Sid: I have on the telephone someone that everyone listening will agree is red hot for Jesus her name is Margy Palm. I’m speaking to her at her house in San Antonio Texas this housewife, mother of 2 small children on December 11, 1981 was praying in the Spirit and God directed her to go to a particular place and when she got out of her car a gun went into her back and it was she didn’t realize that this man was on the 10 Most Wanted List of the FBI. He had brutally raped and murdered 30 woman previously one just a few hours before. And all of the woman that he had raped and murdered looked a particular way exactly the way that Margy looked. She got into the car and she found a supernatural compassion and love pouring out of her for this man. He didn’t look like anyone you’d want to love he didn’t talk like any one that you’d want to love. I mean vulgarity coming out of his mouth talking about rape and talking about how he murdered people. She didn’t even know how bad it was but it was bad by what she just heard. But there was a supernatural peace and he said “Lady I’ve never met anyone like you before I feel love pouring out of you.” And so Margy then he said “I want you to buy me some beer and cigarettes.” I mean you really had won some trust.

Margy: Hm hm.

Sid: For him to even say that to you.

Margy: Yeah well it was getting to the point where every time he’d say some horrible word he would say “You know I’m so sorry I said that I’m really sorry about that so (Laughing).  But the reason I went into this a 7-11 and did this was because previous to that he said “You know I’m never going back to prison I’ve been in and out of prison since I was 14 and I’m never going back.” And I said “Well you’re in a prison of hatred and there are evangelists that go into prisons.” And he said “Well like who?” And for some reason I named this evangelist and his name is Kenneth Copeland and I have no idea why I named his name at that time it just came out.  And you know I’ll tell you about that later but he just latched on to this name and he said “Well I want to meet this man.” And I said “Well I don’t know him personally.” And he said “Well I want to meet him where does he live?” And I said “Fort Worth.” And he said “Well I want to go to Fort Worth.” And I said “What?” And so he said “Let’s go up through Austin” and I said “Well I know that this is going to sound strange but while you were talking about going to Austin I see a road…I feel like the Lord’s showing me there’s a road blockade around Austin that surrounding and were not supposed to go there and I see us driving up to I feel like the Lord’s showing us to drive to Curville and there’s going to be a bus that you get on.”  And he just looked at me and then he said “Well I want you to go in and buy me beer, cigarettes and a paper and then come back to the car.” So anyway I went in there and there was nobody else in the 7-11 except me and I knew that I could very easily tell the lady that I’m in the car with some crazy man.

Sid: Why didn’t you do that?

Margy: I didn’t do it because I felt the Lord was telling me to go back.  And I mean I know that sounds really bazaar.

Sid: Weird (Laughing)

Margy: Really weird but it was really weird but I felt like I was in the middle of God’s perfect will and I was supposed to do that. I did not have fear thats was what was so strange.  I even looked at the paper and saw that he was headlines of the paper and I was not afraid.

Sid:  Do you recall what the headlines said?

Margy: Well the headlines of those papers that paper no I don’t.

Sid: Alright go ahead.

Margy: Well anyway I took the paper and everything back to the car and when he opened the paper and looked at it. And I had told him I said “Now I don’t want you to read me what you’ve done so you can read it but I don’t want to hear what you’ve done.” So he said “Well I’m going to read you this one part lady because” and he read me this first part of this article and it said that there was a road blockade around Austin just what I had told him.”

Sid:  What you had seen in your vision.

Margy: What I had seen in the vision God had given me so he said “How did you know this?” And I said “Because I know God and He knows it and He told me that.” And he said “Well now what exactly did he tell you to do?” He said “He showed us me to tell  you that we’re supposed to go to Curville and there’s going to be a bus in Curville that you are supposed to get on.” And he said “Well okay.” And it was very interesting because of all of the sudden he’s asking me what to do. And the other thing I notice about him was that he was very articulate and very smart. And I said to him “You are really bright I mean your vocabulary is amazing.”  And he said “I went to New York School of Design and Brown University.”

Sid: Hm.

Margy: And I said “Really.” I mean I could tell he wasn’t just a punk out there you know what I mean he was smart he was diabolically smart intelligent. And anyway…

Sid: But I understand he was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List for 10 years I guess it does take someone intelligent to last that long.

Margy: Well when I finally met with the police and they told me that he was on the 10 Most Wanted List they told me that normally men with only over genius IQ will…are on this list.  And they said that that is not unusual at all they’re all diabolically intelligent. And that was very very noticeable all day long this kind of a sick intelligence like a psychotic person. But anyway he just out of the blue he said “I want you to go call your husband.” And I…

Sid: Now this trust is really being pushed but go ahead.

Margy: He said “I want you go call your husband and I want you tell him that you’ll be home later but don’t tell anything about me.” And so I went to the telephone and when I got into the telephone…well it wasn’t in a booth it was just kind of sitting out he got out of the car and came right in front of me and held the gun right on me while I was on the phone. So I wasn’t…

Sid: So he was trusting you but not that far.

Margy: Not that far so anyway I call my house and my husband was at home and it was about 6:30 in the evening and he said “He says your voice sounds so nervous I mean your shaking.” And what happened was when I heard him his voice my voice started shaking all of a sudden reality started hitting me.

Sid: When you heard your husband’s words…

Margy: Yep, yep.

Sid: You went out of this almost spirit position.

Margy: It completely left the peace totally left me and all of a sudden reality hit me and I started thinking about my kids and am I ever going to see them again and am I ever going to see him again and my whole body started shaking all over. And consequently my mouth was shaking and my words were shaking my husband said “Something’s terribly wrong with you what’s a matter?” And I said you know I’m out shopping and I’ll be home later I’m fine I just you know there’s crowds around me but don’t…you know I’m okay. And he asked me quite a few times listen I know something’s very wrong. And I said “No I’m fine I’ll be home later just feed the kids.” And I’ll be home later and you know he tried to tell me well don’t be too late because we’re going out with some people tonight you know and I thought “Oh brother if he only knew where I was.” (Laughing)

Sid: Hm hm.

Margy: And so you know I got off the phone and I was just shaking all over and Steven said of me “You are upset lady what’s a matter with you and you’re scared and I can see fear all over you.” And I said “Your right and but I put my hands out and put them on his shoulders and I said “In the name of Jesus I take authority over all of the spirit of fear and I command it to leave me and leave the situation and you know ask You Lord to put Your peace back and on me and just show me what to do.” And I mean the moment I said the words the peace was back instantly which was pretty amazing and then he said “Okay let’s go back to the car and let’s go do what you said to do what you think God told you to do (laughing.) So we walk back to the car and you know I got in the passenger side he got in the driver’s seat and the peace was there again and he said “I’m going to need some money lady.” So I said “Well I’ll show you how to get to my bank and so he drove over to where my bank and I felt like God was telling me to give him $300 so I I withdrew and I had him get me a slip and I withdrew $300 and I gave it to him and he started crying and he said “Why would you give me this much money and you’re just the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met in my life.” And I said “Well I wouldn’t give you this much money except that I believe that that’s what God told me to give you.”

Sid: Margy we’re out of time will pick up here on that $300.

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