Sid:  I’m concerned because there are so many open doors to the demonic and as many Christians as non-Christians because they don’t have discernment are walking into these doors.  This is why I have Rebecca Greenwood on the telephone and we’re talking to her about her full course based on her brand new book just off the press called “Let Our Children Go”.   And Rebecca, just to kind of whet the appetite a little bit it seems as though there is a such a hunger among our young people to see movies about vampires.  Frankly, I don’t get it it must be a supernatural energy if you will that is drawing them like a pied piper.  For instance, I wasn’t aware of this until you told me about it because I don’t watch movies like this but there is a whole series of books and movies called “Twilight,” explain what that is. – Its Supernatural.

Becca:  Absolutely, there is a series out that is called “Twilight” and it is like the rage of the book industry and the movie industry and it is a story that is literally steeped in vampires and werewolves and it really tires to paint vampires in this beautiful light.  And so there is this vampire that is like the lead vampire and his name is Edward and I don’t watch movies like this or read books like this as well.  But in being involved in deliverance ministry like we are and praying for children and teens we are seeing this repeatedly as we’re ministering to youth when they come to receive prayer from us that they’ve watched these movies and for many it’s become a point of fear or an open door in their life.  And it paints this, there’s a seduction I guess is the best word for me to put behind it.

Sid:  That is the word there, okay I understand how the world is seduced, but how do parents allow their children to read these books and to go to these movies?  That I don’t understand, maybe they don’t realize what’s going on with their children. – Its Supernatural!

Becca: You know a lot of them don’t and then a lot of them just think that it’s a harmless book series, it’s a harmless movie series.  And what grieves me the most about this Sid is how many Christian children are reading these books and watching them.

Sid:  What is, I mean just briefly speak to a parent as to why this is dangerous for their child.

Becca:  It is absolutely dangerous because it paints this evil world of vampirism as a beautiful and a chaste thing.  And it paints these vampires, who they say are vegetarians and because they drink animal blood not human blood.  And it paints this as a beautiful thing, the woman that wrote this series, she purposely painted the vampires in a way to make them look like beautiful beings; and they’re not.  They are the demonic realm, they are of the demonic world and what it does if we allow our children to read these books and watch these movies it then begins to numb them to the influences of the world and they in their mind begin to think that it’s okay and we can do this, we can watch this.  But what happens is it becomes that open door to seduction.  There are eight year old girls that will walk up to Robert Paddison, the actor that starred in this and they will walk up to him, he was a vampire and they’ll say, “Please bite me, please bite me; make me a vampire like you.”

Sid:  Now what, I don’t quite get this, through the way that they have presented it the person in charge that put this together says they can put the children in a suicidal state faster than anything I know.

Becca:   Absolutely.

Sid:   Explain that.

Becca:  Literally what they did when they produced the movie they chose music groups and when they chose music groups, is it okay for me to say those groups?

Sid:  Sure.

Becca:  One of them is called “Marjorie Fair” and the other is called “My Chemical Romance” and they are music groups that they’ve chosen as the background music of the movies.  And she chose them, the author of the series chose those music groups because she said they will put you a suicidal state faster than anything else or it will make you want to go out and kill somebody.

Sid Roth:  And you know just going and jump into another area, something that concerns me greatly is that I get on airplanes, or even go to a restaurant and I see these kids just mesmerized by violent video games.  How dangerous is that?

Becca:  It’s greatly dangerous with these violent video games, what this does and what we’ve have learned and we’ve talk about even in the book it literally teaches the player whose playing these violent video games repeatedly that they develop positive attitudes towards the use of violence.  And they even get this expectancy that others are going to be aggressive to them that violence is a way to solve their problems.  And you know I’ve put this quote in the book, you know we teach our kids like to play basketball Sid Roth, and they shoot and they make the baskets repeatedly and woo everyone is all excited.  And the same thing happens with playing these violent video games and shooting and killing other people.  What happens is that if we can good at shooting baskets and scoring those two points repeatedly than if we can get good with killing people on video games and it teaches us that violence is a normal way of solving our problems in everyday life.  And many times when we have ministered to youth and to young people even young adults who have been steeped in these violent video games there will be many of them will be suffering with depression.  Many of them will have violent tendencies, they begin to pull themselves out of relating to other youth and they literally will become steeped in this game culture where they will play these games all night long on their computes with out kids across the internet.

Sid:  Tell me about the scientific studies, two in particular that were published in the journal of personality and social sociology on April 23, 2000.  Tell me about that.

Becca:  Yeah, let me read those to you, I’ve got them right here.  It literally says like, what I was saying, the player develops positive attitudes towards the use of violence.  The player develops expectations that others will behave aggressively, they assume that others have similar attitudes of aggression.  They become to believe that violence solutions are affective and appropriate for solving problems.  Listen to this, this one really gains my attention.  A player develops a total disregard for social norms, property rights and even the general value of other lives.

Sid:  We’re seeing society undermined with our youngest generation now; they’re growing up with this as normal.  As a matter of fact, I couldn’t believe the statics that you talk about of the next generation that will be evangelical Christians.  What percent did you say, it’s amazing.

Becca:  Four percent, statistics say that only four percent of this next generation will be the evangelical Christians.

Sid:  And what did they also say in reference to these young people looking at the wrong thing on the internet such as pornography, and occult, etc…Its Supernatural.

Becca:  Yes, I mean this is actually a huge, this is actually a huge issue and with them looking to pornography and what really grieves me is not only with the pornography, but there is even a new form of pornography out that is called gonzo pornography.  And this is actually a form of pornography that takes a viewer into the realm of the sexual act.  And what is happening with this gonzo pornography is that this is actually the form of pornography that is being used in and is being viewed by adults and even young children.  Most of them start watching or viewing pornography around the age of like eleven to twelve years old.  But the young people that are using this gonzo pornography are the children that are kidnapped, not even internationally but domestically into the human sex trafficking industry.  And so these young generations, they literally start watching and viewing pornography at the age of eleven to twelve.  That literally, even statistics for the church is 70% of Christians view pornography and they…

Sid Roth:  This internet that was supposed to be used for Godly purposes is saturating the home and some of the examples, Mishpochah you must understand that when you violate spiritual laws you give access to the demonic realm and they’ll hang around your children.  Children will be in fear and depression, additions, rejection…

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