Sid: My guest, Michael Galiga, we found out on yesterday’s broadcast that Michael who has had a very successful life in business, and real estate, he’s worked for some of the largest corporations in the world in real estate; he’s structured transactions and consulted for over twenty-five years at the highest levels of the corporate arena both domestically and internationally; his clients read like a who’s who.  And we left you with a as my engineer said, “A cliff hanger,” it wasn’t on purpose, but I’m glad we did that, we got you back today.  But when Michael was five years of age, he didn’t know God, but yet he had this awareness that God was around him all the time.  He didn’t know who this God was, but at age five he’s being like any five year old, he’s playing marbles and all of a sudden, he wasn’t there.  Time stood still, he literally was translated somewhere else and he was shocked that his friends didn’t realize that what was going on.  And he was constantly thinking about this event, the whole rest of his life and one day, he got a revelation from God on what was going on.  What was going on Michael?

Michael: Well, as I was saying on the previous part here I went to floor in my office and when God showed up and in His presence and I was just on the carpet and I just said, if you don’t tell me what happened to me and what you landed on me that day when I was five, I’m going to die on the carpet right now.  It was very emotional, it was very power pact, it couldn’t have been any more.  And instantly His response Sid was “Now you’re ready.”  And so were they, and then I go wow, and wow, and so today’s later and I’m journaling Sid and I said God, I think I understand me, I think I have a pretty good idea of having some forty something years to think about this.

Sid: Excuse me, for those that aren’t aware of this explain what you mean by journaling.

Michael: Journaling is a process of slowing down for me writing in a notebook and that sounds really bad to men, for some reason Sid, it’s awful, they would rather go to marriage counsel than journal frankly.  And people laugh at that because you know, it’s kind of the worse thing that you could tell guys, let’s go get marriage counseling, but journaling is actually worse thing for a guy but it is the single most powerful thing that a guy can do woman, because most of us run at 10,000 RPMs and this is what I teach at my seminar.  Most of us run at 10,000 rpm and we can hear God’s voice at 500 and the only way, because I’m a type A; get it done yesterday, going down the highway with my hair on fire and the top down type of guy; is that I have to journal.  If I journal, I go down to 500 rpm and His voice just flows, sometimes, it’s ten minutes, sometimes it’s two hours.  But, I hear very clearly.

Sid: Now, if you didn’t journal do you think that you would miss a lot of what God is saying?

Michael: I’d miss most of it.

Sid: Well, I think you’re speaking to a lot of men right now and a few women too.  But okay, what happened next, what did you journal?

Michael: I’m journaling and I was saying I think I know who I am, and what’s happening here but who are they?  And I’ll give you as direct quote as I can recall, He said, “Mike, they is everyone.”  And the Heavenlies have shifted and the battle has expediently expanded and there is now no more middle ground, none.  I think that that’s a direct quote right out of the book and that’s what I wrote on my journal.  But basically He called me and then He told me…

Sid: Give me the exact statement that it started with that God spoke to you.

Michael: “Now, you’re ready, and so are they.

Sid: And again, who is they?

Michael: And then I said God, “Who is they, in my journaling a few days later, “And He said, they is everyone.  The Heavenlies have shifted and the battle has expediential expanded and there is now no more middle ground, none.  And He began to show me this battle plan and I just wrote it down.  And the seminar and book and everything was a result of that, “Go Win Every Battle.” And He gave me graphic, the gladiator shield with the Star of David in the middle which you’ll see in the DVD and you’ll see it in the book.  I had professionals in the industry tell me that they have seen 10,000; 15,000 of these and called framework Sid, and that’s when people see it and they can’t forget it.  They say that it’s the best framework that they have ever seen and I just tell them, I wish I had thought of it, I just wrote it down and hired the best people in the world to create it.

Sid: Now, what type of feedback are you getting from people that are reading your book or watching this DVD?

Michael: Well, it’s very strong, it’s you can’t read the book or watch the DVD without impact, pretty math have changed, it answers a lot of fundamental questions on why things aren’t working for most people I know things are not working as well as they want.  And for a lot of people they don’t win every battle, they don’t win any battles.  And they’re tired of not winning, they want to win, they want to know how to win, because I always tell them, if you’re not winning there is a reason, it’s not just an accident.  There are reasons behind everything, if you don’t have the right battle plan you can’t win.

Sid: Okay, did He show you anything else that encounter when you found out what went on when you were age five?

Michael: Not at that time, it wasn’t until later when my foot stepped on the stage at the “Win Every Battle I’ve Experienced” in January.

Sid: And what happened?

Michael: Well, I was very, you know I had never done this before, I’ve done a lot of public speaking and been in front of a lot of big clients in the world but I’ve never spoken to 640 people on something that I have never spoken on publically before.  I was a little bit nervous and as always there are people that have known you since you were a kid, and they don’t necessarily want you to succeed or their jealous or whatever, it’s the real world that we live in.  But when I walked into the room, and then I stepped a flight of stairs on to the stage when my foot touched the stage time stood still again.  Not for very long, for about ten or fifteen seconds it seemed like, but God said, Mike this is one of the places that I took you when you were five and there are many more all over the world.  Wow, could you image Sid, what that does to your confidence?

Sid: You were at the right place at the right time obviously.

Michael: Yeah, He wanted to see Sid, if I would do it?  Will you do this Mike, I put you in peculation and hibernation for forty something years to temper you for this moment; and I’m so proud that you did it; but some people won’t.  So here you are and so bam I’m on the stage and there is a revelation of “Mike this is one of the places that I took you, when you were five years old, forty something years ago and there are many more.”

Sid: So, that must have been quite a speech you gave, a lecture.

Michael: Well, it was divinely inspired, I mean the anointing as you well know and your listeners when you are anointed the power is unlimited, it’s unlimited and it tailor makes your message to every ear in the audience.  Everybody heard something different, it was amazing.

Sid: And God then told you what He did, about this mantle that He had put on you.

Michael: Yes, He did.  He said, Mike I put a mantle of leadership on you and when you were five years old, I chose you, when you worshiped Me when you were five, I literally couldn’t stay away from you.  Which is Sid, a lesson to all of us, the power of praise, despite our circumstances, when we begin to praise the Lord, that is the worse possible thing to happen to the enemy.

Sid: And most believers do not understand that simple thing that you just explained what happens when we worship, because many of us worship, worship, worship and we don’t see anything happening, but in the invisible world, what is happening when someone worships God?

Michael: Well, let me give you a quick story, it is so quick, I have a barn with surround sound in it and I go back there and I worship everyday and I also work out there and I journal there.  Well, about thirty days before this first live experience, something jumped on my back the size of Texas, and when you live in Oklahoma and you say something the size of Texas, it doesn’t get any bigger than that.  It was bad to the bone, it was black, it was dark and it wanted to kill me. And it sure as heck didn’t want to be on that stage thirty days later.  And so I made my way to the barn and I had to concentrate on every step just one step of a time to get to the barn.  It was so oppressive, never had I been under attack, nothing, not even a fraction.  I made it to the barn, I turned the praise music up, way up and I did something I never done. And I tell people if you want to go someplace that you have never been, you have to do things you’ve never done.  So I took my own medicine I cranked up the praise music and I walked around the barn and I did something for you know a pretty conservative businessman, I did something really radical and I raised my hands in the air and I started praising the Lord, and I said “God, You are so good to me, You are just fantastic and I just for an hour, I battled like that.  And at about an hour whatever it was I could feel it snap and it left; and it has not come back.

Sid: Well, you just telling me that story, the presence of God is flooding this studio.  Image what happened to that demon, he couldn’t take the heat.

Michael: No,  he tried, he hung on for dear life, and he figured out that I wasn’t going to stop and I was cranking it higher and higher because I knew I was bearing down on him, Sid I got to repeat, I’m a businessman, I didn’t go to seminary, I’m in business and I can’t afford to make mistakes.  I make big decisions every day, everyone of my decision has to be correct or I’m in trouble and I can only rely upon Him.  I went to law school I’m fairly smart, but my wisdom is finite I have to have His.

Sid: Well, you book is loaded with wisdom, it really is although many of the things that you talk about are so simple, it’s like when you talk about praise, when you even mention journaling, there’s almost an anointing for people to want to do it.  Has anyone ever told you that?

Michael: Yeah, they have, I’ve trained, I’ve counseled a lot of men here in Oklahoma and they typically call me when they have foundational problems and we stop there and we go into their personal life.  But you know that once they start to journal, things get better very quickly and I call this the rule of thirty, in thirty days you look into your review mirror of life, the rearview mirror of life and you will not believe if you will start journaling.  If you do that one thing, the rule of thirty, look in the rear view mirror thirty days later and you will see substantial measureable change.  Just feel good, change.  Change in your career, change in your business and change in your relationships.

Sid: You make almost a game guarantee in your book that some of the biggest corporations in the world have to be bailed out constantly by our federal government.  If they just follow your principals they won’t  have to be bailed out any more.

Michael: Sid, I give a corporate challenge two times in that book and basically it is this challenge; if any company in the world, preferably of name brand like General Motors, they are not anywhere out or the woods, if you watch the USA today and last week, they are going to executives.

Sid: What will happen if they follow your advice?

Michael: My advice to them is that they are history.  Now, I do business in China and in Israel…

Sid: Oh, we’re out of time!

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