SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. When you combine prophecy and healing together it’s going to cause an explosion of miracles. Are you ready? Now my first guest Hank Kunneman is really one of the most accurate prophets of this generation. His prophecies regarding 9/11, America’s promise and future, prophecies for the nations of the world and even his word from God saying, “I will make America great again.” No, that was not Donald Trump first. That was this guest right now, Hank Kunneman. Hank, you told me that you had, I don’t know if it was a dream or a vision, of you sitting at this desk and me asking you a question: “Hank, so what do you see happening this year?”


HANK: This year. I did see that question being asked of you in my dream, and the Lord spoke in the dream, and here’s what he said. He said, “Hank, that is too limited.” He said, “I want to broaden the perspective of the people that they understand it’s not just what I’m doing this year, but what I’m doing in the now.” This is important: in the now. Now the now can span through this year, it can span through next year, the coming years when God moves in the now. Here’s how you know. Jesus’ first miracle, he turned water into aged wine, the best wine to last. It was accelerated time. It was also now that he moved and presented that to the governor of the feast. And it says that this is the beginning of miracles that Jesus did. Well we know that it was the miracle in the now. It was accelerated time, but it was also the beginning of miracles, meaning that it hasn’t stopped. In fact, I hear the Spirit of God say this: “I am the God who moves in the now and now my Glory is coming upon this nation, the United States, and it’s coming upon the nations of the earth, and it’s coming fast,” says the Spirit of God. “United States, you shall be united as what bears your name. And there is a move that shall change legislatively and you will see that the finest days are soon to come upon you in the now. For this is my plan,” says the Spirit of God. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.


SID: I tell you, I don’t know about you, but the Holy Spirit is just bubbling up within me. God let you see something that must have been wonderful. God let you see through his eyes.


HANK: Yes.


SID: Explain.


HANK: This happened to me just a few Sundays ago. I was standing on the front row of the church that I pastor in Omaha, Nebraska and I was worshiping the Lord, and all of a sudden, Sid, I felt like somebody threw a coat on me, I knew it was the Lord, like a coat. It was so heavy I could hardly stand, I could hardly walk to the platform to transition the service. All of a sudden I saw a pair of eyes. I said, “Lord, what is this?” He said, “Hank, I’m allowing you to see through my eyes for events that are coming in the now for the nations.” And it’s almost like, if you ever downloaded files on a computer, they go [whoosh] real fast. That’s how fast things were moving through the eyes of the Lord that I was looking through and being downloaded in my spirit. And I really believe that there is things that are happening by the Spirit of God that if we limit it to a time we will miss the bigger picture of what God is trying to reveal in the now. He’s up to good. “And let it be known even unto you, Sid,” said the Spirit of God says, “that I have placed you in the Middle East, but all watch what I’m about to open, not only in Europe, but I’m about to open up even in Asia an effectual door of utterance. Why? To handle this move of my Spirit and awakening that is coming to the earth and it’s coming fast.” Thank you, Lord.


SID: You know, Hank, God has given you a revelation on a subject I have never heard anyone even teach on, and that is the Bible talks about wind and the Bible talks about a north wind, a south, an east, a west. You have revelation that when you get this knowledge and pray according to biblical knowledge you get amazing results. Take one wind and give me an example.


HANK: All right. First, let me just say this. Ezekiel prophesied to the four winds externally.


SID: Yes.


HANK: We through the Holy Spirit prophesy with the four winds in our mouth. I’ll give you one example. The east wind, you can read all four winds in Job 37, the east wind is a wind of judgment against the enemy. It’s a wind of breakthrough. It’s also a wind of correction. When we’re specific we are decreeing a thing, as the scripture says, and it will be established. When I decree the north wind, for example, which is…


SID: I’ll tell you what, would you do me a favor?


HANK: Yes.


SID: Would you make a decree of the north wind right now that Heaven is going to move on.


HANK: In the name of Jesus, I decree from my mouth and the authority that I stand in, and I decree with the north wind let there come an awakening onto the earth and onto this nation. And I decree from the north the cleansing rain of God’s presence. Let it begin to come and fall upon the land. For in the United States, welcome in your rain, welcome your wind. For even in the natural this is your sign of what is taking place from the north wind of my spirit to rain down righteousness in my presence again.


SID: You know, I have to tell you, for years I’ve been interviewing you and a number of other prophets, and you’ve been almost like a lone voice. Everyone else is saying gloom and doom. I couldn’t get you to say that.


HANK: We have to hear from the Third Heaven. That’s the Throne Room. That’s the highest place. And really what it comes down to is God’s heart. When you’re a Third Heaven prophet you’re after God’s heart. And always remember this. God always has, whether it’s a warning or a word to you or a nation, God always has a redemptive plan. And the Spirit of God said to me, he said, “As long as my Spirit is in the earth I always have a redemptive plan.” Even if a warning comes, what is a redemptive plan? Sid, a redemptive plan is God’s message of help and his message of hope. And that’s why people get caught up in doom and gloom because they’re excluding the redemptive sight of God who always wants to help, who always wants to bring hope.

SID: Now God has always, even from the beginning, wanted to use man’s voice. Comment on that.


HANK: God has always wanted to use man’s voice. He wants to use your voice, and the reason why he wants to use our voice because of the authority that we carry in the earth as his sons and daughters, as his representatives. And when we speak we are speaking with his authority and with his power, and we can shift regions and territories. We can even cause our own life, that maybe it’s not going well, when we start declaring, Lord, I’m blessed, Lord, I declare that your blessings are coming upon me, we are shifting things and we also are breaking the powers of darkness that uses words to release agendas and assignments against us.


SID: By the way, speaking of God’s voice on the earth, Richard Roberts tells you a little understood truth, how to grab hold of your miracle, right after this.

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