lectures in the supernatural. I’ve actually seen this when I was with you in Israel, the glory will come upon them. They get healed and then they make public professions of faith. Can you talk about this? This is amazing.

SID: Well, I have to tell you, I am overwhelmed. Jewish people that know nothing about the Messiah come to my lectures. Then all I do is wait on God and the glory sweeps through the auditorium. Anywhere from 40% to 70% will raise their hand. “I’ve just been healed.” These are non-believing Israelis. Once someone is touched by the presence of God, then they want to know this God.

SID: And then I give a lecture on the supernatural, which is basically why Jesus, or his Hebrew name Yeshua, is the Messiah. My own sister and brother in law came to one of my lectures. And my sister said something only a sister can say, Larry. She said, “Sid, you weren’t that good. But why did almost every Israeli stand up and come to know the Messiah?” And I said, “You’re right. I take no credit. I am one grateful Jewish secretary. I just follow dictation really well.”

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