SID: Jeff, in 2003, you had an angelic encounter that catapulted you into a whole new place in God. Tell me about it.


JEFF: Well Sid, I had already been moving in miracles, always doing ministry, but I dedicated a season of my life just to be able to press into the Lord because I wanted to go higher. I wanted something fresh from the Lord. So it was a season of prayer. And one night I went to bed after soaking in the presence of God, listening to music and prayer, contemplative. I was laying in my bed asleep and I was awakened by the blast of a trumpet. Two angels stood at the foot of my bed blowing silver trumpets in my face. I knew exactly what the John the Revelator said, in the presence of God he felt like he was a dead man in the presence of this supernatural being. That’s what I felt like. What came out of that encounter, I was taken into a place in Heaven and in this place in Heaven it was like a map room, a room of intercession. It was a map room where angels and people were praying for what God was going to release on the earth before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. We were talking about that Glory generation. I came back, everything changed in my ministry. Things were happening that I didn’t have a grid for.


SID: You know what, I believe you became a forerunner of what’s coming. That’s what it sounds like.


JEFF: Yes. I didn’t know what was happening. I was seeing gold teeth. Gemstones started appearing. Creative miracles began to manifest in the meeting. I didn’t even know how to explain it, but something tangible, something new.


SID: And by the way, you were at a meeting, you were one of my speakers and it was a funny story. This woman got a gold tooth, and I had her and her husband come on the platform, and I said to her husband, “Are you sure she didn’t have a gold tooth before?” And he’s kind of very tight with money. It was so funny. He said, “I’d never pay for a gold tooth.” Okay, so you’re in this new place, and I mean, you really didn’t even have a grid for these things to happen.


JEFF: You know, there’s no precedence for it in the Scripture. I mean, where do you find gold teeth in the Scripture? But it’s not about gold teeth. The ministry of signs and wonders just began to automatically happen. Signs and wonders happen. “These attesting signs [follow them] that believe,” Mark 16:17. Signs and wonders are normal and natural. Jesus moved in signs and wonders. He had Peter go down to the Sea of Galilee. “The first fish you take out pull a coin out its mouth.” He moved in odd, different kinds of ways.


SID: You call it radical anointings, and is this what you mean that Acts 2 is talking about when the “Spirit of God is coming on all flesh?”


JEFF: Yes, absolutely. It says, Acts 2:17, “I will pour out my spirit upon all mankind. Your sons and your daughters will prophesy.” So automatically signs and wonders, they start prophesy. And then it says, “I’ll show signs in the heavens and on the earth with these prophetic people as an outpouring happens.” And the end result is, Verse 21, for Acts 2:21, for 2021, is, “It will come to pass in that day that whosoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.”


SID: Wait a second. Whosever will be saved, but what you said that most people miss is that God is pouring his spirit on all flesh.


JEFF: All flesh. That’s why everybody can do it. That’s why you’re feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit right now. You’re feeling it right now. I feel the draw right now. Some of you are saying, you know what, it’s not just for Jeff Jansen, it’s not just for Sid Roth, it’s for me as well. God is going to pour out his spirit upon all flesh. You can move prophetically through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The end result is signs and wonders happen, and it will come to pass that when this generation moves in signs, wonders and miracles, which I believe is this last day’s generation, “Whosoever in that day will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.”


SID: That word “saved” in the Greek means healed, delivered.


JEFF: That’s right, “sozo”.


SID: Intimacy with God. And you know what, someone like Jeff, years, years seeking God, it’s going to be like, boom.


JEFF: Instantaneous.


SID: Instant.


JEFF: Instantaneous.


SID: Okay, tell me, because this is so critical for you, the key for moving in the Glory.


JEFF: Every time I had a visitation, Sid, moving in the Glory of God, is because I was pressing in. I was worshiping.


SID: You’re a song leader. Come on now, it’s easy for you to worship God in song, but how about me? I can’t carry a tune.


JEFF: Worship is not about singing a song. Worship is not about how well you sing. Worship is an attitude and a posture of heart.


SID: In other words, it doesn’t even have anything to do with singing.


JEFF: It has nothing to do with singing.


SID: That’s why I wanted you to hear.


JEFF: It’s the posture of the heart. You present yourself before the Lord. You give yourself to God. That’s worship. That’s worship. And those that do that, I’m telling you what, the Scripture says this: “You O Lord are enthroned upon the praises of your people.” When we praise, when we give him our heart the throne comes down, and where the throne is, the king is. Where the king is there’s a government. Where the government is there’s the angelic realm. His government rests down upon the praising, worshiping saint.


SID: So you’re saying that when we worship it literally creates an avenue, it creates that ladder to Heaven.


JEFF: Exactly.


SID: That’s Jacob’s angels coming up. That’s what’s happening when we are worshippers.


JEFF: That’s exactly right. I’ll share a quick little story. I was in Tanzania a while back doing a campaign, and there were 80,000 people on the last night.


SID: Little campaign.


JEFF: Little campaign, 80,000 people there. Most of them were Muslim and the Lord said, “Jeff, you get these people to shout praises to me and I will do great miracles.” My job was at being a cheerleader, getting the people to shout praises to Jesus Christ in Tanzania. And when we shouted the Glory of God came down, instantaneous miracles, mass deliverance. People were dropping all over the field because of the power of God. The Lord said, “You just get them to praise me and I’ll heal them.” And they got healed, the Glory of God fell on them, they got healed and then they got saved.


SID: I have to tell you, I read about what happened to you in Tanzania and about the shell. In my last two meetings I had people shout and the same thing happened. There’s a power in the shout. But I want you to nail what worship is right now, with the people.


JEFF: Worship is not about how you sing. It’s not about how well you sing. Worship is an attitude of the heart. You know, the Scripture says that “God is the rewarder of those who diligently and hotly pursue him.” I tell you what, if you make the Lord your pursuit, if you make the Lord your first priority he will come upon you, he will come after you. You think you’re going after God, he is hunting you down. And I believe that God is looking to hunt you down. You’re hungry right now. Worship is key to just receiving everything that God has for you and it’s not about singing, it’s about your heart. So right now just give your hearts to the Lord. “Set your affections on things above,” the Scripture says, “Set your heart on the Lord. Set your affections on him.” When you do that he will answer you. There is an impartation that God will give to everybody, and even now an impartation to you as you’re listening to what I’m telling you right now.


SID: I’m going to tell you what I know. I’m just in the presence of God as Jeff is speaking. I’m hearing words of knowledge, people. But there are going to be so many people healed, but I want Jeff to pray an impartation over your life to be hungry for God and receive the Glory of God, which he does all the time on media, and it goes right to the set or the computer. Be right back.

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