ROBBY: The lady, the lady at the very back. You got dark hair. And you’re right…Yeah, right there. Could you stand up if you would? What’s your name? Can you say out… Dottie? Toni ? Toni, I just heard the Lord just say there was a door that was shut and it was really frustrating to you. You felt like you just walked… you felt like it was supposed to open but it was like shut when you went to it. And it was really frustrating and disturbing but this is what I hear the Lord saying. Is that there’s double doors that He has open and where you hit the one closed door there’s actually double doors…




ROBBY: …and if you would have went through the one you would have gotten only that single opportunity but there’s double doors and it’s almost like a theater you know like double doors that’s coming and I just heard the Lord say it’s opening up. Do you have a son? You have two sons? I felt like with one of your sons that there’s been he’s really been in a real difficult place and he’s really been struggling in his faith. There’s been a lot of things challenging. There’s been some hurts in some relationships and there’s been some real heartbreak. Here’s what I hear the Lord saying is that this week there’s dreams coming to him. The Holy Spirit’s ministering and releasing dreams to him…




ROBBY: …and I heard the Lord say he’s turning around. There’s turning around and there’s a breakthrough coming for him. And I felt like too… I don’t know if you… I felt like I heard the name Connie. I don’t know if you know anybody named Connie but I felt like there was a friend named Connie that the Lord was going to give you a very specific word for and they are to release some things to. She’s going through a tough time just in some finances and things and I felt like there’s a real prophetic declaration for you to release to that. So Lord we bless Toni and we thank You for Your hand on her. And I saw, I heard the Lord say where walking has been a struggle, where there’s just been some things with physically like with walking there’s coming a greater ease and a lightness in your feet and so Lord we bless that for Toni right now in Jesus’ name. We just thank You for Your presence on her. Fill her up Holy Spirit. Fill her up Holy Spirit. More Lord. Right there. Right there. Go deep. Go deep. Go deep. More. More. And just better sleep. Where there’s been restlessness in sleep there’s breakthrough. You’re going to have the best night’s sleep and we thank You for that. In Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name. More. Thank You Father. In Jesus’ name. Yes Lord.



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