SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. And I can’t think of a better guest to have when I’m talking about “it’s naturally supernatural” than Ryan Wyatt, because I saw Ryan, and I saw him speaking, and so many miracles broke out. But tell me, when you were London, about the person with the, was it surgically removed, the eardrum?

RYAN: Right. She had what’s called a radical mastoidectomy, and it’s where they cut behind your ear; they take your eardrum out, the inner ear bones. They take all the equipment. And we were just talking about how the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. It is in the room right now. Just like the visible realm is here, the unseen realm is here. And she really began to believe that power of God was at hand to heal her. And as she began to believe that, just sitting out in the crowd, her ear began to pop, and every time her ear would pop, she would hear something for a few seconds. And God was literally recreating an eardrum in her ear. And by the end of the service it had popped one last time, and Sid, she was hearing perfectly, better than many people in the room.

SID: Tell me about the woman that lost 65 pounds instantly.

RYAN: Yeah. Again, talking about how God is a now God; and the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, and just making people aware of that. And the Glory of God rolled into this meeting. Actually four clouds, a little bit bigger than a human head rolled in and started to rest over certain people. And there was a woman there that had a thyroid condition that caused her to not be able to lose weight, and this cloud rested over here. She felt like electricity was going through her body. And when the cloud lifted, she stood up about 30 minutes later to go to the restroom and lost 65 pounds instantly. She had to grab a hold of her pants to hold them up. That’s how dramatic the weight loss was.

SID: But are you, I mean I’m in awe when this happens. I mean, I’m sort of like a little kid in a candy store. God, you’re doing it again. How do you feel?

RYAN: Yeah, I have a child-like heart, too. And it’s one of the keys to really staying fresh in the Kingdom, is staying amazed by what God can do. And as often as God does miracles, every time He does them, I’m just sure to thank Him and praise Him, and have the heart of a child, and He keeps doing it.

SID: Speaking of the heart of a child, you really started early. I mean, he was in a pretty much backslidden condition, and he goes with, I guess it was with a church group, out hiking. He’s about 16 years of age and he gets lost. And there’s going to be a horrible snow storm and it’s cold. And what happened?

RYAN: Yeah. I was lost for hours, Sid. I ended up falling into the river, extremely cold water, started to go into…

SID: How did you fall into the river?

RYAN: Well you know, Sid, I was desperate. I realized I was going to die. I realized I was out there all night. Nobody was coming for me. And there was a river that weaved like a snake through the mountains. And I thought, well I’m going to save some time. I’m going to go across these big boulders that were on this river. You know, when you’re desperate you do things that aren’t so smart. And I fell into the river, and then I really realized I’m going to die. And I began to, in a bit of a backslid state in my life; I began to cry out to God. And what came out of my mouth was, “God, if you will save me I will give my life to you in full time ministry.” That’s what I intended to say.

SID: It just kind of came out.

RYAN: That’s just what came out.

SID: I understand that. I’ve done that from time to time. And it does sort of a mental bypass. It’s coming from your spirit.

RYAN: Yeah. Desperation does thing to a person.

SID: And did you follow through on what you said? Because He did rescue you. How long did it take?

RYAN: They found me within 10, 15 minutes. I heard the audible voice of the Lord, Sid, and He spoke to me when I said I’d give my life to Him in full time ministry. All He said, “Okay.” Kind of like, okay, I’ll hold you to that.

SID: But at 16, you started speaking before groups.

RYAN: Well that testimony opened up. It was an amazing testimony. You know, God saved my life. Red Cross said that they wouldn’t come until the next day, and they would probably be coming to get my body. And you know God supernaturally saved me. People wanted to hear that testimony and it opened up doors to a 10-state region to preach the Gospel.

SID: Okay. But then he finds out that he’s hungry for God. You’re hungry for God. That’s why you’re watching us right now. And so he goes to a little sleepy town, Pensacola, Florida. It’s called the Brownsville Revival. And for some three months, you were so overcome with the spirit. What is going on there with you?

RYAN: I was desperate for God. I was crying out for God. I wanted my own encounter. You know, people were experiencing revival. But I want to be a revival. And I was in a restaurant. And Sid, I began to vibrate from the inside out. I began to feel this tangible presence of God and I can feel it right now even just talking about it.

SID: I feel it just you talking about it

RYAN: Yeah. And I remember looking up towards the ceiling for some reason, and here came the cloud of God, the Glory Cloud, like it’s mentioned in the Bible, right in the restaurant, like a mist, and settled over me.

SID: You stop that. I’m starting to vibrate as you’re talking.

RYAN: Yes. Sid, I was vibrating. I could barely hold my fork. My speech began to get slurred. I was becoming incapacitated. And for two and half months, Sid, everyday this cloud would come to me. God would visit me and I would be incapacitated. I was carried out of restaurant after restaurant. And that was really a season of time where God began to teach me about His presence, about His glory, about moving and healing, and ministering to people’s needs just like Jesus did.

SID: Now did you find an increase in miracles after this encounter with God?

RYAN: Absolutely. Every time you have an encounter with God, it’s really like you’re feasting upon Him. You know, Jesus said that he is the bread, the true bread that comes from Heaven and those who eat of him will live forever. And we’re to have a lifestyle of feasting upon the Lord.

SID: But you know what I like about Ryan? He found out very quick that it’s not just the miracles. It’s the miracles and the character. Why is that so important?

RYAN: Well you know, God is a God of character and He’s a God of power. And Jesus, everything that Jesus did in his single human body, his character, his love, his power, that’s also what he wants to do through the corporate body of Christ. And if we’re going to be a witness of how good God is, we can’t just be supernaturally flaky. We’ve got to have good character. We’ve got to have the love of God. We’ve got to have integrity and the power of God. It’s so important.

SID: And it’s so important for you to feast under the presence of God. I mean, I don’t know what God is going to do and I don’t know what, He’s about me, too. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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