SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Hank Kunneman. And you know, I was thinking something in the last segment, and I didn’t say it. And during the break, Hank said to me what I was thinking because he picked it up in his spirit; because he was thinking the same thing. And I was talking about “God is speeding up your breakthrough.” And Hank, someone was just healed. Someone’s neck was just healed and someone’s back was just healed. Test it. You’ll see. What did God show you about time being compressed?

HANK: God is suppressing time. And here’s the encouraging thing for you that are watching. What would take a year is not taking a year. It’s taking a day. What took a day is taking an hour. What took an hour is taking a second. And I want to encourage you in this new decade that we are in, in this new millennium, I want to encourage you to reach forward now; and get that determined spirit that says, you know what, it is my hour, it is my season for the breakthrough in my body. If you need healing or maybe your finances, it’s my hour for that breakthrough to begin to come! And it’s those who have a determined spirit that says, you know what, it’s my now! It’s like that woman with the issue of blood the Scripture talks about, that pressed into the crowd and grabbed a hold of what she knew was her promise. And when she did, her breakthrough came and her issues went away. That’s the kind of determination you will have.

SID: And you cannot be like Lot’s wife. It’s a new season in your life. Do not look back to the old. It’s time for the new. And speaking of the new, Hank, God is showing you what’s going on with youth in particular. Explain.

HANK: Well 2006, the Lord gave an interesting prophesy. And I was even on this show before telling you about a regime change that would come in Iran. And I thought, God, how are you going to do this? The prophecy said, in 2006, He said, watch me shake Egypt first. And He said, “And the youth shall arise with the dissatisfaction that shall topple government’s dictators and change a nation in a day.”

SID: Okay. But what about some…a country like China? We saw what happened at Tiananmen Square. What did God show you? – Its Supernatural!

HANK: I had something happen just about two weeks ago in my church at Sunday night service. The worship team was praising, and there’s such an open Heaven in my church anyway. All of a sudden, I felt this literal wind blow in through the service. It about knocked me over on my side. The ushers almost had to grab me because of the force of this wind. The Lord said this. He said, “Discern this wind.” I said, “What is this?” He said, “It’s the wind of change over the nations.” And He talked about five nations. He didn’t necessarily name all of the nations that were going to begin to have regime changes. And He said, “One such place, watch China; Tiananmen Square.”

SID: He said Tiananmen Square?

HANK: Yes, yes he did. And so I think we need to really pray. Because what God wants is sheep nations – nations that go the way of the Messiah, not goat nations, where you get the wrong leader in and they turn away from the principles of God. Or turn away from God, and begin to put the people in bondage. So there’s a window now as these nations are toppling and these leaders are toppling. We’ve got to pray for the right people to sit into those seats of authority.

SID: What is being spoken about is Matthew 25. And I was telling Hank that Matthew 25:40…see in that chapter, it talks about the virgins, the smart ones and the stupid ones. It also talks about dividing the nations. There will be goat nations and sheep nations in the last days. The issue is determined at Matthew 25:40, in which Jesus says, “As you have done unto the least of these my brethren,” and in the Greek, the word “brethren” means “from the womb”. Who were his brethren from the womb? The Jewish people. So what will hinge on a nation being a goat nation or sheep nation will be what they do to the physical Jew. What did God tell you about Israel, and in particular, Jewish people?

HANK: I’m telling you, I had a dream just recently where and it was very simple. I saw the homes in Israel and they had the lights off. All of a sudden, light started springing forth in houses all over Israel. And the Spirit of the Lord said to me, “Hank, look at this.” He said, “This is an awakening that is coming for my people, Israel.” And He even said back in 2006, with the prophecy about Egypt and Iran, and these other nations, He said, “When you see this with Egypt, know that it marks a season where I’m going to bring a separation.” And there has been natural separation to prove a point. There’s a spiritual separation that God is going to release favor over Israel. New discoveries are about to come in Israel. Oil is going to be discovered in Israel. And you know why? The Lord said it to me this way. He said, “Where did the first outpouring of the spiritual oil come?” Israel. He said it’s going to happen once again.

SID: In other words, what He started with, He’s going to end with.

HANK: Right. Some things go full circle. And there’s going to be natural gas and oil. God is going to make Israel self-sufficient. And what we need to do is pray because some of the finest things are about to be brought to the surface. As the Holy One is unveiling, not only the Messiah, but He’s unveiling these natural resources to bring His people into such incredible blessing. There’s also something that I see happening, too, Sid. There is a humoring that God is going to bring over Israel. The enemies of Israel are conspiring in secret. Sid Roth taught me that  God is listening. He’s listening. God hears everything. He’s listening to you. If you live in Israel or you love Israel, listen to me, God said, “I’m going to show my protective power over Israel.” In fact, you know how He’s going to do it? He said, “Let me humor them. I’m going to use the elements again.” Remember how God did it back in the day of the Exodus?

SID: Of course.

HANK: He used the wind. He used the elements. And God said, “Once again, I am going to use the elements to protect Israel and to speak forth through those elements to show them they are my apple of my eye.” And I think He’s going to do this where, let’s say somebody rises up to attack them and God uses the wind to frustrate their purpose or something.

SID: But this has happened many times in Israel’s wars.

HANK: It’s going to happen again. Watch this, though.

SID: But this is going to happen. I think God is going to display His power. Remember, He did this to show Pharaoh and his people of His favor on Israel.

HANK: That’s right.

SID: He’s going to do it one more time.

HANK: That’s the season they’re coming into. And that’s what’s going to bring this awakening. Watch the youth of Israel as they begin to march in the streets, and they are going to start declaring the name of Yeshua. Not only that, but I’m talking about music now. Whenever God does something in the earth, there’s always a sound. In every generation, the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, new millennium, to mark a new generation, listen to the sound. Listen to the music. It changes to mark the new moves coming or the new generation. Watch the sounds that start coming out of Israel. You will hear a great sound of worship in music again, and how it’s going to touch even the secular.

SID: Give me just one clue, if you will, of how I can have…and how you can have your breakthrough.

HANK: The key for breakthrough, and I want to encourage you that are watching, is the key for breakthrough is, again, a determined spirit that refuses to take no for an answer.

SID: And because of time, what do you see as a breakthrough in the White House? What is God showing you?

HANK: One of the things that’s coming, and I want to encourage you, look to the Statue of Liberty. It’s a mystery over the nation. A woman is going to rise up in this land. The season of it is coming. We’re not too far away from it, but we will have a woman in the White House. But also, listen to this, this is powerful. A friend of Israel is being hand-selected of God to once again come and bring such a beautiful relationship and peace. We’re going to have an understanding of the land and an understanding of the covenant that God made with them, and they’re going to be a friend of Israel.

SID: And what about women in the White House, in the presidency? What did God show you?

HANK: It’s coming. In fact, one of the things the Lord said in one of the last elections we had, He said, “Watch. There will be one removed as the Speaker of the House, and when you see the one removed as the Speaker of the House,” He said, “I’m going to raise up other women.” And He said, “You’re coming into the season where a woman will reign in the land as president.” And of course, people always to guess who that is. I’d like it if God just chooses and put His…and appoints it.

SID: Okay, 30 seconds. I want you to pray for a breakthrough for all those watching.

HANK: I would love it. In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, as I stretch my hands into that camera, in to that lens, into that city, into that nation, into the very place in your living room or wherever you’re at, I decree now, let the heavens be open over your life. Let angels now come at the sound of my voice and cause you to come into your breakthrough. I command healing in your body. I command the pressure that is upon you in the financial realm to be open now and let a freedom begin to flow in your financial life, your business. And I even declare the depression that has come against you, the mind-altering things. I declare now peace into your mind…

SID: If God is for you, – Its Supernatural!

HANK: …in Jesus name.

SID ROTH: …who can be against? If God is for you, He is.

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