Sid: And when you live constantly in the glory the manifest tangible think, rich, loving presence of the Living God you’ll provoke everyone to jealousy.  And as my friend David Herzog, who I have on the telephone says, that this is Heaven on earth, experiencing a little of Heaven twenty-four seven.  I can’t think of anything better.  I can’t think of any junk the devil could throw at you that would cause you to be worry.  As a matter of fact, David Herzog, when you are in the thick glory of God, if you want to worry, can you?

David: If you want to worry?  Yeah, it’s really hard you have to really have to fight do it because it’s hard to worry when you are full of the joy, love and peace of God.

Sid: I know when I got saved it was so strong when the glory of God came into my bedroom.   I like to say because it’s true; I went to bed so fearful that I didn’t want to wake up.  Life was too hard, and when I woke up it was so wonderful, all I wanted to do was live and if I wanted to worry I could not worry.  Tell me about some creative miracles that have occurred when you enter the glory realm.

David: Creative miracles that have occurred in the glory, yeah all kinds of miracles.  I’ll be in the glory realm with God, in the meetings of course and in the meetings I’ll give a word of knowledge and I’ll say someone has this, someone has that.  Blind eyes, someone has blind eyes, open up.  And I was in Asia recently in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore every one of those countries blind eyes opened up, paralytics was being healed.  So one word, just saying a word the body parts starts to respond.  What I found out is that the body parts, everything on the earth in fact actually responds to voice commands.  Everything was created with a command and when you’re in the glory and command creation it listens to you again.

Sid: Now out of curiosity, I understand when someone has a word of knowledge that I’m shocked if someone doesn’t say I’ve been healed; when I have a word of knowledge, but your saying that you can proclaim the promises of God in glory without a word of knowledge and it will manifest.  Is that what I’m hearing you say?

David: I’m saying yeah you can do that, but you can also speak to the body part and say in the Name of Jesus, like Ezekiel spoke to the bones.  God said prophesy to the bones themselves and tell the bones to come together, prophesy to them and so creation responds to voice commands when it’s in the glory because that’s how it was created.  So body parts respond when you speak to them; even scientist confirming this now and it’s an amazing thing that everything created responds to voice commands but especially if it’s in the presence and the power and glory of God.  Like when God told Moses speak to the rock don’t just hit it speak to it; speak to this mountain.

Sid: Is it almost the difference between a healing and a miracle.  A healing could be very very gradual, but in the glory realm it’s instant?

David: I think so because it’s instant because in Genesis 1. That’s what created everything it was the Spirit of the Glory was hovering and 2.  Sound, He spoke.  And so when you have those two elements once again you can see even body parts recreated like metal plates back to bone.  You get glory and then you speak, a lot of faith guys just speak, confess by faith but it doesn’t happen instant.  The instant I believe the missing ingredient is the glory with the spoken Word.

Sid: Tell me more about how creative miracles occur in the glory realm.

David: Yeah, okay.  So when you’re speaking to a body part, if God used glory and created everything in Genesis One, I found out that like everything created has atoms and stuff and at the sub atomic level there is a sound wave inside that atom and that sound wave responds to voice commands so you say in the Name of Jesus, you know metal plates turn back to bone.  Teeth turn back to and that little sound wave inside of those teeth or those bones responds when you are in the glory and you’re speaking to it, it will shift forms and recreates itself anyway.  Every three months your bones recreate, every four weeks your skin cells recreate but in the glory you can command it to accelerate its own healing process.  So when you are in the glory that created everything it’s simple to see God recreate everything.  If the original ingredient that created an object is present you can recreate the object.

Sid: Now, one of the signs that occurs in the glory realm when you minister is instant weight loss.  When did that first start happening with you?

David: Weight loss started happening, I was up in Ruth Heflin’s camp meeting and speaking up there and I started seeing it happen up there with different ministers.  And when I saw that happen, I said, “Wow that is amazing.”  And I remember one day I said, “God I’m so hungry for this, I want to see this happen.”  And I went up and there was an offering and I just sowed into this anointing kind of thing and said, “God, I worship You and I love You and I just want to give to You,” kind of in a way honoring God what I’m seeing.  And two weeks later I start ministering God starts telling me to call out instant weight loss miracles, and it seems like I receive an impartation and then suddenly I start seeing crazy off the hook weight loss, even up to seventy pounds in one meeting.

Sid: I can testify, I have been at some meetings with David Herzog and I have seen the instant weight loss and then I did the investigative reporter thing, I walked up to the people and talked to them, and this one guy told me, each night he went to the meeting he was losing more and more weight.  It was a progressive thing that was going on.  But tell me about one specific person that lost weight.

David: Yeah, my favorite one is this one in Jackson, Tennessee and I’m in the meeting and God says, “I want you to declare, there is a man here that needs to lose a lot of weight, tell him to grab his pants and very quickly because they’ll fall if he doesn’t hold his pants up; an tell him to run around the room.  And the man looked like he was almost 300 pounds, got up and just took off running.  It was like a Mack truck running; everyone got out of the way.  Ha ha and then he looked like a rapper, I mean his pants were so baggy, it was ridiculous he lost seventy pounds, 70.  It was amazing and the pastor, he knows the man very well, he said, this is a miracles.  And we’ve seen this over and over again.  Los Vegas we saw twenty people lose about five dress sizes, North Dakota forty pounds and Israel in Jerusalem we filmed this on our show, a lady was losing weight as we were standing there, everybody was watching her shrink, it was amazing.  And people, and I think it’s a modern day miracles, people say “Why don’t we see that in the Bible?  Well, probably they didn’t have McDonald’s and cars and fast food in the Bible so it’s a modern day need.

Sid: But it also says in the gospel that if all the miracles that Jesus did were recorded there wouldn’t be enough books to contain it.

David: Yeah, maybe He did some of those or maybe He says also, “In the last days there will be signs and wonders, I’m going to go be with the Father, but there will be continuous signs.”  So that’s hard, if I was to make jokes about the gold teeth they would say where’s that in the Bible, the fillings?  Well, I’d say just use this scripture, open your mouth and I will fill it, says the Lord.

Sid: Now have you ever seen the dead come back to life under the glory?

David: Yeah, we did in Africa, I was in a meeting and God told me the first night of this big, I don’t want to call it crusade so I’ll call it campaign.  What thousands of people out door so whatever you want to call that.  And I get up there and God says, I want you to announce that a woman has come here from a hospital, her daughter is dying and she is hoping her daughter gets healed by her coming to the meeting.  But I want you to announce that her daughters dead.”  So I announce this and this woman starts screaming and crying and sure enough it was her.  And I said, “Which direction is the hospital?”  And they point to it and so she’s thinking if I come to this meeting maybe my daughter will get healed.  The doctors told her, “Don’t leave, your daughters about to die.”  I announce that she’s dead, they point to the hospital the direction of it where ever it was and I begin commanding her spirit to come back into her body right there in the meeting publically.  Then I continue on with the meeting, we have a lot of salvations and miracles.  And she gets to the hospital after the meeting and they told her, your daughter died, we told you not to leave,” they had covered her with a sheet.  But they said, “After you left at a certain moment,” which was around the time that we were calling her spirit back in her body, “The sheet began to move and she came back from the dead.”

Sid: What about things like cancer?

David: Oh yeah, we see cancers die all the time, cysts, growths, cancers, cause cancer again is like the fig tree, Jesus cursed the fig tree.  You can curse cancer and it can die, you can speak a creative miracle and you can speak something like cancer to be uncreated.

Sid: How much something like arthritis?

David: Oh yeah, we see that all the time, last week end we saw it every night.  Arthritis, a lot of times arthritis pain comes when two nerves touch each other, it causes pain to shoot.  So in the glory realm you have authority over creation, body parts can hear you.  You command the body parts, when you are in the presence arthritis to be healed you know.  And a lot of times I use the visual, now some people will just say, in Jesus Name, and I find out it depends what level of intensity that you are speaking at.  One person can say, “Be healed” and nothing happens and another one says it and they seem to get healed instantly.  And I found out, it’s a combination of things.  When I’m speaking of things, I’m seeing a visual of the body part, so I’m using my mind and letting God use my mind to see it; then I’m trying to increase my faith level, my compassion for the people.  So you can be saying the same word at a 90% level, someone else could be saying it at a 10% level.  So it depends on what level you are speaking, not the actual words.

Sid: Well, how do you do it at 100% level?

David: Get in the highest glory possible, when you’re speaking it see that thing healed as you’re saying it.  Make sure your emotions are in there, your compassion for the person, faith, let everything be on a high and a lot higher focus and intensity in the glory will be much quicker.  It’s like when they cast out demons in the Bible, the Pharisee tried to do it, but they didn’t know what they were doing, they were just saying it but they did have that intimacy with Jesus to really do it.

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