BETSY: I just felt like there is a woman here who had been very shamed because you had a sister who was always favored. And you just felt so bad about yourself and you’re really an attractive talented gifted person, but because your parents always favored the sister you felt a lot of shame. And I felt like there is a man here who had gotten involved with a bad business deal and you felt like God said to do it and you- just felt so positive starting out and then things really twisted and it’s been very hard to forgive yourself and move on and you’ve had a lot of questions about it and there’s shame there that the Lord just wants to release you from tonight. And I feel like there are some people here who have gone through a lot of shame of verbal abuse. Of having people say ‘You’re just like so and so’ or ‘You’re never going to amount to anything’ and we just want to get that shame out of your life. So those were just a couple of things that I was seeing.

CHESTER: So what I’d like to do is lead you through some steps and I’ll come to what I call “the blank lines” every now and then, and I’ll leave it for you to fill in your particular thing, whether it’s your family sins, whether it’s your own sins, whether it’s your lies you’ve believed, and we’ll throw out suggestions as we feel the Holy Spirit’s given us possibilities here, and then at the end we’ll dismiss the demons and expect them to leave. Okay?  So we’re going to mix the 4 ministry areas together into one series of steps. Usually we’ll– deal with the family sins first, and then we’ll deal with the ungodly beliefs, then we’ll deal with the hurts, and then we’ll deal with the deliverance but we don’t have the luxury of doing that tonight so we’re just going to blend it all together, okay? And expect God to do some amazing things because we keep finding Him doing amazing things. It’s easy to do. Anything else you want to add before we charge into this?

BETSY: No, go ahead, go ahead, honey.

CHESTER: Okay, so if you want to participate repeat after me, if you don’t, pretend like you are and nobody…will notice [joking]. Okay, Thank you, Lord. Okay-


Father God; Lord Jesus; Holy Spirit; we come tonight; as Your children; as Your son or daughter; Come into a good Father; who’s paved the way; to receive healing and freedom; that we didn’t even know we needed; Thank you, Father; Lord, tonight I acknowledge; I take responsibility for; my own sins; in this area of shame; fear and control; I also acknowledge; that my ancestors; have sinned in these areas; and that these sins have come down through the family line; and I have entered into them; I didn’t know I was entering into them; I didn’t want to enter into them; but here I am; I choose not to blame my ancestors; they were just as trapped as I am; so I release all my ancestors; I forgive them; and do not hold them accountable; in any way; for the ways that shame; fear and control; have affected me; Now Lord I ask You to forgive me; for the ways I have taken on these sins; taken on these curses; and made them my own; it’s not what I want to do; and tonight; I make a decision; to declare war; on shame; fear; and control; and I will continue this war; until these strongholds; are totally eradicated; from my life; and the lives of my descendants; in Jesus name; I now; break agreement; with all the lies I have believed; that convey an identity of shame; that there’s something the matter with me; Holy Spirit; I ask You in the coming days; to reveal to me; every lie I have believed; in this area of shame; and as You reveal them; I will renounce them; break my agreement; and ask You to show me; the truth; what You would  have me believe; in exchange for this lie; I depend on You, Holy Spirit; to renew my mind; so that I can know Your good; and perfect will for my life; in the area of healing Lord; I ask You to come and bring Your healing.

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